Mewtwo/Darmanitan Deck (help/improvement)

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by reidmill, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. reidmill

    reidmill New Member

    Hey PokeGym, so I'm pretty new to Pokemon tcg. This is the very first deck I have built, and I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me improve on it.


    Darmanitan x3
    Gardevoir x3
    Mewtwo EX x2
    Musharna x2
    Ralts x4
    Darumaka x3
    Munna x3
    Kirlia x1
    Psychic Energy x13
    Double Colorless Energy x4
    Rescue Energy x1
    Rare Candy x3
    Pokemon Communication x4
    Pokemon Collector x4
    Cilan x3
    Energy Retrieval x2
    Junk Arm x2
    Switch x1
    Pokemon Reversal x1
    Revive x1


    So the main strategy of this deck is to get Gardevoir and Mewtwo out as quick as possible. Gardevoir as you know will double every psychic energy I play, so I would attach a necessary amount of these to Mewtwo, stall, and use him as a beat stick. While that is going on, I get Darmanitan on my bench and build up energy on him. Once Mewtwo is Ko'd I unleash as many one hit kills I can get with Darmanitan. Rinse and repeat.

    I was thinking of scrapping Musharna and adding Vicinti. Good idea?
  2. koolkidhp

    koolkidhp New Member

    First of all try doing your pokemon lines like this 3-1-3 instead of x3 ralts x1 kirlia etc... As it makes it easier to read I would scrap 2-2 musharna a ralts a pokemon reversal and a revive for 2 victini 2 pokemon catcher and another 3 switch.
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  3. dreamdemon

    dreamdemon New Member

    I like your idea, but the problem with your build is you have no hand refresher cards in there. Pont is a good idea.
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  4. finch1750

    finch1750 New Member

    With gardevoir you dont need that many energy, especially runnig cilan
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  5. reidmill

    reidmill New Member

    Pont would be a nice card to run. I'll try it out.

    How many would you recommend? Because I'm not quite sure of how many to take out.
  6. doubleaintx

    doubleaintx New Member

    -3 Munna (bait)
    -2 Musharna (bait)
    -1 Ralts
    -5 Psychic Energy
    -1 Rescue Energy
    -1 Pokemon Reversal
    -2 Energy Retreival
    -2 Pokemon Communication

    +3 PONT
    +3 Pokemon Catcher
    +2 Super Rod
    +3 Dual Ball
    +2 Eviolite
    +2 N
    +1 Junk Arm
    +1 Switch
  7. Slev

    Slev New Member

    I find the deck interesting, though I don't know if it would be competitive. I suggest dropping the musharna line. Also I suggest definitely playing 4 PONT and 4 Pokemon Catchers. I put together a list below of what I would play if I was attempting to make your deck/keep the strategy. As with any opinion take it with a grain of salt/question it.

    Pokemon x15
    Darmanitan 3-3
    Gardevoir 3-1-3
    Mewtwo EX x2

    Trainers 32x
    Rare Candy x3
    Pokemon Communication x3
    Pokemon Collector x2
    Dual Ball x2
    Cilan x3
    Energy Retrieval x2
    Junk Arm x3
    Pokegear 3.0 x2
    Switch x2
    Pokemon Catcher x4
    PONT x4
    N x2(Only if you enjoy the disruption it causes)

    Energy 13x
    Psychic x9
    Double Colorless x4
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