Media Create Sales 1/14-1/20 -- Nintendo still rules

Discussion in 'Electronic Games' started by bullados, Jan 26, 2008.

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  1. bullados

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    Media Create 1/14-1/20

    01./01. [WII] Wii Fit (Nintendo) - 92,471 / 1,194,000
    02./00. [NDS] Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo) - 89,909 / NEW
    03./02. [NDS] Mario Party DS (Nintendo) - 33,003 / 1,560,000
    04./03. [WII] Wii Sports (Nintendo) - 30,458 / 2,689,000
    05./05. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 2nd (Capcom) - 23,614 / 1,534,000
    06./06. [NDS] Prof. Layton and Pandora's Box (Level 5) - 22,032 / 730,000
    07./04. [NDS] Final Fantasy IV (Square-Enix) - 21,662 / 559,000
    08./09. [WII] Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games (Nintendo) - 19,149 / 488,000
    09./07. [NDS] Dragon Quest IV (Square-Enix) - 18,066 / 1,161,000
    10./11. [WII] Super Mario Galaxy (Nintendo) - 15,789 / 835,000

    11./10. [NDS] Mario Kart DS (Nintendo)
    12./08. [WII] Wii Play (Nintendo)
    13./12. [WII] Mario Party 8 (Nintendo)
    14./17. [NDS] Prof. Layton and the Curious Village (Level 5)
    15./16. [NDS] New Super Mario Bros. (Nintendo)
    16./14. [PS3] Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision)
    17./13. [NDS] Rune Factory 2 (Marvelous Entertainment)
    18./20. [NDS] Animal Crossing Wild World (Nintendo)
    19./18. [NDS] Kanji Brain Test 2.5M (IE Institute)
    20./00. [PS2] School Days L×H (Interchannel-Holon)
    21./15. [PSP] Star Ocean 1: First Departure (Square-Enix)
    22./24. [WII] Mario Strikers Charged (Nintendo)
    23./21. [PS2] World Soccer Winning Eleven 2008 (Konami)
    24./35. [NDS] DS Literature Collection (Nintendo)
    25./00. [NDS] Powerful Pro-kun Pocket 10 (Konami)
    26./25. [NDS] Tales of Innocence (Bandai-Namco)
    27./26. [NDS] More Brain Age (Nintendo)
    28./23. [NDS] My Housekeeping Diary (Nintendo)
    29./22. [360] Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Activision)
    30./19. [PS2] Super Robot Wars OG Gaiden (Banpresto)
    31./29. [PS3] World Soccer Winning Eleven 2008 (Konami)
    32./39. [PSP] Haruhi Suzumiya's Promise (Bandai-Namco)
    33./42. [PS2] Yakuza 2 (Sega)
    34./34. [NDS] Kanji Test 2 (Rocket Co.)
    35./32. [NDS] More English Training (Nintendo)
    36./37. [NDS] Flash Focus: Vision Training in Minutes a Day (Nintendo)
    37./27. [PS3] Gran Turismo 5 Prologue (Sony)
    38./33. [PSP] Hot Shots Golf Portable 2 (Sony)
    39./28. [NDS] Nep League DS (Jaleco)
    40./00. [NDS] MySims (EA)
    41./30. [WII] Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Capcom)
    42./00. [NDS] Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters World Championship 2008 (Konami)
    43./40. [PS3] Shin Sangoku Musou 5 (Koei)
    44./36. [WII] Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree (Nintendo)
    45./47. [NDS] Pokémon Diamond (Pokémon)
    46./44. [PSP] Yuusha no Kuse ni Namaiki da (Sony)
    47./00. [NDS] English Training (Nintendo)
    48./00. [NDS] Brain Age (Nintendo)
    49./00. [PS2] Juiced 2 (THQ Japan)
    50./41. [NDS] Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon: Time Expedition Party (Pokémon)

    NDS - 26
    WII - 9
    PS2 - 5
    PSP - 5
    PS3 - 4
    360 - 1

    Hardware - This Week | Last Week | YTD | LTD 
    1. NDS - 88,575 | 97,369 | 452,512 | 21,625,563 
    2. WII - 81,638 | 84,530 | 373,965 | 4,990,125 
    3. PSP - 79,923 | 96,159 | 394,316 | 7,995,910 
    4. PS3 - 38,117 | 38,907 | 141,207 | 1,782,883 
    5. PS2 - 13,539 | 14,499 | 60,048 | 20,987,085 
    6. 360 - 4,552 | 4,690 | 19,005 | 526,346
    It looks like things have completely stabilized after the mad holiday rush. Sales decreases are pretty constant across the board, with the handhelds being the exception. DS is still seeing record sales, even though it's sold more than the PS2 LTD. I'm just wondering when the saturation number for this system will be reached, because it's insane that Nintendo can just make these things and then increase their bankroll. Still, it decreased by 9k over last week. Could we finally be seeing the beginning of the DS's decline? I hope not. 75-85k for the forseeable future.

