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Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by Ascension, Apr 6, 2008.

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  1. Ascension

    Ascension New Member

    I need some help on some strategy to use when, say Pachirisu is setting Magmorter vs. other starters for GG.

    Vs. Furret- (Go aggro?)

    Vs. Absol- (Go aggro?)

    Vs. Pachi- (Wait, then scramble)

    Vs. Any other starter you can think of.
  2. Magnechu

    Magnechu Active Member

    Your biggest problem when you wait is that, eventually, you're going to get Wager/Psychic Locked and unless you have a great set already, you're gonna be troubled. One of the better ways to deal with this is go aggro, but not with Magmortar, but rather with Blaze GE, spamming 30s and powering up the bench more rapidly at the same time.
  3. Deidara

    Deidara New Member

    Stantler can be a possible starter but I have never tried it before. So, I'm not sure how well it works... :)
  4. astewart

    astewart New Member

    well i think the best starter is absol. hand disturbance is good so your oppnonent cant set up its always good so u can take your time setting up when your opponent trys to set up you mess everything u
  5. Ascension

    Ascension New Member

    This thread as about what strategy Magmorter should employ versus various GG starters. Not a suggestion thread on what starter GG or Mag should run.
  6. Time for Pain

    Time for Pain <a href="

    ^get out mag X asap and spread damage
  7. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    I thought we already had a thread like this and we already explained how to play against the decks.

    Mag can fall behind and then just run wild with Scramble,they will Sonic blade,u just Flame Buster and OHKO things at the right time. Play warps correctly and use Typho when u need to stall.
  8. Aggy&Co.

    Aggy&Co. Member

    I'd drop the Pachy and go straight for the Magmar? just me though maybe.
  9. Rai

    Rai <a href="

    Blaze GE quickly is very much key.

    First off, you're powering up the bench without the use of a power, AND dealing okay damage (for one energy. More energy cost would be terrible, but this isn't too bad).
    Secondly, you're putting active something with more HP then a Garde can handle in two turns, and something that'll take Gallade several prizes or a sonic blade to weaken.
    Third, you can attach a DRE to OHKO any basic you want. If you've been powering for a while, you can KO their Kirlias too. This'll put pressure on them (dang, do I play Ralts now and watch it die, or do I wait for the Rare Candy + Celios?) which, if you use Galactic's Wager, can turn the tide of the battle against them.

    Meanwhile, since Blaze should be powering itself fairly quickly, you can use leftover resources to build up a Magmortar on the bench, flame blasting everything that Blaze didn't snipe off.

    Of course, if you don't get Blaze within turn... oh, let's say three... :[

    On a side note: I, at least, only see Furrets and Stantlers used for Plox decks... No Absol, no Pachirisu. Both of those put cards into the hand. If you're playing Blaze in your Magmortar deck, you should also be using Claydol, which will then open you up to using Galactic's Wager. Just... Be careful about when you use that. If a Gardevoir's ready to spring active, attach a DRE, and Psychic Lock you, you've just given them the greatest weapon they'll need. If nothing's on their bench yet, it's amazing. Thus, the focus definately should be Blaze and Claydol for the first few turns, then shift to Magmortar mid game, then Magmortar LV.X or Blaze GE once again for the end game.
  10. homeofmew

    homeofmew Active Member

    This is why you need to run a 1-1 wtr pokemon try GTR or POLEON with Lake boundary.

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