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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Jaeger, May 26, 2012.

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  1. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Check out my Sales Thread in my Sig for more great deals!

    Please tell me if you have anything off my wants before saying CML

    If your looking for something imparticular (expecially smaller stuff) just ask I might have it unlisted. I am in the United States please tell me if you are not (this won’t stop me from trading with you, but I do like to know). I’m fine with all sizes of trade big or small. I’m friendly and easy going so just shoot me a fair offer and we’ll go from there.

    I’m also trying to raise money for Worlds so please check my sale thread. I’ll trade anything on my sale thread and sell anything on my trade thread, but please keep all selling on my sale thread and all trades on my trading thread.

    Instant Deals

    My 2 RH Terrakion Your 2 Holo Terrakion
    My 4 Juniper BW Your 3 Juniper DE
    My 1 RH PONT Your 2 PONT
    My 1 RH Smeargle UD Your Holo Smeargle UD


    2x Groudon EX Full Art
    2x Darkrai EX (Reg Prefered, Will trade for FA at FA value though)
    2x Tornadus EX Full Art (Have Reg I can add as part of the trade)



    1 Pokeball
    3 Great Ball
    2 Ultra Ball
    3 Ho-Oh/Lugia


    1x Groudon (COL)
    3x Hydreigon (ND)

    Full Arts

    1x Cobalion (Full Art)
    1x Kyrum EX (Full Art)
    2x Regigigas EX (Full Art)
    4x Reshiram (Full Art)
    1x Shaymin EX (Full Art)
    2x Terrakion (Full Art)
    4x Tornadus Full Art
    1x Zekrom (Full Art-Black)
    1x Zekrom (Full Art-Grey)
    2x Zekrom EX Full Art
    2x N Full Art

    Pokemon EX

    2x Mewtwo EX (Only for deals involving Darkrai EX or Tornadus EX Full Art)
    3x Regigigias EX
    1x Reshiram EX
    3x Shaymin EX (Set)
    4x Zekrom EX (Set)


    2x Ampharos Prime
    2x Blissey Prime
    4x Celebi Prime
    2x Crobat Prime
    9x Donphan Prime
    3x Electrode Prime
    1x Espeon Prime
    9x Gengar Prime
    3x Kingdra Prime
    3x Machamp Prime (Set)
    6x Magnezone Prime
    8x Mew Prime
    1x Scizor Prime
    6x Steelix Prime
    5x Typhlosion Prime (Promo)
    3x Tyranitar Prime
    1x Ursaring Prime
    10x Yanmega Prime


    1x Darkrai/Cresselia Legend Top
    3x Entei/Raikou Legend Top
    2x Entei/Raikou Legend Bottom
    1x Entei/Suicune Legend Top
    2x Entei/Suicune Legend Bottom
    1x Kyogre/Groundon Legend Bottom
    2x Ho-Oh Legend Bottom
    1x Rayquaza/Dexoys Legend Top
    2x Rayquaza/Dexoys Legend Bottom


    2x Blastoise (Prerelease Holo)
    4x Cleffa (HGSS12-Holo)
    2x Snivy (BW06-Holo)
    2x Smoochum (HGSS13-Holo)
    6x Tepig (BW07-Holo)
    1x Volcarona (BW40-Prerelease)
    3x Zekrom (BW005-Holo)
    3x Zoroark (BW09-Holo)

    Better Reverse Holos

    2x Bellsprout (TM)
    3x Black Belt
    1x Bouffalant (BW)
    4x Copycat (HGSS)
    1x Dark Claw (will trade straight across for 2 Regs)
    2x Ditto (TM)
    1x Doduo/Dodrio (UD)
    2x Double Colorless Energy (ND)
    1x Dual Ball (COL)
    3x Energy Retrieval (BW)
    1x Energy Switch (HGSS)
    1x Energy Switch (BW)
    3x Eviolite (NV)
    1x Exp. Share (ND)
    1x Great Ball (EP)
    1x Heavy Ball (ND)
    2x Interviewer’s Question (COL)
    1x Interviewer’s Question (UL)
    4x Level Ball
    1x Life Herb (UL)
    2x Machoke ™
    1x Magnamite (TM)
    2x Plus Power (BW)
    2x Plus Power (DP)
    3x Plus Power (SW)
    2x Plus Power (PL)
    2x Plus Power (UL)
    1x Pokeball (HGSS)
    1x Pokeball (PL)
    3x Pokemon Communication (BW)
    4x Prisim (ND)
    4x Professor Elms Training Method (HGSS)
    1x Rainbow Energy (HGSS)
    2x Rare Candy (UL)
    1x Research Record (COL)
    2x Rescue Energy (TM)
    1x Rocky Helmet (NV)
    8x Sages Training (COL)
    2x Skyarrow Bridge (ND)
    3x Super Scoop Up (UL)
    1x Super Scoop Up (BW)
    1x Switch (HGSS)
    1x Switch (BW)
    4x Switch (DP)
    1x Team Rocket’s Trickery (UD)
    1x Tyrogue (COL)
    1x Tyrogue (HGSS)
    2x Voltrob (TM)
    4x Yanmga (TM)

