Magmortran (IFDS-on)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Muscovy Level X, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Muscovy Level X

    Muscovy Level X New Member

    2 Magmortar Lv.X
    2 Magmortar SW
    3 Magmar
    2 Typhlosion
    1 Quilava
    2 Cyndaquil
    2 Heatran Lv.X
    2 Heatran :)fire:)
    2 Claydol
    2 Baltoy

    15 :fire:
    3 Call Energy

    3 Stark Mountain
    1 Luxury Ball
    2 Bebe
    2 TGW
    1 Felecity's Drawing
    2 POV
    2 Warp Point
    2 Night Maintenance
    4 PokeDrawer +/-
    2 Rare candy
    3 Poke Radar

    I'm pretty sure that decks like this will march all over next format. It's based off our current standard Mamortar.
    Heatran Lv.X will be a NIGHTMARE with Magmortar's Poke-Power, an almost unremovable 20 damage between turns.
    The Trainer build is a bit more speed focused, and removeing Kingdra/Empoleon weakness with Bubble Coat. But the important part of the Trainers is Stark Mountain, alowing you to continuously Flame Bluster if you have a Typhlosion in play.

    This list probably sucks, I know. But the idea is sound.
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  2. darkmelonboy19

    darkmelonboy19 New Member

    Heatran Lv.X will be a NIGHTMARE with Magmortar's Poke-Power, an almost unremovable 20 damage between turns.[/QUOTE]

    Doesnt magmortar X deal 30 with burn?
  3. Blaziken 1111

    Blaziken 1111 Active Member

    Do your mean in your title DP-IFDS not IFSD -on.

    Also I like the idea but I just think it's too slow. I would play some sort of a starter becuase you don't play call energy.
  4. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Hi, I agree with Blaziken 1111 that this deck will be too slow. I'd take out 3 Bubble Coat, since it doesn't seem to help you that much, and put in 1 Bebe's Search, and 2 Technical Machine TS-1 or Pachirisu GE (you want all Fire Energy, so I think this deck could actually warrant a Pachi. Though you could use Call instead, both would work). Then I'd take ou the 3 PokeRadar for 1 Stark Montain and 2 more TM TS-01 or Pachi or Call.
  5. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    i'd keep buble coat cuz it stops kingdra.
  6. KAZUTO!!!

    KAZUTO!!! New Member

    Um, no. The only difference Bubble Coat can make is if you have 2 in your hand, Magmortar Lv.X Active, and they have Kingdra, and you lay down the Bubble Coats two turns in a row, so that Kingdra 3HKOs you instead of 2HKOs you. Which isn't going to happen much. Now, if only FF would be in the format, that would be a different story...
  7. ShinySwampert

    ShinySwampert New Member

    2 Warp Point? Have you ever tried leveling Heatran up then benching? It's impossible without a Warp Point. If Heatran gets dragged active you'll need a way to get him benched. I suggest getting rid of something like Wager and putting in more Warp Points.
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