Migthyena.... Only a few months left....

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by darkmagick15, Jun 13, 2008.

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  1. darkmagick15

    darkmagick15 New Member

    Preaty much what I had built and planned to use at Nationals(did not go).
    Mightyena PK is my favourite card in the game and has been for more then a year.
    (Im not really up to date with writing a decklist up for this site or this game so I cant really explain what the deck does...)

    Deck [60]

    Pokemon [20]
    Migthyena PK x2 EX x1
    Poochyena PK x3
    Absol SW x2

    Sneasel DP x2
    Weavile MT x2

    Delcatty PK x1 EX x1
    Skitty PK x2
    Togekiss GE x2
    Togepi GE x2

    Trainers [25]
    Sidney’s Stadium x4
    Scott x2
    Celio’s Network x2
    Professor Elms Training x2
    Team Galactics Mars x3
    Roseannes Research x3
    Steven's Advice x1
    Felicitys Drawing x1

    Night Maintenance x2
    Switch x1
    Energy Switch x1
    Rare Candy x3

    Energy [15]
    Dark Energy (Basic) x 11
    Dark Energy (Special) x 4

    The decks basically trys to set up as fast as it can.
    Using Togekiss I aim to get as many Special Dark Energys/Basic Dark Energys as I can on a Mightyena,
    while aiming to get it it to do huge amount of dmage with its 3 Energy attack. Mightyena is therefore my main attacker with Weavile as a sort of pack up attacker.

    Mightyena is both good and bad against G+G , good because of Grady bad because of Gallade.....

    The Delcatty both serve different purposes , The EX gets energys back in the deck for Togekiss while the Energy Draw one is used as a way to draw cards early in the game.

    Night Maintenance can but pokemon I need back in the deck, as I dont run more then 2 of most of the pokemon this seems nessary imo.

    Weavile can get the special dark energys I need to set up an attack aswell as being a semi Infernape/Magmortar counter.

    Absol is an ideal starter as the early game discard can really help.

    Sidneys Stadium can be used to help me attack with Mightyena PK , used to protect my dark pokemon from special conditions or to take out my openents stadiums.

    And I think that is well... it.

    Suggest fixs pleasse. Rating or thought are also appreciated. I'd like to keep it centered around Mightyena however.

  2. AquaChallengerB

    AquaChallengerB New Member

    I dont really know much about this deck to edit or change but thought id put my 2 cents in......the strat looks interesting but there is one missed point......togi doesnt get the special energies just regular basics
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