Mewtwo ex not as good as most poeple think

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  1. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    Hello there well i like mewtwo ex but he hase a lot of bad matchups. After looking at some of mewtwo ex match ups i found its most viable to play mewtwo ex if you can use its second attack. So i would say its best to play him with gardiviore from nd. Here are the match ups i found to be bad aginst him.

    Coballion from nv. Coballion hase resistince to psychich and you can attach a evolite to him and a special steel energy on to him to reduce more damage. You can run ruins of alph to help aginst coballion thoue

    Reshiram from bw. Reshirams second attack discards two fire energys attached to him so this will make mewtwo ex x ball do less damage. And you can have a evolite attached to reshiram.

    Chandelure from Nv. Chandelure first attach can really criple mewtwo ex and he hase his ability to put other damage counters on mewtwo. But mewtwo ex may be able to out speed this deck.

    Zoroak from Bw. Zoroak hase resistnce to psychich pokemon and Zoroak can copy one of mewtwo ex attacks.

    I know of more counters to mewtwo ex but there not played very offtenly
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  2. psychup2034

    psychup2034 New Member

    You have just described many of the reasons why Mewtwo EX will often struggle as the main attacker of a deck. However, Mewtwo EX's strength comes from the fact that it can splashed into any deck with energy acceleration (Eelektrik, Typhlosion, Celebi, Electrode, etc.) and come out of nowhere to achieve a knockout. That makes Mewtwo EX and excellent secondary or tertiary attacker in many of today's metagame decks. On time of that, the only commonly played cards that can one-shot a Mewtwo EX loaded with 4-5 energy attached is another Mewtwo EX or Magnezone.

    Mewtwo's superior attack in most situations is its first attack, X-Ball. The only deck that Mewtwo EX would be using its second attack is paired with Gardevoir. Mewtwo EX/Gardevoir is not the only way to play Mewtwo EX, and from my testing, it's far from the most consistent way. Try using Mewtwo EX as a supplemental attacker in decks you currently have, and see how it works out for you.
  3. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    Its not easy to get five energys on to mewtwo ex and Zoraok can do more damage with that much energy on to him. And its not good to have so many energy's on it because when its knocked out that many energys are in the discard pile.
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  4. King Piplup

    King Piplup New Member

    Ummm... 5 energy isn't hard at all with DCE.
  5. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    Well piplup for four energy on reshiram ex you can do 150. So i think thats better. I dont dislike mewtwo ex hes just not my favorite ex.
  6. psychup2034

    psychup2034 New Member

    It's not always about the absolute amount of damage that a card can do. Lugia LEGEND does 200 damage for 3 energy (OHKOing everything in the format), and only gives up one prize upon getting knocked out. So is Lugia LEGEND better than say... Zekrom or Reshiram? The answer is no, because in addition to the sheer amount of damage, you have to consider how a card fits in with the rest of a deck. Mewtwo's synergy with energy acceleration decks is remarkable, which is what makes it so good. Lugia LEGEND has no reliable form of acceleration, and has a horrible weakness in this format.

    Reshiram EX is a little worse because the potential self-damage is devastating. Ironically, Reshiram also suffers because it doesn't discard energy after using Brave Fire (like Zekrom does), causing Mewtwo EX to do more damage to it in return. Additionally, Reshiram requires fire acceleration (Emboar or Typhlosion), or some type of Trainer lock (Truth) to function optimally.

    Mewtwo EX serves a different purpose than Reshiram EX. Mewtwo EX can fit into any type of deck, doesn't require a specific type of energy to attack, and can be powered in a hurry with the right type of acceleration.

    It's not very difficult to get 5 or 6 energy on Mewtwo EX. Keep Mewtwo on the bench with 1 :lightning: attached. With 2 Eelektriks benched, you can get 2 more :lightning: energy, plus attach a :colorless::colorless: from your hand and you instantly go from 1 to 5 energy in a turn. This is a very realistic scenario that has happened considerably often in my testing. Additionally, a well-timed Shaymin can give Mewtwo all the energy it needs to sweep.

