M&A Prerelease Report - New Jersey

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by mozartrules, Mar 7, 2004.

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    The tournament at TimeWarpComics was well run and there were thirty something participants so we needed 6 rounds of Swiss. Age division was about 50/25/25 percent with 15+ being the largest as usual.

    I was not too happy with my 6 boosters, mainly because I only got 4 trainers in total and no Schemers at all (I met a guy who had 5 of them!). The cards were evenly split, but my good cards were Aqua cards so I ended up with this sorry collection (I know the Rhyhorn don't belong there, but I had to pick something that wasn't weak to fighting. Being grass weak is no problem in this set).

    3/2 Aqua's Manectric (one holo)
    2/2/1 Aqua's Walrein (one each of the Spheal, one each of Sealeo)
    2 Meowth
    4 Rhyhorn
    2 Aqua's Carvanha (Confuse Ray, a great pick)
    1 Corpish (Toxic Grip)

    1 Archie
    1 Aqua Conspirator

    11 Water
    5 Electric
    3 Fighting (should not have bothered with those)

    I somehow managed to go 6-0 with this :confused: ; all my evolutions were doing well despite my significant weakness to fighting and lack of draw power. I was in serious trouble only once (against Mike T., a very good player who ended up second) where I needed two Thundershocks from Electrike to both paralyze in order to stay alive and that just happened. It was a great tournament, it was interesting to play while knowing so little about the cards (Nick15's spoilers only covers the main Japanese set and most cards are from the decks).

    I also had to help an 8-year old with her deck since this was her first tournament. She ended up with a 6-2 Manectric and 4-2 Houndoom deck and had drawn no less than 9 total trainers! She did unfortunately not do very well :(

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