Massillon Ohio Battle Road 10-7

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  1. Kemony

    Kemony New Member

    First off, props to Kant for some deck advice.

    It is Saturday and Mike had to work all day so I play tested with myself like 50 times it was ridiculous. I made some little changes and they went for the best. That night I stayed up until 3 in the morning watching tvoed pokemon episodes. Tired. Sunday, I get up and ready to go. Mike and I are walking out the door and I get hurt by his car door and then realize I forgot my decklist and the directions. We are on our way and I get a little nervous but all is well. Arriving before the store opens, we stand outside because Mike was being dumb and said he would not go through the back door when others were going in. It was amazing to see some people that I had not seen for a while. After uncle Mike checks my deck, Mike was not allowed for obvious reasons; I pace the floor waiting for the tournament to begin.

    I am playing Electivire ; Blissey.

    Round 1 vs. Chris ?. - Infernape ; I saw a water energy

    I begin this game really well. He starts with a lone Chimchar. I believe I started with an Elekid. He goes first and attacks me for 10. I go and nothing really happens other than attaching an energy to a Chansey I had drawn into. He goes and uses a Bebe's Search showing me the water energy so I was assuming Infernape ; Empoleon. He gets an Infernape, evolves, attaches a fire and begins meteor punching me. He gets 1 heads killing my Elekid. I bring out Chansey and evolve getting a lightning energy from my discard pile while also mentoring and doing other various things. He goes not getting a basic and doing 90 to my Blissey. With my draw, I new I needed to just get an Electivire to win having a warp point in my hand. I did not get it, so I hit him for 5 and end my turn. Again he gets nothing and I just attack for the win.


    Round 2 vs. Gennie N. - Exeggcutor ; Feraligatr d

    She starts with an Exeggcute and I start with an Elekid again. I do not remember this game very much as I just attacked and she would attack. My game-winning move was, she was assuming she could live another turn with a Latios ex d. She had 3 Totodile on her bench and I had a Blissey with 2 energy on it. I had killed one of her pokemon with Electivire the turn before so he had no energy. I then realize the obvious and begin searching for my warp point. I tvr getting it as my first card and just stop my drawling and discarding and let he know I would just warp point and ko a Totodile for my last prize.


    Round 3 vs. Laura L. - Claydol ex ; Flygon ex d ; Rayquaza ex d

    First off, Laura played amazing and surprisingly Claydol ex was the play because most of this format is weak to psychic and fighting. It is no longer Lafante does it.... it is Laura does it!

    She starts off with a Trapinch and I start off with a Blissey. I remember because she commented on how doing 10 damage was nothing to a high hp Chansey and I made the joke it was just a bug. A turn or so goes by and I get an amazing set up with my 3 mentors till Claydol comes out. It takes me 2 Blissey till I finally get an Electivire to ko the Claydol. It would have been a 1-2 prize giving me the advantage but I could not get a scramble out of like 20 cards. It comes down to the wire as she has 2 prices left and I come out koing her Flygon ex d with a double rainbow with Electivire X. This was a very good game; I was pretty sweaty after that one.


    Round 4 vs Jason ?. - Lucario ; Machamp

    I start with an Elekid and he starts with a Latias d and a Machop on the bench. I was very worried about him getting the wild kick for the win but I never saw a Riolu this game. He spear heads. I mentor getting some poe cards. He played a cessation crystal, I tvr for the windstorm. Ko the Latias d with Blissey. He brings out the Machop and evolves. He does not lay any basics and I know that I have the win as I have enough to do 120 with Electivire. I warp point for the win.


    So I get the first place curse. I finish that last game really quick so John L. and I watch to see if Laura can take victory over Henry D. Sadly she get beat but it then became that there was a 4-0, 3-1, 3-1, 2-2 that would make the cut. Awesomely Laura made the cut as she had my percentage and Henrys.

    Top Cut

    We had ordered pizza and I was already tired and had a headache for this game, thank god it was Laura as I can have a fun time with her.

