Lysandre II

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  1. Dragon100

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    Lysandre II


    Discard 2 energy cards attached to this pokemon. If you do this attack does 300 damage. Ignore any effects on all of your opponents pokemon.

    Pokemon tool

    attach it to one of your pokemon which does not have a tool attached to it.

    Master Rule: You cannot run more than 1 copy of this card in your deck
  2. AnJaFrIv

    AnJaFrIv New Member

    Nopenopenopenopenopenopenopenope, this is OP as heck. G-booster could cause a turn around in games and doesn't have an actual requirement past 2+ energy on the equipped pokemon (G- booster needed two grass energy specifically, plus the colourless) and did so with 100 less damage whilst still being limited to one and preventing the use of other Ace-Specs in the deck (the Master Rule only restricting copies of Lysandre II).
    Either this effect needs re-wording, or a serious nerf, either through a much higher attack cost or a huge damage reduction, considering a FFI Patrat could knock out anything in the game despite having no innate damage potential whatsoever.
    OR is was meant to be OP,
    in which case ignore me and have fun. :p
    OR is a parody of the (some say) OP Lysandre's last resort, in which case see the above line.
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  3. tutti

    tutti New Member

    It is an attack though. It may not have any of the surrounding formatting that would define it as such, but it has the text "this attack does [...]" so it's clearly meant to be an attack :)
  4. AnJaFrIv

    AnJaFrIv New Member

    Oh yeah, somehow I missed 'this attack' within the text. -.- teaches me to jump to criticise stuff. Apologies Dragon100

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