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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Corinth Maxwell, Oct 11, 2003.

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  1. Corinth Maxwell

    Corinth Maxwell New Member

    I have tons of Base Set cards to trade or sell. I DESPERATELY need to complete my Jungle, Fossil, TR, & Gym sets, and need to get restarted on Neo. I also have those near-useless base set 2 cards to get rid of. Note: I DO NOT TRADE IN RUBY/SAPPHIRE FOR REASONS PERTAINING TO THE GAMES THEMSELVES.
  2. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    Considering that most here have a list of what they would like to get, and what they have for trade, do you think it would be possible to make up a have/want list for any holos/rares/reverse holos you might want to talk about? It would make it so much simpler to get some business done. Or perhaps you could reply to other peoples threads detailing what you have from their wants, and what you want for them. I know I wouldn't mind other people checking my thread out. It's here:
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    LTEDDYBEAR New Member

    I have a few cards from All the sets you listed that you need from, check out my list under LTEDDYBEAR, and see if there's anything you need.
  4. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    Do you have any Charizards or Blastoises? If you do, please look at my Have list and see what you'd like.
  5. Corinth Maxwell

    Corinth Maxwell New Member

    Have & Want

    What I have currently for sale/trade (All sales $1(nh)-$2(H), unless otherwise listed).

    1. Clefable (jungle, non-holo)
    2. Flareon (jungle, non-holo)
    3. Pidgeot (x2) (jungle, non-holo)
    4. Victreebel (jungle, non-holo)
    5. Wigglytuff (jungle, non-holo)
    6. Hypno (fossil, non-holo)
    7. Lapras (fossil, non-holo)
    8. Electabuzz (BS 2)
    9. Clefairy (BS 2)
    10. Gyarados (BS 2)
    11. Wigglytuff (BS 2)
    12. Ninetales (BS)
    13. Poliwrath (fair condition) (BS)
    14. Flareon (jungle, holo)
    15. Pidgeot (jungle, holo)
    16. Lapras (fossil, holo)
    17. Muk (fossil, holo)
    These, by extreme chance, are the only cards I need to complete my Jungle & Fossil sets. Through luck today, I got holos of Victreebel & Dragonite.

    1. Raichu (fossil, holo)
    2. Hypno (fossil, holo)
    3. Electrode (jungle, non-holo)
    4. Scyther (jungle, holo)
    5. Pinsir (jungle, non-holo)
    6. Ditto (fossil, holo)
    7. Kabutops (fossil, non-holo)
    8. Kabutops (fossil, holo)
    9. Aerodactyl (fossil, non-holo)
    10. Articuno (fossil, holo)
    11. Moltres (fossil, holo)
    That's it for now. I'll have more on this as I go.

    LTEDDYBEAR New Member

    doesn't look like I have any of the cards you want.
  7. Corinth Maxwell

    Corinth Maxwell New Member

    I need a bit of time to rewrite my sales list......but for now, I will update the cards I need list as follows.

    1. Raichu (fossil, holo)
    2. Hypno (fossil, holo)
    3. Electrode (jungle, non-holo)
    4. Scyther (jungle, holo)
    5. Pinsir (jungle, non-holo)
    6. Aerodactyl (fossil, non-holo)
    That's it for now. If any of you would like ot get rid of some non-holo Scythers, let me know immediately, and I will take them. It's about time I got started on writing out the list of cards I need to create my Steel-type & Dark-type decks.

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