    Round 1

    I miss played in this game. I was able to ko her Claydol ex by warp pointing because I had no bench but I stupidly played a Elekid/Buzz before realizing that I did not want to switch but I wanted her to, so I just scooped as it had been like 25 minutes and I did not want to waste time on misplays.


    Round 2

    I once again misplay in this game, stupidly I left a Blissey active with like 8 energy on it and not much hp left to kill a Rayquaza ex d with 10 hp left when I should have moved the energy on the Electivres so I did not waste them. I played a TSD getting 3 heads, which helped me a lot. Plus willing both of the TGW games, go paper! Laura played a TSD and gets all tails and then loses the TGWs. I luckily pulled this one off.


    Round 3

    We have like 5 minutes left and a conversation about neither of us wanting to play the next round came up and we had some great laughs as neither of us had the strength to play Henry as we were hungry for sure and very parched. I start with an Elekid, 2 Electivires and 5 various energies. She starts with a Smoochum and begins setting up. I draw Elekid, passing my turn after getting an electric before she even finishing her last turn shuffling. Laura plays some cards, again attacking with Smoochum. I draw another lightning energy. I pass to her and know that it is then over as she has a Rayquaza ex d built up and was just going to hit me for 50 taking the prize to win. Time is called; she does it and takes the victory.

    Yes, I lost to Claydol but if I were to lose to anyone Laura was definitely the best as either of us winning was great and I could have only wished the best for her for the finals as I ate my pizza.

    We get some results on the first game and Henry wins. Two minutes later I hear Laura won the next game and there is about 15 minutes left. I take a quick peek pack into the room as I walked to the car and see Laura is looking pretty good and Henry has some little guys. John, Gennie and me sit patiently watching the Indians game and eating brownies waiting for the time results. Soon enough Uncle Mike comes around the corner with this look on his face. He is very bad at hiding his face because he soon smiles. John and Gennie begin doing quiet happy claps and I just straight out say "Who cares just say it." and we begin cheering her on with her victory.

    Congrats to her.

    I begin feeling bad as Henry makes the comment that we liked her better than him and that everyone likes her.

    Also getting to hear the funniest thing ever, Laura yelled at Henry for his slow play. Quoted from Uncle Mike of what Laura said "You have looked at your hand six times already, you know what you have so get what you need, you have this game already." I am sure I messed that up but it was something amazing like that.

    I get 3rd and pull a Feraligatr and a ah Exeggutor.

    Laura winning
    Going 4-0
    Awesome Brownies, like the best ever
    Magmortar X from my draft packs
    Opening a TSD out of Mikes packs.
    Seeing old buddies
    The top cuts
    AJ running a smooth and on time tournament!
    Laura yelling at Henry for his slow play
    Laura does it!
    Claydol ex

    Not getting the scramble I needed
    Not playing plus power
    Indians losing
    Dropping the awesome pineapple off my pizza
    Not knowing how to spell Connors Moms name correctly, I just call her Mom

    Thanks for reading!
  2. TrainerJL

    TrainerJL New Member

    Nice job Kim! You played great, and it was lots of fun.

    Laura decided that she was going to find a way to make Claydol work, just because no one thought it could, and it turns out to be good metagame right now! lol

    Good Job AJ, too. Excellent tournament, we had a great time!
  3. Eevil_Eevee

    Eevil_Eevee New Member


    Awesome tournament report! It was great to play and I had a blast during our 4 games. It was really fun to post-mortem with you after our Round 3 game and I enjoyed our discussion of strategy before, after, and even somewhat during our top cut round.

    Props to Lairon (AJ) for running a great BR!! I enjoyed the opportunity to try to think like a player and not having any responsibilities for the event. It was like having a Battle Road vacation.

  4. Kemony

    Kemony New Member

    Thanks guys and I am absolutely loving your pokegym name Laura. It is AMAZING! Very creative. I did get awesome news that Mike does not have to work Sunday so we will BOTH be there to PLAY! You hear it first. Also if you still want to trade me the Staff card John, I am still interested. I am actually interested in any extra staff cards you have and even just prerelease cards. Old and new of multiples. If you have any you just want to trade them off for some newer cards, I am interested.

    See you guys soon.

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