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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Manhunt, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. Manhunt

    Manhunt New Member

    Hello, Since I am new I understand the whole reference situation. Anyways, this is my list, I only tend to put on holo cards and and rares. thank you!

    I only have one lv.x Holo and its infernape, sorry I didnt collect that series!

    -If any cards are traded, every card will be in there own individual clean sleeves, and top loader. thank you!

    -All Cards are in MINT Condition.



    Claydol Ex x2 - Power Keepers
    Altaria Ex x2 - Dragon Frontiers
    Mew Ex x2 - Holon Phantoms
    Blaziken Ex x1 - Crystal Guardians
    Delcatty Ex x1 - Crystal Guardians
    Latios Ex x1 - Dragon Frontiers
    Jolteon Ex x1 - Delta Species
    Ninetales Ex x1 - Hidden Legends
    Flareon Ex x1 - Delta Species
    Aerodactyl Ex x1 - Sandstorm
    Feraligatr Ex x1 - Unseen Forces
    Skarmory Ex x3 - Power Keepers
    Steelix Ex x2 - Unseen Forces
    Metagross Ex x3 - Power Keepers
    Metagross Ex x1 - Hidden Legends
    Aggron Ex x1 - Sandstorm
    Tyranitar Ex x1 - Dragon Frontiers
    Latias Ex x1 - Dragon
    Rayquaza Ex x1 -Deoxys
    Infernape Lv. X x1
    Dunsparce ( Tournament users ) x4


    Seadra Holo - Dragon Frontiers x1
    Aggron x1
    Empoleon x1
    Raichu x1
    Staraptor x1
    Rhydon x1
    Kirlia x1
    Trainer: Master Ball x1

    Deoxy's Holos:
    Silcoon x1
    Sableye x1
    Corphish x1
    Magikarp x2
    Golbat x1
    Solrock x2
    Breloom x1
    Nosepass x1
    Xatu x1
    Staryu x2
    Beautifly x1
    Camerupt x1
    Trainer: Strengh Charm x1
    Duskull x1

    Rocket Holos:

    Magikarp x1
    Ekans x1
    Sandshrew x1
    Seadra x1
    Horsea x1
    Koffing x1
    Furret x1
    Quagsire x1
    Hoppip x1
    Larvitar x1
    Dratini x1
    Mareep x1
    Drowzee x1
    Paris x1
    Nidoran Female x1
    Rattata x1
    Trainer: Surprise! Time Machine x1

    Rainbow Energy holos x4
    Multi Energy Holos x2
    Metal Energy Holos x1
    Trainer: Rare Candies x1

    Original Holos (Base, Jungle, Fossil, etc.):

    Blastoise x1
    Hitmonchan x1
    Brocks Rhydon x1
    Vaporeon x1
    Venasaur x1
    Pidgeot x1
    Dark Arbok x1
    Machamp x1
    Hitmonlee x1
    Moltres x2
    Dark Typhlosion x2
    Mewtwo x1
    Dragonite x1
    Trainer: Lt. Surge x1
    Lugia x1 - Neo Genesis
    Scizor x1 - Neo Discovery
    Gyarados x1
    Dark Celebi x1
    Raikou x1
    Slowking x1
    Haunter x1

    E-Card Set Holos:

    Venomoth x1
    Bellsprout x1
    Parasect x1
    Clefairy x1
    Golem x1
    Ponyta x1
    Haunter x1
    Nidoran x1
    Voltorb x1
    Kangaskhan x1
    Pinsir x1
    Kingler x1
    Ditto x1
    Tauros x1
    Flygon x1
    Heracross x1
    Flygon x1
    Roselia x1
    Charmander (pokemon league city champions) x1

    Shining Holos:

    Shining Celebi x1
    Shining Magikarp x1

    Dark Holos (Team Rocket Returns):

    Dark Steelix x2
    Dark Slowking x1
    Dark Tyranitar x1
    Dark Muk x1
    Dark Hypno x1
    Dark Magneton x1

    Team Aqua/ Magma Holos:

    Sharpedo x1
    Kyogre x1
    Walrein x2

    Japanese Holos (Series Unknown):

    Feraligatr x1
    Typhlosion x1
    Megnium x1
    Arbok x1
    Gengar x1

    and thats my Haves list! Now here are my wants!



    Shining Charizard x1
    Shining Kabutops x1
    Shining Noctowl x1
    Shining Mewtwo x1
    Shining Raichu x1
    Shining Tyranitar x1


    Shining Gyarados x1

    Ex`s -

    Doesnt matter, as long as mint, I'm interested. thanx! but for my high wants on ex`s-

    Charizard Ex
    Blastoise Ex
    Scizor Ex
    Scyther Ex
    Venasaur Ex

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

    Thanks again!
  2. BeckordJ

    BeckordJ New Member

    I have the following off your list


    Shining Kabutops x1
    Shining Noctowl x1
    Shining Mewtwo x1
    Shining Raichu x1
    Shining Tyranitar x1


    Shining Gyarados x1
    Blastoise Ex
    This is the only card of interest what other cards out of the new sets do you have for trade.
    Infernape Lv. X x1
  3. dragonfire

    dragonfire New Member

    i have

    1 venusaur ex
    1 typhlosion
    tryranitar ex
  4. dtrain

    dtrain New Member

    cml for the Delcatty EX. Thanks
  5. ~`Flygon`~

    ~`Flygon`~ New Member

    do u have any double rainbows?? cuz I have a shining gryrados and I als need ure delcatty ex and empoleon
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