Luxray/GarchompSP for States

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by RamBam, Mar 23, 2010.

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  1. RamBam

    RamBam New Member

    2 Garchomp C Lv.X SV - 145
    2 Garchomp C SV - 60
    2 Luxray GL X RR - 109
    2 Luxray GL RR - 9
    1 Dialga G Lv.X PL -
    1 Dialga G Lv. X PL -
    1 Bronzong G PL - 41
    1 Toxicroak G Promo DP - 41
    1 Lucario GL RR - 8
    1 Ampibom G RR -
    2 Crobat G PL - 47
    1 Azelf LA - 19
    1 Uxie Lv.X LA - 146
    2 Uxie LA - 43

    Pokemon / 20

    4 Cyrus
    4 SP Radar
    4 Gain
    4 Spray
    4 Turns
    1 Luxery Ball
    3 Rosy's
    1 Pokemon Collector
    1 Bebe
    1 Expert Belt
    1 Warp Point
    1 Aaron's Collection
    1 Night Maintenance

    T/S/S / 29

    4 DCE
    2 Psychic Energy
    1 Metal Energy ( Basic)
    4 Lightning Energy

    Energy's /11

    Strategy: Normally LuxChomp Strategy , sniping and destroy the set-up.

    Any Suggestions to this Deck ? :)

    EDIT : 1 Card must put out , because i need 1 Warp Point for Dialga G X for sure :.)!
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2010
  2. Enigma

    Enigma New Member

    I'd take dialga over bannette
    also, add some warp energy so you can get dialga out and take it to the bench
  3. nishidawin

    nishidawin New Member

    but bannete is good cause SHUPPET
  4. Enigma

    Enigma New Member

    so?? hes not going to use the shuppet for its atk.. its for banette which isnt as good as chomp
  5. TylerZ

    TylerZ New Member

    -1 honchrow g
    -1 darkneess energy
    -1 multi energy

    + 1 aarons
    + 1 Rosy's
    + 1 Power spray or vs seeker
  6. RamBam

    RamBam New Member

    thanks for this help , but we have here to many with BlazeRay or Blaziken FB Tech and then is that not soooo good with Dialga G xD...

    EDIT :mad:all , can i add Ampibom G or is that not good in Luxchomp?
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2010
  7. Belliott62

    Belliott62 New Member

    Ambipom G would just get decimated by Machamps.
  8. RamBam

    RamBam New Member

    Hmh ok
    btw , @Enigma can you make a list of a version with dialga G for me pls ? :)
  9. baby mario

    baby mario Front Page Article Editor<br><a href="http://pokeg

    Ambipom isn't there to battle Machamps, so that's a really irrelevant comment.

    It's a very good counter to other Garchomp C.

    Tail Code can actually be very disruptive and annoying.

    If you are expecting other Chomp decks, then running Ambipom is a great idea.
  10. RamBam

    RamBam New Member

    ok thanks :) @baby mario

    EDIT : new list with 61 Cards , 1 card must put out xD..
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2010
  11. Dizzavis

    Dizzavis New Member

    -1 luxray gl lv. x
    +1 luxray gl

    -1 spray
    -1 collector
    -1 belt
    +3 call energy

    Ambipom g is a great choice. Move opponent's DCE to a non-sp pokemon (playing against garchomp) like an azelf, for instance, and they can't move them back with bronzong g. If they DCE+gain for a Dragon rush, they discard the dce, you drop ambipom to bench, turn whatever is active, bronzong/attach an energy and gain, and voila, you've got a snap attack for 120. revenge KO much like Toxicroak G Promo on Luxray GL lv. X.

    Call helps with those inevitable starts when all you get is an azelf or crobat. Didn't like it myself until I tried it. Also, it is compatible with most of your pokemon's attack costs. 3-1 Luxray line seems to be more consistent, and helps with getting your main attacker into your starting hand/drawing into it early. If you really want the belt, maybe consider a 2-1 line of Garchomp instead?

    Hope I helped a little, just try it all out :thumb:
  12. RamBam

    RamBam New Member

    thank you , but i tried 3-1 Luxray and 2-1 Garchomp xD.. but its to slow for me x.x , i have ever 1 Level X from these in my prizes xD..
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