    Good Trainers/Energy (Not Throw Ins)

    8x Blackbelt (TM)
    4x Cheerleaders Cheer (UL)
    1x Cheren (DE)
    4x Cheren (EP)
    4x Cilan (ND)
    5x Copycat (HGSS)
    4x Exp. Share (ND)
    2x Fisherman
    4x Heavy Ball (ND)
    4x Judge (UL)
    4x Level Ball (ND)
    4x Lost World (COL)
    1x Lost Remover (COL)
    4x Pokeball (HGSS)
    2x Pokegear 3.0 (HGSS)
    4x Pokemon Center (ND)
    4x Pokemon Collector (HGSS)
    8x Pokemon Communication (HGSS)
    4x Pokemon Communication (BW)
    4x Rocky Helmet (NV)
    8x Seeker (TM)
    4x Skyarrow Bridge (ND)
    4x Twins
    2x XTransciever

    8x Double Colorless Energy (Will trade at 1-1 for HGSS DCE)
    8x Prism Energy
    2x Rescue Energy

    Older Stuff

    2x Azelf LV X
    1x Blaziken LV X
    2x Diagla LV X
    1x Garchomp LV X
    3x Gengar LV X
    2x Luxray LV X
    3x Uxie LV X

    1x Banette EX (Japanese)
    1x Blastoise EX
    1x Blissey EX
    1x Delcatty EX (Japanese)
    3x Flygon EX (DF)
    1x Gardevoir EX (SS)
    3x Groudon EX (Promo-002)
    1x Kyogre EX (Promo-001)
    1x Medicham EX
    2x Medicham EX (Japanese)
    1x Metagross EX
    2x Mew EX (1 Heavy Played)
    1x Mewtwo EX (RS)
    1x Mewtwo EX (RS-French??)
    3x Rayquaza EX (DF)
    1x Rayquaza EX (DX-Heavy Played)
    1x Wailord EX

    4x Time Space Distortion

    Dark Exployers

    1x Aerodactyl (Rare)
    1x Blaziken (Holo)
    1x Blissey (Holo)
    1x Excadrill (Reverse)
    1x Klinklang (Holo)
    1x Volcarona (Reverse)

    Next Destinys

    2x Amoonguss (Rare)
    1x Amoonguss (Reverse)
    4x Articuno (Holo)
    3x Articuno (Reverse)
    2x Beartic (Rare)
    3x Cinccino (Holo)
    1x Cinccino (Reverse)
    3x Chandelure (Holo)
    1x Chandelure (Reverse)
    4x Darmanitan (Rare)
    1x Darmanitan (Reverse)
    6x Gardevoir (Holo)
    1x Gardevoir (Reverse)
    5x Lucario (Holo)
    2x Lucario (Reverse)
    1x Luxray (Holo)
    1x Luxray (Reverse)
    2x Moltres (Holo)
    3x Moltres (Reverse)
    4x Musharna (Rare)
    3x Reshiram (Rare)
    1x Reshiram Reverse
    3x Scrafty (Holo)
    1x Shiftry (Rare)
    4x Vanilluxe (Holo)
    3x Zapdos (Holo)
    4x Zebstrika (Rare)
    1x Zekrom (Reverse)

