Manitowoc WI CC Report - 1st place

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Marriland, Feb 16, 2004.

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  1. Marriland

    Marriland New Member

    Pictures on my site,

    Okay everyone, I'm back from the City Championship in Manitowoc WI, and here is my review!

    Pre-Tournament Preparations
    I had been doing a lot of research as to what the most highly anticipated types of decks would be running around the City Championships. It seemed like Gardevoir/Gardevoir ex (focusing on getting out Gardevoir ex and loading your Bench with Energy, then just plow through everything with Gardevoir ex), Blaziken/Ampharos/Rayquaza ex (focusing on getting out two or three Blazikens so you can Firestarter to get the Energy you discard with Rayquaza ex's Dragon Burst back, then having the e-Expedition Ampharos use Energy Connect to move the Firestarter'ed Energy to Rayquaza so you can keep doing 80-120 each turn), Blaziken/Ninetales (same idea as Blaziken/Ampharos/Rayquaza ex, except with a High Pressure System out, Ninetales has free retreat, so you can retreat for free, Firestarter, then Switch/Warp Point back out and KO them), and any type of Ampharos ex variant would be the best contenders. Each deck was strong, but had their weaknesses.

    I was doing a whole ton of reading at the PokeGym Forums, and those were the decks that seemed most likely to win.

    I was currently trying out a Blaziken/Exeggutor deck for Modified, because I played it in Unlimited and was very familiar with how it ran. Then as I started reading, it seemed like it wouldn't be very potent... at all. Remember, I was an Unlimited player, and I hadn't played a single E-On Modified game until 2 weeks before the City Championship.

    So, in doing my reading, I decided that I was going to test out a Blaziken/Delcatty/Rayquaza deck. Speed, power, and potency all bundled into one deck. I ran a whole load of Switches and Warp Points to ensure I could keep using Dragon Burst every turn, claiming a prize while doing so.

    The "big" deck that was being mentioned was BAR, otherwise known as Blaziken/Ampharos/Rayquaza ex. Now, I was thinking about it... Would it be able to get everything out fast enough without Delcatty? I mean, when I was playing Blaziken/Delcatty/Rayquaza ex, I didn't really have any trouble drawing like mad, and usually, by the end of the game, I ended up with 15+ cards in my hand.

    I then decided to give it a go, but instead of dropping the Delcattys for Ampharos, I decided to keep the Delcattys in there, and run all 4. Surprisingly enough, it worked... really well! The deck also needed some TecH to beat Gardevoir ex, or any other Pokemon-ex really, so I decided to throw in some Wobbuffets and Multi Energies. Just in case...

    Now, if any of you have played Final Fantasy IV, you'll catch the joke behind the deck's name. I decided, in honor of Final Fantasy IV, to name my deck Spoony B.A.R.D.! Blaziken/Ampharos/Rayquaza ex/Delcatty! B.A.R.D.! Hehehe...

    So, I present to you, Spoony B.A.R.D.!

    Spoony B.A.R.D. by Marriland

    3 Torchic (DR)
    1 Combusken (PR-009)
    3 Blaziken (RS - Firestarter)
    2 Skitty (RS - Minor Errand Running)
    2 Delcatty (RS - Energy Draw)
    2 Mareep (DR)
    1 Flaaffy (AQ)
    2 Ampharos (EX)
    2 Rayquaza ex
    2 Wobbuffet (SS)
    4 Dunsparce (SS)
    4 Juggler
    2 TV Reporter
    1 Copycat
    3 Oracle
    1 Town Volunteers
    3 Rare Candy
    1 Switch
    2 Warp Point
    2 High Pressure System
    12 Fire Energy
    3 Lightning Energy
    2 Multi Energy

    The deck's focus is to get out Rayquaza ex, then have it continuously use Dragon Burst to claim a whole ton of prizes.

    Preferably, you start out with a Dunsparce, then use Strike and Run to get a Mareep, Skitty, and Torchic on your Bench. Next, you try to get that Skitty evolved into Delcatty so you can start drawing your cards faster. You can use Jugglers and Oracles to speed things up a bit. Once you get Delcatty out, you focus on getting your Torchic and Mareep evolved, then getting another Torchic and the beast - Rayquaza ex - on your Bench. Then, after you get a Lightning Energy on Rayquaza ex, you just start plowing through everything with Dragon Burst, then using Firestarter and Energy Connect to keep the Energy flowing back to it every single turn.

    If your opponent is playing Gardevoir, Gardevoir ex, or some other threatening Pokemon-ex, get out a Wobbuffet, put a Multi Energy on it, Firestarter twice, and you're set. This is particularly important if you come up against a Wobbuffet, which if you're playing experienced players, you're bound to.

