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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by ultimate_healer, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    ok people i have decided i am going to tell you how i did in Memphis with the deck i call Silent Lynx. Please don't ask about the name, it is just something i thought sounds kool. Anywho, we had about 32-34 people show up and i was in the 15+ division. I, at that point, was only 15 for 4 days. So here is the deck i call Silent Lynx.

    torchic(DR) X4
    combusken(DR) X1
    combusken(R/S lunge) X1
    blaziken(R/S holo) X4
    mareep(DR) X2
    flaffy(DR) X2
    ampheros(expidition) X2
    skitty(SS) X2
    delcatty(R/S holo) X2
    dunsparce(SS) X2
    rayquaza ex X2

    oaks research X4
    TV reporter X3
    rare candy X4
    potion X4
    switch X4
    town volunteer X1

    fire X12
    lightning X4

    24+20+16=60 ok well thats good. Anyways here is the deck report

    I woke up that day at about 6:30 and had 30 minutes to get ready. So i took my shower and got dressed and packed up for my long trip. I left at 7:00 and went to McDonalds for breakfast. I got the hot cakes with sausage and a root beer. After eating i was back on my way. I stopped at the 2nd of 3 rest areas that we passed by and got a drink. After that, we finally arrived in Memphis. I got registered and got to meet a few people i know. After much wait we found out that the tournament was going to begin. There would be 3 rounds but each round was best 2 out of 3. So after a short wait of that, i found my opponent to be.......

    Round 1 game 1 Vs. Cheryl(w/ gardy ex/ gardy deck)
    ok now this was the last person i have done a trade with online and i get to face her. I started off with dunsparce and torchic benched while she had a wynaut. I started off my using S&R and got a normal torchic, mareep, skitty line. After about 8 turns i had a delcatty, amphy, and blaziken out with quaza powered up with a lightning. From there on out, i just destroyed everything she had and won.
    game 2
    I started this time with just dunsparce(am i lucky or what). She has 3 ralts though. I got to go first and used S&R. I got the normal and yet again in about 11 turns i got the usual going. I ended up taking everthing out with quaza and finally won by doing over 280 damage to her skitty which already had 30.

    Round 2 game 1 Vs. black guy(w/ altarian/magneton deck)
    ok now i started off with quaza only while he had 2 magnemites. I went first and used tv reporter and discarded a fire. I then put a L to quaza and used spiral growth and it worked. He tried to paralyze me but couldn't. I then put a mareep down and used rare candy to get amphy out. I then put another R to quaza and took down magnemite. Next turn i got torchic out and played oaks research. I then got lucky and used rare candy to get a blaziken out and used fire starter to energy connet to get a R on quaza and then used another from my hand to win.
    game 2
    ok well all I have to say is I started off with a torchic only. This would usually be bad but I somehow ended up winning with combusken(lunge). Everytime I used it I got heads and did 50 which was usually a KO. I ended up winning by doing so.

    Round 3 game 1 Vs. Moltres423 aka David(w/ gardy ex/gardy)
    ok well i started off with dunsparce and a skitty benched and he had a wynaut and a ralts. All i have to say about this match is that i got everything at the right time and just KO'ed everything.
    game 2
    ok well i started off with a bad hand and only had a dunsparce. I went first but i had to use a POR at the beginning. i got the S&R but still not that great. i had a bad hand for like 15-18 turns and lost a quaza and a blaziken. I finally got a 2nd quaza out and got 2 blazikens out and finally got a few ko's. I finally got rid of his gardy ex and his normal gardy and got the win by ko'ing his gardy.

    ok well now we have the finals coming up. This was decided my the top 4 people in each age group. The 15+ looked like this:

    1. Me
    2. Cheryl
    3. Josh
    4. i forgot his name

    well i have to play the guy who's name i forgot.

    Semi-finals game 1 Vs. forgetton name(w/ deck of me having no clue)
    ok well i got lunge combusken out on turn two and by turn 5 i won with blaziken. Easy win.
    game 2
    This was just as easy except i use 1 blaziken and 1 quaza to win.

    ok now i waited for the other match to end and when the time expired, cheryl had taken more prizes. That was their 2nd match though and Josh had won the 1st match. They settled it with sudden death and cheryl won by using wobby to ko his seadra.

    Finals game 1 Vs. cheryl(gardy ex/gardy)
    ok well this went about the same as our first game and ended the same way. I won with quaza ko'ing her gardy ex.
    game 2
    ok well i didn't start with a sparce and didn't have a good hand and that all led to me losing to her gardy ex.
    game 3
    Ok well this was the final match. i got the best set up and in 7 turns i got amphy, catty, 2 blazikens and quaza all out. I won with quaza yet again just killing.

    ok well the final result is i am the 15+ winning and i won the entire tournament because my record was better. ok now for props and slops:

    to Josh and his parents for taking me
    to great hands
    to all the money i had(over $100)
    To meeting people that i had always wanted to meet

    to that one lose
    to the fat, annoying kid
    to Taco Bell for screwing up my food
  2. meganium45

    meganium45 Active Member

    Sounds like a great time! Hope to see you at the PreRelease in two weeks! It will be great!

  3. nikePK

    nikePK New Member

    Great job man, nice report, thanks for posting it.

    Btw, Root Beer for Breakfast???!!! That is TOTALLY what got you the win lol =P
  4. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    im strange what can i say
  5. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    I can vouch for his strangeness... I judged in Memphis and Ult-Healer had purple hair :p

    I have to give props to the Memphis TO for making the rounds best 2 of 3. This really gave the kids a chance to battle it out hard. It gives them some help against just plain bad luck
  6. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    Actually it was blue hair. Yeah i have to say i liked the 2 out of 3 format as well because in the finals, cheryl had a great hand and mine was bad and i lost that match but still came back to win.
  7. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 Active Member

    lol,if it hadn't been best 2/3 I probably wouldn't have been in the finals.

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