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  1. ShadowCard

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    - from Clefable, Jungle.

    I was looking for a more up to date ruling to make sure I understand how this version of Metronome works. The entry in the Compendium ex has the Metronome on Jungle Clefable grouped with the Metronome on Clefable ex, but they are worded differently.

    How does this attack work if it is copying an Infernape LvX's Flare Up? Since having 8 fire energy cards in the discard pile is required in order to use the attack (the phrase "this attack does nothing if..." = "in order to use this attack", right?), Metronome successfully copies Flare Up even if its player doesn't have atleast 8 fire energy cards in the discard pile, right?
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    You already have this question posted from a few days ago.
    It will take a while to get to it, since it is not Modified and you pose a question about how a major change affects an old card.
    Patience please.

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