    The City Championship

    After a long 3 hour car ride, we arrived at My Parent's Basement in Manitowoc WI, where the City Championship was taking place. Unfortunately, my mom - the avid Pokemon TCG player - wasn't able to go. She was going to play a Gardevoir/ex deck, but unfortunately she had a terrible migraine, so she had to stay home (which actually was pretty fortunate, because she's still recovering from back surgery, and the car ride there and back - not to mention the pressure of the main event - would've been unbearable for her).

    The place had a few people when we got there, and as the clock ticked closer to 12:30, more and more people showed up. Both me and my brother, Dustin, were playing my Spoony B.A.R.D. deck. His had an extra TV Reporter but one less Dunsparce. My dad doesn't play the TCG, but he can guard cards pretty well =)

    Alright, here goes the tournament report!

    Round 1
    Spoony B.A.R.D. vs. Alan K.'s Salamence?
    He started with a Bagon, and I started with a Dunsparce and a Wobbuffet. I used Strike and Run, got a Rayquaza, Torchic, and Skitty. His turn, he used Headbutt. My turn, I was trying to get a Lightning Energy, but didn't this turn, so I attached a Fire to Rayquaza then used Sudden Flash with Dunsparce. His turn, he uses Headbutt again. My turn, I draw a Multi Energy, attach it to Rayquaza ex, retreat Dunsparce, Dragon Burst, good game.
    Record: 1-0 : 3 Points

    Round 2
    Spoony B.A.R.D. vs. Something with Arcanine
    He started with Growlithe, I started with Rayquaza and a really nice hand. He won the roll though. He attaches, and passes. I used a Juggler, attached to Rayquaza, then used Spiral Growth and got the 2 Energy I discarded back. His turn, he evolved his Growlithe to Arcanine though, but he still couldn't have done anything. My turn, I used Dragon Burst, good game.
    Record: 2-0 : 6 Points

    Round 3
    Spoony B.A.R.D. vs. Something with Crawdaunt
    I started with Rayquaza again, he started with Corphish. He went first and Paralyzed me. I attached to Rayquaza, and pulled some basics I think. Again, I don't remember too much about this match except for the fact that he didn't draw anything and I killed his Crawdaunt with the beast, Rayquaza ex.
    Record: 3-0 : 9 Points

    Round 4
    Spoony B.A.R.D. vs. Mewtwo ex/Chansey ex/Sableye
    I started with Wobbuffet, Skitty, and Dunsparce. I started with Dunsparce. Then, I used Strike and Run, got Rayquaza, Mareep, and Torchic, then swapped for Wobbuffet. He passes. I attach a Multi Energy to Wobbuffet then pass. He uses Energy Absorption. I attach, evolve my Mareep into Ampharos and my Skitty into Delcatty, attach a Fire Energy to Wobbuffet, use Energy Connect to get Dunsparce's Energy on Wobbuffet, then I Flip Over and claim 2 prizes. He sends out Sableye then Dark Binds me. I use Switch on Wobbuffet, send out Rayquaza ex and Energy Connect some Energy over to Rayquaza ex and Knock Out the Sableye. He sends out Chansey ex. He sets down a Sneasel ex and attaches a Dark to it. I Dragon Burst the Chansey ex for 40 damage. He attaches a Rainbow to the Sneasel. I use Dragon Burst for 80, Knocking Out his Chansey ex. He sends out Sneasel ex, sets down a Mewtwo ex, attaches an Energy to Sneasel ex, uses Beat Up, gets two heads, and does 50 damage to me. Then, I use Dragon Burst and claim my last prize.
    Record: 4-0 : 12 points

    Round 5
    Spoony B.A.R.D. vs. Beedrill TecH
    This is where my luck almost ran out. I started with Wobbuffet, and that's it. He started with an Eevee and a Weedle. He went first. He attached a Multi Energy and used Signs of Evolution and got a Vaporeon and an Espeon. I draw nothing, so I pass (maybe after using a Supporter). He evolves to Vaporeon (phew!), attaches, then Aurora Beams me for 30. I draw a Torchic and set it down, then pass. He evolves his Weedle, but he doesn't draw an Energy, so he just Aurora Beams me for 30 more. Then, I topdeck a Dunsparce, retreat Wobbuffet, and use Strike and Run to get a Rayquaza ex, a Mareep, and a Skitty (I had Delcatty, Ampharos, and a Rare Candy in my hand). He then draws an Energy and kills my Dunsparce with Aqua Sonic. Then, I send out Rayquaza ex, attach a Lightning Energy, then used Spiral Growth and got two heads. He uses Aqua Sonic for 50. My turn, I use Dragon Burst and knock out his Vaporeon. From here on in, I don't remember exactly what happened, but I do remember that I made a great comeback and got out a Blaziken, Ampharos, Delcatty, and another Rayquaza ex. He also got out quite a few more Beedrills, and I pulled some nice Warp Point stunts on him. He ended up forfeiting when I had two prizes left to his four prizes.
    Record: 5-0 : 15 Points

    Round 6
    Spoony B.A.R.D. vs. Something with Camerupt
    He only had a Numel, and only got it up to a Camerupt that only hit me for 20. I don't remember exactly what I had, but I do remember that I ended up killing it with Rayquaza, and it was realllllyyy unfortunate that it had to happen that way, especially for the final match x.x;
    Record: 6-0 : 18 Points

    All of the games I played, except for one, were pretty unfortunate. My opponents had bad draws, I had great draws, and I would've loved to see their decks in action against mine. I mean, after all, that's what I was preparing for!

