Mewtwo EX's Damage Change vs Mr. Mime

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    Is Mewtwo's "Damage Change" considered an effect and not actual attack?

    Is "Damage Change" affected by resistance/weakness? I was playing with my son last night and I had Mr. Mime against his Mewtwo EX (both Pokemon have enough energy attached):

    Turn 1: Mr Mime attacks with Meditate for 20 (Mewtwo has x2 weakness vs Psychic), Mewtwo Damage Changes 20 back to Mr. Mime. (How does Mr. Mime's Psychic weakness apply here?). Mr Mime = 20, Mewtwo = 0

    Turn 2: Mr Mime attacks with Meditate for 20, Mewtwo uses Shatter Shot for 90 but it fails because of Invisible Wall. Mr Mime = 20, Mewtwo = 20

    Turn 3: Mr Mime attacks with Meditate for 60 (10 + 2 Damage Counters for 30 x2), Mewtwo Damage Changes 80 back to Mr Mime. Mr Mime = 80, Mewtwo = 20

    Question, now that this move delivers more than 30 to Mr Mime, does it fizzle because of Invisible Wall or is he knocked out?

    I've scoured the Internet and am getting answers both ways. Is there actually a line-item rule that clarifies this?

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    Well, you've come to the right place.
    When we give an answer to a rulings question here, it is an official answer.

    You have come upon the damage vs damage counter dichotomy.

    Mr Mime protect him from attacks that do more than 20 damage, but gives no protection from effects.

    In Pokemon there is a difference between "doing damage" and "placing (or moving) damage counters".

    Damage in counted in 10s. 10, 20, 30, etc.

    Damage counters are counted in 1s. 1, 2, 3, etc. and placing or moving them is considered an effect.

    Damage Change does not do any damage. it moves damage counters around. This is an effect and so Mr Mime's Wall does not block it, no matter how many damage counters are being moved.

    Hope that helps.

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