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    Hey, so my name is Hamza Khan this was my first time being at worlds, the venue was amazing, and everything about Vancouver I enjoyed. Here is a day to day report!

    It was the final day until I left for worlds and let me tell you I was very very nervous, I was debating on several decks to try out and play, though after testing Gothitelle for several weeks I decided it was the play for grinders, because I absolutely loved the deck. I decided consistency is entirely what I should go for because a T2 gothitelle hurts every deck. So I highly focused it on that. After debating on a deck to play I decided to go to wal-mart/future shop to get some headphones for the flight there. I ended up buying sony headphones. I got home, packed and was ready for my flight the next day.

    I got to the airport around 5am, boarded 7am with my bros and my friend Aneil and got to Vancouver 9am vancouver time. As soon as I got there, my friend Aneil offered a drive to our hotel. Once we arrived, last thing I remember was all of us feel asleep, and woke up 3 hours later. We decided to just check out the area and enjoy the first day rather then stress out about the next day. Once we head back I test a few games with my brother and wreck him with Goth lol.

    We wake up, freshen up and head down to the skytrain and make our way to the venue. I was nervous that I wasn't going to make it, because first I forgot my decklist in my hotel and my friend Rob told me the line was HUGE. Luckily i had a spare decklist in my bag, and my brother had a pen, so I managed to write decklist before I got there. Then I got in line with my friends Cam and Simon got registered and I was then struggling to find the final beach for my deck, couldn't find my friend Rob anywhere but then luckily my friend Tiffany had a spare beach! So I got it, put it in my deck and a huge sigh of relief because I didn't think I would find it in time. I then played a game against Cam with my darkrai, and after just hung out with him and Tiffany until player rosters went up. Over 400 masters! Mid way through player meeting I overheard the online pairings being up, so I just checked to see who I was facing, luckily I had a bye! i was fortunate to get a bye, because only 32 people got it. So I was pretty relaxed and just hung out with my friends who were in the main event until R2 started.


    R2: Plasma (Shuto Itagaki's dad, junior world winner 2012)

    Game 1: I went first and pretty was down on prizes for a bit until I got the whole lock going, locked his deoxys and kept moving the damage away to take game 1.

    Game 2: I went second, I got my lock going fairly late, he had a 4 prize lead, I was about to have game the following turn until he played scramble switch for game while my goth was active. I didn't notice that until after we started shuffling for game 3. I called the judge and he said I should've noticed it earlier and it's too late to change what has happened. (I was devastated on not noticing that, I guess it was due fatigue and me choosing not to have breakfast that morning lol)

    Game 3: I was disappointed and didn't feel like playing anymore due to that stupid misplay I made end of game 2. Early/mid game was terrible he Kyurem'd me the entire game and refused to bench an EX, and was using time as his asset. He knew time was getting called soon he was up by 5 prizes, the judge by me realized this and told him to speed it up. I got the full lock going by T5 (Goth/Dusknoir/Accelgor) and was able to take a prize before time was called. I asked for a time extension due the whole game 2 situation taking some time. I had to play very fast in order to pull off a win this game, so I was rushing as fast as I can, moving damage as fast as I could. Then the game came down to a point where I missed a crucial deck and cover and failed to hit a DCE to seal the game, he had 4 plasma energies/4 blend/3prisms/1 psychic blend used up. I was very scared of that 4th prism coming out but I just beached praying he didn't have it. And luckily he didn't and I was able to win that game.


    R3: Ryan Motton w/Plasma Snorlax (with energies and Deoxys EX)

    Game 1: I start Gothita, he goes first and I get donked.

    Game 2: I started shelmet, and gothita, I DCE'd and beached. I kept hitting deck and cover, and I don't think he hit a catcher/or he refused to catcher my gothitelle until he was up on prizes. He only had all 4 Snorlax in play, and at this I thought I lost, because he played DCEs/Prisms/and plasma energies. Whatever the situation was I managed to seal up game 2 by running him out of energies. By catchering around his snorlaxes.

    Game 3: I was praying he start Deoxys this game, and luckily he did! I got the goth T2, and checked my deck and my dusknoir/duskull was in there, meaning I could lock his only deoxys in play and attack and move the damage away to prevent him from bringing up his snorlaxes. I did just that and won game 3!


    R4: Darkrai/Absol/Keldeo

    Game 1: I start Duskull, he started Sableye and he donked me.

    Game 2: I started Gothita, had nothing and he knocked me out in the first two turns.


    I was pretty sad how R4 ended, but I mean nothing I can do about that. Overall I had a terrific time at worlds, best weekend I ever had. Thanks for reading my report guys!

    bro going 4-4 not so bad for his first ever worlds, finishing top 64 in seniors meaning he still gets some points starting next year
    Aneil going 5-3 very close to making cut on his first worlds! awesome job dude
    Brendan Zheng winning juniors for VGC awesome job dude
    Aaron Zheng coming top 4 in masters for VGC in his first year in masters! incredible job man
    Matt C only Canadian master making cut! awesome job man
    Joey G only Canadian senior finishing in top 4! great job man
    Xeius T only Canadian junior making cut! awesome job!
    Chase M being the other Canadian master for making cut! grats broo!


    getting donked a bunch
    plane ride there and back,
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  2. Shino Bug Master

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    I assume you mean Sableye? xD

    Anyway, good job with Goth. Given its complete shut out of the higher finishes, it just wasn't Goth's event to take i guess.
  3. moose101

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    Beating snorlax with energy is an accomplishment in itself. Hope to see you in DC!
  4. sdrawkcab

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    Sorry you didn't get a chance to beat me again in a brutally one sided match ;-)

    Chase actually made t16, so there were two Canadian Master's in cut.
  5. MiniWade

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    Thanks, yeah I mean I was very confident in the deck, it just ran out of steam in the end. :(

    Thanks Joey! Hopefully see you in DC as well!

    It's all good man, I think I would be on the bad side of that brutally one sided match if I were to advance anyhow lool. Also thanks, I completely forgot! Hopefully I'll see you in DC man (if I can even go that is lol).

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