Missing Clover (SM - Ultra Prism 129/156) Text Clarification

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    While brainstorming deck ideas, there has been debate over what

    • If you played 4 cards, take a Prize card. (This effect works one time for 4 cards.)
    actually means in the effect text of Missing Clover. To me, it means when I play four copies of Missing Clover from my hand and select the second effect, it applies only once (instead of four times). The other interpretation is that you can only ever activate the effect once during the game; if you were to use Puzzle of Time to reclaim all four Missing Clover cards and play them again to use the second effect, you couldn't due to this clause.

    Do either of us have it right or is there some third option I missed?

    Thanks for your time.

    Edit: Apologies, found it in the FAQ.

    == MISSING CLOVER (SM:Ultra Prism)
    Q. If you somehow get 4 Missing Clover back into your hand, can you play them all again a second time to take another prize card?
    A. Yes, you can.

    If there is a way to delete my own post, I'm not seeing it. ^^' Again, sorry for the inconvenience.
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    No problem. Good to have the question out there. It was worded in a way that a lot of people weren't sure.

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