    Unfortunately, thepliskin2005, I think you haven't tested with Mewtwo EX enough.
  7. Electrode

    Electrode New Member

    As far as I know, Mewtwo isn't really his own deck. He's teched into decks to counter other Mewtwo.
    Mewtwo is a great card and of /course/ it has its disadvantages. What card doesn't? Maybe you should test it yourself.
  8. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    No doubt he would be good i mean if i went aginst pokemon that wasnt listed on my page it would do good. But there is a lot of people playing cobalion and reshiram but i dont think a lot of people will be playing zoroak or chandelure.
  9. kirbyking

    kirbyking New Member

    No I am pretty sure Mewtwo is as good as everyone says it is. Unless you heard that people are using it as a main attacker. :biggrin:
  10. Nintendan

    Nintendan Active Member

    Mewtwo's ability to be powered up in one turn and also hit for some heavy damage on high-energy Pokemon (such as Reshi EX) is what makes him good. Catcher makes it amazing. Eviolite makes it even better.
  11. Tagrineth

    Tagrineth New Member

    If you are playing a game of Pokemon, there is almost no reason at all not to tech 1 Mewtwo EX.

    Almost. :)

    Doubly so if you're playing DCE.
  12. HitmonRyan

    HitmonRyan New Member

    Would it be advisable to run Mewtwo EX In reshiboar for example if you already run the RDL?
  13. thepliskin5005

    thepliskin5005 New Member

    No doubt its good but if it goes across one of these counters its going to have a hard time. For example you couldnt evean one shout a reshiram with an evolite if mewtwo ex five energy on it.

    And coballion thats played in six cornners would give mewtwo ex a hard time because it can reduce so much of its damage. And so many people will mewtwo ex so brining a mewtwo ex to like states is pretty riskey.
  14. Victory Bell

    Victory Bell New Member

    I hope you're kidding. That's extremely hard to do. Very energy intensive and very expensive. Over extending to the max in other words. Even if you are something like Emboar, 5 energy is 5 energy.
  15. Master_Z

    Master_Z New Member

    I've been testing it for the last few days, and the Mewtwo/Celebi deck holds its own very well. It struggled against Truth Ex and anything with 2+ Cobalion though. Is there a decent fire type that can step it and take down Cobalion in a Mewtwo deck? I want to say Reshi, but it's wasting 2 fire or prisms that way.

    The best counter to a Mewtwo? Two Mewtwo's. The benched one needs to have either a DCE or one energy + pluspower to get revenge though.
  16. C Bruneli

    C Bruneli New Member

    try victini (v-create) , it only needs a full bench 1 :fire: or prism and 1:colorless:
  17. Master_Z

    Master_Z New Member

    That's true. You'd have to time it right and keep it in your hand though to keep it from getting catcher'd, though, so if they use N or Judge it's gone. And if put 2 in, you're risking the main strategy.
  18. TheRolesWePlay

    TheRolesWePlay New Member

    Actually 5 energy including DCE isn't that much. That's three Dynamotor and 1 DCE, which can easily be done in two turns, and if you really wanted to (not that anyone does) in one turn. That's why we have energy acceleration and stuff like Sage, Junk Arm, and Juniper. The get your energy support ready, and then you can attach like mad.
  19. Victory Bell

    Victory Bell New Member

    But with Magnezone or Zekrom you can not just only power Mewtwo. The only time you could realistically do this is if your opponent isn't knocking things out. If they knock things out then you have to keep up with it with energy attachments by attaching to things that can go out and start swinging that turn (especially with Zekrom/eel).

    Also, if your opponent isn't making kills then they probably aren't going to win the game anyway. I suppose physically, charging a Mewtwo with 5 energy isn't that hard, but not usually possible if you want to win.
    Zekrom has to attach to Zekroms, otherwise you are probably already winning the game. Magnezone has to attach twice to a Zekrom EX every turn if it is using it. It has to attach and then dump energy for Lost Burn which is more efficient at large damage numbers than X-Ball anyway. I could talk about other decks here but for something like Celebi it would be highly undesirable and a huge waste of resources for a Mewtwo to go active with 5 energy on it.

    And most importantly, while that Mewtwo is being charged, it's sitting on the bench, waiting to be killed by the Mewtwo that you should always assume your opponent has.

    Possible, yes. But also undesirable, impractical, and a huge liability.
  20. TheRolesWePlay

    TheRolesWePlay New Member

    As I said it only takes one turn, maybe two, and if you need the Mewtwo charged quickly then it can be done. In most scenarios that I've come across my Mewtwo only needs 3 energy to OHKO other fully charged EXs, which is very easy in ZEels, Reshiphlosion, and quite a few other decks. 5 energy is an exaggeration, and is really only needed if your opponent doesn't attach many energy to other Pokemon, in which case you should rely on your main attacker.

    Mewtwo should stay in your hand until you need it to get an important KO or you need it to counter the opponent. It really isn't that hard in my experience.

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