Machamp base set Vs. Magnezone lv.x and uxie LA

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    Machamp Base set:
    If player A has a machamp up and player B has a magnezone Lv.x up and he uses cyber shock on Machamp. Would magnezone be hurt by machamp's power or would the condition kick in before the power. If the condition kicks in first what would happen if the damage kills machamp would the condition save magnezone.

    Also this question is for the new gengar with it's poke power. I'm not sure if you have a ruling on this but what I would think is a similar ruling is Machamp Vs. Uxie LA.

    Uxie has 60 damage on it and it uses it's attack which the player to put it the bottom of the deck. Would machamps pokemon power kick in before the effect killing uxie or is uxie safe. Also what would happen if machamp was gengar stomfrount getting heads on it's power after uxie killed it.
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    "already" bolded for emphasis.

    Machamp is not already Paralyzed.

    Damage happens all at once, before other effects.
    Uxie would be KOd.

    Gengar's Power does not do damage, so this ruling does not apply to it.

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