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  1. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    My husband's brother is starting up with pokemon and I am trying to help him build a deck that is not quiet to complicated and I though this would do... but it's not running so smooth.
    3-Chikorita DF
    2-Bayleef DP

    1-LV X

    2-Pokemon Fan Club
    3-Prof. Rowan
    3-TV Reporter
    1-Steven's Advice
    3-Rare Candy
    1-Master Ball
    2-Celio's Network
    1-Bebe's Search
    2-Dusk Ball
    1-Lake Boundary

    12 Fighting

    I let him pick out some of his fav. cards and I just threw some other things in. The basic strategy is to get Meganium out and use it's power to help get out all of the others. Also Meganium is a decent attacker in it self that it can stall a little while you r setting up the bench. Thanks.
  2. vanderbilt_grad

    vanderbilt_grad New Member

    Too many single trainers. New players need less tech trainer wise IMHO.

    -1 PokeNav
    -1 Steven's
    -1 NM
    -1 Master Ball
    -1 Bebe's
    -3 TVR
    -2 Dusk Ball
    -1 DRE

    +2 Great Ball
    +1 Celio's
    +2 Castaway
    +4 Professor Oak's Visit
    +2 Buffer Piece
  3. tglilly

    tglilly New Member

    I don't right now have any more Professor Oak's Visit (they r all in my other deck ) I might be able to trade for some. Never thought about great Balls and they sound good. Castaway is another problem trainer that I have so few of and sadly no one around here has any for is there anything else that could be replaced by that? Cilio's and Buffer piece are good... but with out castaway it will be hard to search out Buffer Piece...
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