    Noble Victories

    1x Archeops (Reverse)
    3x Bisharp (Holo)
    4x Chandelure (Rare)
    1x Conkeldurr (Holo)
    2x Conkeldurr (Reverse)
    8x Durant (Common)
    3x Druddigon (Rare)
    1x Eelektross (Holo)
    1x Eelektross (Reverse)
    1x Gigalith (Reverse)
    1x Haxorus (Holo)
    1x Hydreigon (Holo)
    1x Jellicent (Reverse)
    4x Kyurem (Holo)
    1x Kyurem (Reverse)
    2x Landorus (Holo)
    2x Vanilluxe (Reverse)
    3x Victini (V-Create Holo)
    1x Victini (V-Create Reverse)
    1x Virizion (Holo)

    Emerging Powers

    2x Beartic (Holo-30/98)
    1x Beartic (Reverse-31/98)
    2x Braviary (Holo)
    1x Cobalion (Holo)
    1x Excadrill (Holo)
    1x Excadrill (Rare-57/98)
    4x Gothitelle (Holo)
    2x Gothitelle (Rare 48/98)
    3x Klinklang (Rare)
    1x Klinklang (Reverse)
    1x Krookodile (Rare)
    2x Krookodile (Reverse)
    1x Leavanny (Reverse-7/98)
    1x Liepard (Reverse)
    4x Lilligant (Uncommon)
    2x Lilligant (Reverse)
    1x Mandibuzz (Rare)
    3x Scolipede (Rare)
    3x Terrakion (Holo)
    1x Thundurus (Holo)
    1x Tornadus (Holo)
    2x Virizion (Holo)
    1x Virizion (Reverse)
    2x Zoroark (Holo)

    Black and White

    13x Cinccino (Rare)
    1x Cinccino (Reverse-Rare)
    1x Darmanitan (Reverse)
    4x Emboar (20/114-Holo)
    2x Emboar (20/114-Reverse)
    4x Emboar (19/114-Holo)
    1x Emboar (19/114-Reverse)
    1x Emboar (19/114-Glass Holo)
    2x Klinklang (Holo)
    1x Reshiram (Holo)
    6x Reuniclus (Holo)
    2x Samurott (Holo-32/114)
    1x Samurott (Holo-31/114)
    1x Samurott (Reverse-31/114
    2x Serperior (5/114-Holo)
    1x Serperior (5/114-Reverse)
    3x Serperior (6/114-Holo)
    1x Stoutland (Reverse)
    1x Zekrom (Reverse)
    3x Zoroark (Holo)


    1x Aggron (Holo)
    1x Aggron (Reverse)
    3x Altaria (Holo)
    2x Altaria (Reverse)
    1x Celebi (Holo)
    1x Celebi (Reverse)
    1x Drapion (Holo)
    1x Drapion (Reverse)
    2x Electivire (Reverse)
    1x Magmortar (Rare)
    1x Mamoswine (Holo)
    2x Nidoking (Reverse)
    1x Nidoqueen (Reverse)
    2x Porygon-Z (Holo)
    3x Porygon-Z (Reverse)
    3x Rapidash (Holo)
    1x Rapidash (Reverse)
    5x Sharpedo (Rare)
    2x Sharpedo (Reverse)
    2x Solrock (Holo)
    3x Spiritomb (Holo)
    1x Spiritomb (Reverse)
    1x Wailord (Rare)
    1x Wailord (Reverse)
    3x Venomoth (Holo)
    1x Venomoth (Reverse)

    Call Of Legends:

    11x Cleffa (Rare)
    1x Clefable (Holo)
    1x Deoxys (Holo)
    1x Dialga (Reverse)
    1x Espeon (Holo)
    2x Forrtress (Holo)
    1x Groudon (Holo)
    1x Groudon (Reverse)
    1x Ho-Oh (Reverse)
    5x Houndoom (Holo)
    2x Jirachi (Holo)
    1x Jirachi (Reverse) (will trade straight across for an Unleashed Holo)
    1x Kyogre (Reverse)
    1x Leafeon (Holo)
    1x Lugia (Reverse)
    1x Magmortar (Holo)
    1x Magmortar (Reverse)
    3x Mismagius (Rare)
    1x Mr. Mime (Rare)
    1x Mr. Mime (Reverse)
    1x Ninetales (holo)
    1x Ninetales (Reverse)
    3x Pachirisu (Holo)
    1x Pachirisu (Reverse)
    1x Smeargle (Holo)
    1x Smeargle (Reverse)
    1x Tangrowth (Glass Holo)
    1x Tangrowth (Reverse)
    1x Tyrogue (Rare)
    2x Wailord (Rare)