    The Wii continues to sell, even after a VERY lackluster 3 months. I think my prediction of these becoming widely available in February is not going to pan out. If sales continue like this, I really can't see the system becoming widely available for another 3-6 months. 70-80k for the forseeable future.

    FINALLY!!! People have started to realize that the PSP has NO software available for it! With only 5 titles in the top 50, and only 1 in the top 10, I'm amazed that the system's selling this much, really. It looks like it's starting to decline somewhat. I'll post my prediction for the forseeable future at 65-75k, but this system has surprised me at every turn. Don't expect my prediction on this one to be right.

    PS3 can't sell with the others. This is already plain. No titles in the top 15, and only 4 in the top 50 is pathetic for a next-gen system. And there isn't really very much coming out for the system in the near future. Still, it's selling something. I'll put it in the 35-40k range for now, but it wouldn't surprise me if it dropped in the coming weeks.

    How is the PS2 still selling? The system has LONG outlived most systems' playing lives, and it's still selling! It will reach 21 million next week, no doubt about that in my mind. It's got more top 50 games than the PS3. It's reached its saturation point, and it's still selling. I'm amazed by the potency of this old system. 13k per week.

    Xbox can't sell in Japan. Period, end of story. 4k for the rest of its life.

    Pokemon Diamond is still in the top 50. That's insane.

    All of the top 4 games are Nintendo in house produced. That's insane.

    Lots of older games in the top 50 this week. What, aren't developers making any more games right now?

    Not much as far as links go, but these two are worth it:

    PSP stats
  2. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    Surprising we are told the 360 is such a great console behind the Wii but it surly doesnt appear so, maybe its because you have to pay to play anything online which is what drags the 360 down alot in comparison to Wii, PC, and even the PS3.

    But looking at the list, pretty much anything past 20th is not even worth listing, because I know more people will guy Call of Duty 4 for PC then they would PS3 and 360, most of the ones past 20th I dont even recognize those games. What is surprising me the most is Mario Galaxy I would thought be a top 5 for a couple months now, instead its at #10 overall and #3 for Wii games sales.
  3. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    REmember that these numbers are for Japan only. The Japanese simply don't like Microsoft, so they don't buy those consoles.

    Galaxy will be a million seller. No doubt in my mind. It's 4th in Wii games right now (Wii Fit, Wii Sports, Mario and Sonic), but it's still selling, and it's less than 200k away. Eventually, it'll make it. The Japanese love the gimmicky games, as evidenced by Wii Sports selling nearly 3 million in a year and still being in the top 10. Wait a few months, and Wii Fit will be at the same level.
  4. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    Either way, Nintendo's real killer app just came out. I wonder what will top the charts this week, that is if nintendo actually keeps up with supply.
  5. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Did Brawl drop this week in Japan? I thought it was pushed back until March...
  6. charmander rox

    charmander rox New Member

    Only for us Americans.
  7. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Brawl isn't on the next list. When did it drop? The next list ends on 1/27, and probably will get posted HERE some time tomorrow or Saturday.
  8. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    Brawl in Japan came out on the 29th I think. We just know it will be #1 by a landslide.
  9. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    Oh, of course. It's just 2 days after the MC numbers are compiled per week. I have no doubts that Brawl will be #1 next week, and that the Wii will sell 90k+ units in that same timeframe.
  10. Articjedi

    Articjedi Active Member

    It came out today, the numbers aren't out yet.
  11. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    PS2 is still selling well I think because of the obviously large library of games and the fact that they are still releasing new games for it. Why pay $500 for a PS3 to just get access to a limited libary of games (most of which aren't good anyways)? And of course, Xbox fails in Japan, they should redo their marketing to fit in more with the Japanese culture.

    And of course, still ticked at Nintendo not giving us any of the neat DS remake games (DQ4, FF4).
  12. Bullet

    Bullet New Member

    Plus why Pay $500 for a system with no exclusives. I am confident PS3 is going to be the next Sega.
  13. bullados

    bullados <a href="

    We don't know if they'll come out over here. Of course, million sellers generally get a little more leeway. Add to that the fact that FF is a cash COW and DQ is at least a decent seller over here, I wouldn't be surprised to see these games here over the summer.

    BTW, blame Square. Not Nintendo. Square are the ones who release and distribute the games.
    I hope you mean Saturn / Dreamcast. Genesis was, IMO, the BEST system EVER. If not, then it's definitely in the top 5 of all time.
  14. Regis_Neo

    Regis_Neo Moderator

    *starts blaming Square*

    I agree that there is a decent chance that FF4 DS might make it, but I doubt DQ4. Was DQ4 even released here? I thought they got up to 3, then skipped 4, 5, and 6 before releasing 7 here on the Playstation.

    Also, Master System anyone?

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