Mario Kart: Double Dash.

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by FISSURE, Oct 18, 2003.

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    FISSURE New Member

    So, who here beside's me has preordered MK:DD? I also can't wait fore the bonus disk that comes with the game when you buy it, if you preorder it that is.
  2. GreatFox

    GreatFox New Member

    Yup... I preordered it too. Can't wait to take part in some Multiplayer LAN Fun. I also really want to try out Sonic Heores and check out the Pokémon Colleseum movie on the Demo Disk! :thumb:
  3. Kyfogre22

    Kyfogre22 New Member

    Sonic Heroes Demo!?!??!?!!?!?!?!?? Where?!

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