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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by revdjweb, Apr 16, 2008.

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  1. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    4-4-3-1 Electivire (dp, df, dp)
    4 Rayquaza md
    2 holon castform
    18 total pokemon

    4 holon mentor
    4 felicity's drawing
    2 tv reporter
    4 celio's network
    3 warp point
    2 premier ball
    1 tsd
    2 night maintenance
    4 pluspower
    26 total trainers

    3 cyclone energy
    13 lightning energy
    16 total energy

    strategy: discard lightning energy as much as possible, have rayquaza's recycle lightning energy and then let it be pulled to the active electivire. use holon castform on rayquaza for it's attack.
  2. ashinto

    ashinto New Member

    need's some starters, i personally like using Pory2 with Stantler. Stantler gets supporters, and u use them with Pory2's download. if u have 2 or more supporters that u need to play, u can use download, then play the other. a combo of 2 stantlers and a 2-2 line of Pory2 should do it.
  3. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    this deck can still benefit from a castform start otherwise it should be attacking t3 with either electivire or rayquaza. another stand alone set up line would only slow it down.
  4. lolganium

    lolganium New Member

    ray isnt coming out in md :frown::frown::frown::frown::frown:

    i really wish he was but... im about 85% sure he isnt
  5. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    Even if Ray were coming out next set, you're strat won't work. You can only use the power once, and you can't use it at all if there's more than 1 in play.
  6. lolganium

    lolganium New Member

    actually, rays power works once per turn, meaning he's safe
  7. revdjweb

    revdjweb New Member

    i DID miss the part about not more than one rayquaza though. so maybe one of the electivire should be sw or i should add 4 DRE.

    oh well, back to the drawing board
  8. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    That's what I meant to say lol
  9. lolganium

    lolganium New Member

    oh, but thats good though
    it couldnt be unlimitd use cause...well...
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