    So I end up winning the City Championship, going undefeated and taking 1st in the "Old Farts" Division, as well as the entire tournament. I got a box of EX: Dragon, and a spiffy City Championship Medal!

    * HUGE Props to Jim - the Professor and Judge running the event! He not only did a wonderful job, but he also gave me 20 Aquapolis Chanseys and 2 Chansey ex for the Chansey Collection!
    * Big Props to my Dustin for doing a wonderful job there as well. Too bad he met his match to an unfortunate series of bad draws :'(
    * Props to my dad for taking us there. 12 hours of his day were gone throughout the whole thing, and that takes a lot, especially out of his Sundays.
    * Props to my mom for making the right decision and staying home. It would've been really bad had she went... So I'm glad she made the right decision!
    * Big-time props to Ninja P-Chan, Bigginzzz, Justin H., and James F. for letting us borrow some of the cards we needed for the event!
    * Props to the Charizard I pulled in my box ^_^
    * Props to CHANSEY!!!
    * Props to My Parent's Basement, where the event was held. Everything went fine!
    * Props to my opponents because I said so
    * Props to Tomorrow Is Yesterday because it's the coolest store on earth so go there now mwahahahaha yes you will!
    * Props to YOU for reading this! ;P

    * Slops to the lousy luck my opponents had during our games. I'd much rather of faced them at their best. x_X
    * Slops to people who have a whole ton of slops, because it's sloppy.

    EX: Dragon Box Report:

    Ampharos ex, Golem ex, Kingdra ex, Latios ex, Muk ex, Rayquaza ex

    Altaria, Crawdaunt, Salamence, Torkoal, Charmeleon, Charizard

    Crawdaunt x4, Dragonair x5, Flygon x3, Girafarig x3, Magneton x4, Ninjask x3, Salamence x3, Shelgon x4, Skarmory x3, Vibrava x4

    Reverse Foils:
    Crawdaunt (#4), Flygon (#5), Minun, Crawdaunt (#13), Dragonair, Salamence (#19), Camerupt, Combusken, Graveler (#30), Grovyle, Magneton (#35), Marshtomp, Shelgon (#42) x2, Whiscash, Bagon (#50), Barboach (#51), Corphish (#54), Geodude (#55), Geodude (#56), Grimer, Houndour, Magikarp, Magnemite (#62), Mudkip, Nincada (#66), Nincada (#67), Numel (#70), Slugma, Spoink (#73), Swablu, Torchic, Trapinch (#79), Energy Recycle System, Low Pressure System, High Pressure System

    See you at States ;)

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  2. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member


    You are a very gracious winner. Props to you!!!

    Maybe with the speed of your deck except for one match is why you won so easily. My son plays a version of this deck. By his 3rd or 4th turn, he usually has a Rayquaza ex, Blaziken or two, Ampharos, and Delcatty up and running. He even had a few matches that he just had the worse draws early, but still came back and won easily. Don't sell yourself short with your deck it is very solid!!!

    Good luck at your "State Championship"

    Master Professor Birch
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  3. Marriland

    Marriland New Member

    Thanks Birch!

    And that's great that your son plays this kind of deck. It works great, and it can make some miracle comebacks indeed. Although man, things just start rocking if you start with a Dunsparce. Hehehehe... =)

    If you or your son are going to any CCs anytime soon, good luck to you! ^_^
  4. Master Professor Birch

    Master Professor Birch Active Member


    We have gone to two City Championships. My son has won both tournaments in his age group (11-14). And you are right . If you can get "Dunsparce" out in your first hand, it is over.

    Marriland, just keep that deck TRUCKING!!!! Good luck.

    Master Professor Birch
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  5. Cyrus

    Cyrus Iron Chef - Master Emeritus

    Hehe, long time no talk, eh?

    Well, major props to the victory, Devin! Glad to see Shakespeare's appreciated by someone XP
  6. AXE

    AXE New Member

    i heard that there wasn't going to be a tourny in manitowoc. Otherwise i would have been there. It really sucks b/c i was looking for some more cc's to go to. And i most likly won't be able to go to another.

    Devin: Its dave III i've been to a few of the tourny's at Tomorrow is Yesterday.
  7. HypnosProjectHQ

    HypnosProjectHQ New Member

    Congrats. I crapped up a Manitowoc. Terrible luck hit me by suprise (like sleep for 5 turns straight, lost to a Skitty). Oh well, I'd already won 45 packs to date, a medallion, and other things that really got me going. But again, Congradulations.

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