Mississippi Ex: FireRed/LeafGreen Pre-release

Discussion in 'Prerelease Tournaments' started by Professor_Chris, Aug 25, 2004.

  1. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris New Member

    Yay! We get another premier event in MS!! Once again thanks to the infamous Man of Rocket, Richard Langenstein!

    Date: Sunday, August 29th
    Time: 1:00 PM-6:00 PM
    Location: Game Zone, second floor of Northpark Mall
    Address: 1200 E County Line Road Ridgeland, MS
    Format: Limited- Sealed
    Admission: $15.00
    Prizes: Standard pre-release prizes (Rick's running the show so there're bound to be door prizes ^_~)

    Thats all the info I have right now, if I get anything else I'll be sure to post it.
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  2. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Taylor and I are going. See ya there

  3. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris New Member

    I heard! We're hoping for a good turnout. We're bringing flyers up to Memphis to publicise it. ^^ So far we'll have 3 States represented at our humble MS pre-release: Mississippi, Tennessee, and Loisianna. (I think I heard rumors of Texas but I'm not sure) It should be great. ^_^
  4. mewsmom

    mewsmom New Member

    Count us 4 in!!

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