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    Play! Pokemon - Organized Play League Program

    Location: Hastur Games and Comics
    Address: 6831 S. State Street, Midvale, UT 84047
    Day and Time: Tuesdays from 5:30pm-8:00

    Cost: FREE
    Requirements: None
    PokémonGO Gym: Yes

    "It is our goal to teach and provide games for all ages and to provide a safe, fun, and clean place for people to play." - Hastur Games and Comics - Mission

    This also aligns precisely with the intended goal of The Pokémon Company International:

    "The core value of the Play! Pokémon program is to provide a fun, organized playing environment where kids can grow socially and intellectually." - Play! Pokémon Parents Guide

    Hastur is the only remaining location providing non-stop support for Play! Pokémon through the Pokémon League program for over 11 years now in the State of Utah!

    The administrative staff who volunteer their time to help support the Pokémon League program have years of experience, from the ground-up building of communities, to the World Championship level of interaction where people from all nations interact to support the spirit of community and competition alike!

    * How old do you have to be? Our league supports a wide-range of ages from 5 years old and up in both competitive and casual play.
    * No deck? No problem, we have basic training decks to help teach new or interested players.
    * Trades? We have an avid community of traders, some who come to league just for the chance to trade cards and complete collections!
    * Anything Pokémon? Yes! Trading Card Game (TCG), Video Game (VG), PokémonGO.
    * Casual? Yes! Many of our players are eager for the chance to play others and make new friends through free-play and fun conversation.
    * Competitive? Yes! Hastur Games and Comics holds a wide-variety of events, including: League Tournaments (non-premier), League Challenges (premier), League Cups (premier), Prereleases (premier)

    We'd love to see you all there! If you have any questions, please contact us through the official website or by posting in here! Thanks!! ^^
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