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Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by Professor_Chris, May 15, 2004.

  1. Professor_Chris

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    Well, guess I'll be the first to post the Memphis Tourny Report, right now I'm too lazy to post my deck list so I'll start w/o it. Forgive me if I forget names and/or Pokegym handles.

    We get there, fill out decklists, do a little trading, the usual. Cacth Clay spying again (j/k ^_~). Same old, same old.

    Round 1 vs. Jon (ScythKing) (Swampert[ex]/Suicune ex)
    Two words: Energy screwed. That describes Jon's position. My 4th turn fully powered Bex did not help his position any, killed 'Cune, powered it up next turn and took out his other 'Cune, then Sparce, then Rex OHKO'd Swampert for the last prize. Easiest game all day (No offense Jon ^_~).

    Round 2 vs. Some kid w/a water/grass deck
    Started out with Skitty vs. his Lapras ex. he -almost knocked it out, but I had Delcatty before he could do much of anything. Took me a bit to get going but it was another easy win.

    -Lunch Break-
    My match finished pretty early so I was sitting around waiting for Pizza to arrive...after the round was done the stupid TMS crashes, this does not make Vince happy. Luckily, it -is- Lunch break and the pizza hadn't arrived yet so it gave him plenty of time to get it all on paper. After quite a bit of waiting then eating Round 3 begins.

    Round 3 vs. Magma's Aggron deck
    The exact details of the match escape me, but I do remember KOing Magma's aron and a couple Magma's Zangoose...another win for me.

    Round 4 vs. Anthony (Sceptile(ex)/Muk ex)
    My first ever run in with a Muk ex deck. Wasted a few Warp Point getting Muk ex outta the active position so I could energy draw and Firestarter. Worst match of the day, I won but it was still my least favorite match of the day. -Everyone- up until this point was a really good sport and made playing very enjoyable. But, when I started winning he just had to start whining about how (paraphrased) "no skill is required to play a BAR deck" and I'm like (paraphrased once more) "Its not BAR or RAMBO, there ain't a single TA Manectric or Ampharos in this deck" and he was all (paraphrased) "Same difference, Blaziken takes no skill" and I'm like "whatever man..." As I said, least enjoyable game all day.

    Round 5 vs. Pat (Sceptile[ex]/Muk ex)
    I already have more than enough points to make it to the Top 4 try to talk him into ID but he's worried he won't make it into Top 4 with 10 points so we play, he screws my hands up with Shamans, and some really bad draws on my part hand him the victory.

    Alright, things get a little complicated from here, if he woulda lost, pairings would have been fine, if he woulda ID'd things woulda been worse, and since he won things weren't too bad. Newman and Anthony have to play for the 4th place position, I hold 2nd seed which pairs me up against Colin when Top 4 begins and Pat is paired up against the winner for Anthony and Newman, which is unfortunately Newman (Anthony forgot to deal prizes one game after Oracling and was issued a Game loss which was his second so the match went to Newman...boy I would loved to have faced a grass deck...)

    Top 4 Semi-finals vs. Colin (Salamance/Omastar)
    Yes, this match had me worried, I had heard Colin was a good player and I knew he was playing a deck which was theoretically a complete counter to Blaze (incidentally I was his first). First game was real good but I pulled it off in the end.
    Second game the boy gives me -5- extra cards through mostly Fossil muligans. Loser rules so he goes first. Second turn Multi and Fire on Rex=pwnage to Salamance who flipped tails on Agility.

    We take a bit of a break here to wait on Pat and Newman. And afterwards we take a bit longer break to prepare ourselves (and deck check each other's decks as per Vince's orders) before the finals happens

    Top 4 Finals vs. Newman
    First game I pretty much get rolling real quick and take him out
    Second game my lone Torchic is pwned my a 2nd turn Wobby (evolved from Wynaut w/Boost)
    Third game I don't really get going too great so I'm forced to mini-swarm w/ 2 Blaziken...due to some freakishly lucky Pokemon Reversal flips (2 out of 2) he pulls off the game leading only by 3 prizes. Pretty good match and tourny all and all.

    Yes, once again I place 2nd. Maybe I'll have better luck in Loisianna.

    Well, afterwards we hang around and wait for 10- and 11-14 to finish. Taylor (Dragonite Girl) pulls off the victory (Clay is on Cloud 9 and probably still is...especially after the swiss rounds his daughter played...those made him happy too ^_~ but I've yet to find out which made him happier: Seeing the MtG players playing on the floor while we occupy the tables, or Taylor winning...I'm guessing the latter...but probably not by much =p) 11-14 top 3 decks are all Blaziken varients and Moltres423 pulls off the victory in the finals.

    People who already won trips who dropped out of Top4/8 in various age divisions
    Colin for a great game (1 outta 2 ^_~)
    Seeing MtG players get kicked offa my VIP table then having to sit on the floor
    Brother for getting some freakishly awesome trades

    Bad Sports who not only whine about Blaziken but flat out insult the people who play it while they're sitting in front of them.
    ultimate_healer couldn't catch a ride to come judge

  2. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    I think we tied on 1st post....

    Chris, I know your gonna be down in Orlando...and not just watching your brother play. I have good feelings about Louisianna for you.

    And yes... being a former MtG player, I did have a snicker or two about watching them sit on the floor. At one point later in the day during the draft one of them asked us rudely to keep it down because they were having a tournament. I looked at him and said I believe we had the right of way for the day and he could just deal. That was fun.

    One of the biggest things I do not miss about playing MtG are the over inflated self important players. Pokemon folks are great and are great sports. A true joy to be around. Those guys....well I think I made my point.

    But I digress..... Good luck to you in Lousiana and we will see you in Orlando in August
  3. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    Yeah, the tourney was a lot of fun, It was great to meet you both, Pokedad and Chris (along with you other TN residents). Good luck in Louisiana man, I hope you win it!
  4. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    I would have loved to have gone but John never replied to my PM asking for a ride. Well anyways, hope you can do better in Louisiana and win it there.
  5. swanton1717

    swanton1717 New Member

    Hey Hey

    Great Job ^_^ Lol Luck always favors Newman when it really matters so don't feel bad, it happens to us all ;P

    Your a very cool person, I hope to play you soon. Will you be going to the Hidden Legends Prerelease in Memphis?

  6. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris New Member

    I hope to be there, guess it all depends on how things work out and how many trips I make my parents take me on just to get to worlds...'cause if I keep up this 2nd place streak...its bound to pay off in the Stadium or nationals if it takes that long. ^_~ Wouldn't mind placing 2nd in Worlds either......
  7. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Nice job btw which deck did u play?
  8. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris New Member

    I played a TA Manectric/Amphyless Blaze/Rayquaza varient...first time to really play it too...I think it did well.
  9. Flareon

    Flareon New Member

    that was me,and the reason you dont remember exact details is because you opened up a freakin can on me!

    lol,im so embarrassed of my attepmt at a modified deck,haha.good job
  10. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris New Member

    Coulda been worse...the person I played before you was in 11-14 and I started out with a lone Skitty (second turn 'Catty is nice...) and ended up pwning him worse than you ;) right before he was about to KO 'Catty (10 HP left) I retreated him and sent out 'Quaza which I had been building while I stalled...t'was great :D

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