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Discussion in 'Auction & Sales House' started by pacman213, Dec 1, 2015.

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  1. pacman213

    pacman213 New Member

    I have these items for sale, prices are in us dollars and listed on the right. I will cover shipping on anything over $10. I would like to move it all at once if possible, so if you are interested in the whole lot post an offer and we can go from there. Either way prices are flexible so please feel free to make offers.

    Qty Card Name Price
    3x Shaymin ex $35.00
    2x Lysandre full art $15.00
    3x RH Golbat $1.00
    3x RH Crobat $5.00
    8x Sycamore $1.50
    4x Lysandre $1.00
    3x / 1x RH Ace Trainer $0.75
    2x / 2x RH Float Stone $3.00
    4x Switch $0.50
    4x VS Seeker $6.00
    4x Ultra Ball $0.50
    4x Muscle Band $3.00
    4x Battle Compressor $3.00
    4x RH Fairy Stadium $2.00
    4x Forest of Giant Plants $0.80
    4x DCE $2.00
    4x Pokemon Fan Club $1.00
    4x Level Ball $1.00
    3x RH Max Potion $5.00
    4x Skyla $1.00
    4x Energy Retrieval $0.40
    2x Escape Rope $0.80
    3x Head Ringer $6.00
    2x Manectric EX $8.00
    2x M Manectric EX $18.00
    3x Primal Groudon $15.00
  2. Last dragonite

    Last dragonite New Member

    Would u do $140

    3x Shaymin ex
    2x Manectric ex
    2x M Manectric ex
  3. pacman213

    pacman213 New Member

    I can do 140 pm me to confirm
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