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    this is a deck i played at cities yesterday, i'm not going to my areas big cities today so i might as well post it since it will never see another tier 1 tourny, i have changed the list a lot and added some techs but i think my original list will be entertaining enough, i played dusk ball instead of quick ball but that was my mistake so i won't even put it in this list

    this didn't do well because of not getting out morters when i needed them, even with the enrgy to win, but i'm not upset or embarrassed because, every loss, i was 1 turn away from winning myself, they were all good games it's a good deck and it gave me the sophisticated matchups i had hoped it would

    Pokemon 12
    1 magmorter lv x Mt
    3 magmorter Sw
    4 magmar Sw
    3 rayquaza ex d Df
    1 Mew * d Df

    Trainers 29

    4 pokedex handy 910is Dp
    3 quick ball Sw
    2 pokenav Cg
    3 roseannes research Sw
    4 bebe's search Sw
    3 professor oak's visitSw
    2 switch Sw
    2 castaway Cg
    2 memory berry Cg
    2 professor rowans Dp
    2 night maintenance

    Energy 19
    6 fire
    4 multi
    4 lightning
    2 dre
    3 scramble

    the deck that i was inspired by to make this deck was ambush from last years nationals, there are considerably fewer tech pokemonthis year, like roselia for instance, but i built it to be consistant in this format, i modeled it after the recent emergence of really simple pokemon lines, 1 evo and some supporting basics,

    the strategy is to stay behind in prizes, and snipe then spread for multiple prizes,

    these are the explanations for some of the strange cards in my deck

    rayquaza ex: i chose this for sniping over empoleon because it's so much more efficient in every way, it lacks SOME of the versatility of having prinplup but that's no biggie, also it guarentees that i will be able to stay behind in prizes, also it is an ex , so T2 gallade has to flip 2 prizes and strength charm to knock it out, and take 2 prizes, then be scrambled by 110 hp Magmorter even after the first gallade is gone because ray gives 2 prizes,

    magmar SW: i play this to help stay behind in prizes with magmar start with the multi energies of the deck, if i have lightning i can attack and if
    T2 i have lightning and fire or multi on my magmorter , i can use memory berry to poison and 20 instead of just doing 20 for the 1 fire also i can just inflict poison, let the magmar die, then snipe for 1 energy, while the active takes poison

    memory berry: i chose this to poison, it ups the energy effieciency of the deck, it won me a game against a bad matchup that i never expected to see, dugtrio cg, i couldn't snipe or spread and my energy lines arn't intended to support flame blast all the time so i used the energy efficient attack on magmar to deal my last 30, i had no trouble at all finding use for them

    POV I didn't want to play hand disruption because of gallade/gardy

    Mew * d: that's a perfect miror match counter, specifically magsol, which won yesterday, and is the only good magmorter deck i can think of, it can also come in handy with the multis, generally it's bad because it has 70 hp , i started with it against gardy and by the end of the game i had cleaned the board and only 1 gardy x with 40 damage was left, i had 2 active scrambles and a fire on my full health morter, and he pulls down the mew i started with that had no damage

    anyway enjoy

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    did anybody even see this deck or is it just so perfect it needs no help LOL, no but seriously
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  2. you have to many pokemon to play quick ball pokenav and handy 910 can go as well

    Raquaza is an EX and should never be played

    Memory berry=bad and even though you said not to, play MT magmar

    take out multi and lightning and put in 2 more DRE and 5 more fire and another scramble

    take out bebe and put in celio

    put in 4 skitty 3 delcatty nrg draw and 1 delcatty ex

    take out switch and put in 3 warp point

    put in another roseanne

    and then put in some steven or copycat or something]

    I like the idea of mew* D tho
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