Masquerain SV 68/147

Discussion in 'Cards: Strategy and Rulings Discussion' started by dragoniota, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. dragoniota

    dragoniota New Member

    What do you think of this card?
    Also what do you think the poke-body does?
    I think it removes from 20 damage from any damage done to all of your pokemon.
  2. Scipio

    Scipio New Member

    It reduces damage done by 20, its that simple. Any number of damage your opponent does, just substract 20.
    And its pretty horrid otherwise, dealing only 30 damage.
  3. Controversial

    Controversial New Member

    When I got it in a pack, I knew I wanted to use it in the prerelease. Unfortunately I didn't get any Surskit, so I couldn't do it. It's a really good card in limited, offering draw and 30 for a single grass energy, plus a very good body. In the modified format, though, it just can't do enough damage to be a real factor. There's better draw, and it won't stay alive too long even with the help of the body.
  4. Mach

    Mach New Member

    I think Abomasnow SF utilizes the body more effectively, with more HP and better attacks.
  5. Colts8729

    Colts8729 New Member

    I got a 2-2 of this in our prelease. Got first in prelease
  6. Master_Whiscash_77

    Master_Whiscash_77 New Member

    This would be really fun to use in a double battle. Just sit there with two active Masquerains and reduce all your opponent's damage by 40. :D

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