    2x Floatzel (Rare)
    1x Magmortar (Reverse)
    3x Manaphy (Holo)
    1x Mismagius (Reverse)
    3x Metagross (Holo)
    4x Torterra (Holo)
    1x Octillery (Holo)
    1x Octillery (Reverse)
    1x Politoed (Holo)
    1x Roserade (Reverse)
    1x Shaymin (Holo)
    1x Sudowoodo (Holo)
    1x Torkoal (Rare)
    1x Torkoal (Reverse)
    3x Xatu (Holo)
    1x Xatu (Reverse)


    3x Drifblim (Rare)
    1x Espeon (Holo)
    1x Forretress (Holo)
    1x Leafeon (Foil-Stamped)
    2x Magcargo (Holo)
    1x Magcargo (Revere)
    1x Mismagius (Rare)
    2x Muk (Uncommon)
    5x Rotom (Rare)
    7x Smeargle (Holo)
    1x Smeargle (Reverse)
    1x Umbreon (Holo)
    1x Umbreon (Glass Foil)
    3x Unown Dark (Uncommon)
    4x Vileplume (Rare)


    1x Azumarill (Holo)
    2x Cleffa (Rare)
    2x Clefable (Holo)
    2x Feraligatr (Rare)
    1x Feraligatr (Reverse)
    1x Gyarados (Holo)
    2x Hitmontop (Holo)
    7x Jumpluff (Holo)
    1x Jumpluff (Reverse)
    2x Ninetales (Holo)
    2x Noctowl (Holo)
    5x Slowking (Holo)
    1x Slowking (Reverse)
    1x Smoochum (Rare)
    2x Sunflora (Rare)
    1x Sunflora (Reverse)
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2012
  2. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    How many times can you do autodeal #3?
  3. zaeden906

    zaeden906 New Member

    Hi, can you do your:
    x1 shiny gardevoir
    x2 terrakion nv holo?

    also cml for:
    2x Azelf LV X
    1x Blaziken LV X
    2x Diagla LV X
    1x Garchomp LV X
    3x Gengar LV X
    2x Luxray LV X
    3x Uxie LV X

    1x Banette EX (Japanese)
    1x Blastoise EX
    1x Delcatty EX (Japanese)
    2x Medicham EX (Japanese)
    1x Mewtwo EX (RS)
    1x Mewtwo EX (RS-French??)

    and any rh T/S/S you want to downgrade? :3
  4. Pokeplayer101

    Pokeplayer101 New Member

    CML for:

    1x Gardevoir (DE)
    1x Hydreigon (ND)
    1x Shaymin EX (Set)
    2x Zekrom EX (Set)
    1x Banette EX (Japanese)
    1x Blastoise EX (BIGGEST WANT)
    1x Luxray LV X
    1x Uxie LV X
    1x Azelf LV X

  5. Nanashii

    Nanashii New Member

    Hello, please cml for:

    1x Kyrum EX (Full Art)
    1x Zekrom (Full Art-Grey)
    2x N Full Art
  6. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Vablakes: None...I'm sorry I forgot to take it off of my list

    Nanashii: I saw Entei EX Full

    Pokeplayer: I didn't see anything

    Zaeden: The Gardevoir is gone I forgot to take it off my list. Saw Groudon EX and FA Raikou EX
  7. Chaos0

    Chaos0 Active Member

    please CML for Shiny Hydreigon
  8. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Chaos: Didn't see anything
  9. Joonas

    Joonas New Member

    I Am intresting about your

    3x shiny Hydreigon (ND)
    1x Cobalion (Full Art)
    1x Kyrum EX (Full Art)
    1x Regigigas EX (Full Art)
    1x Reshiram (Full Art)
    1x Shaymin EX (Full Art)
    1x Terrakion (Full Art)
    1x Zekrom EX Full Art
    1x N Full Art

    CML Something trade?
  10. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Joonas: Have any of my wants?
  11. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Bump to the top .
  12. LeonTheGreat

    LeonTheGreat New Member

    i have 2 reg terrakion interested in 2 fa terrakion
  13. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Leon: I would need some of my wants involved for them, do you have any?
  14. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Want list updated !
  15. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Hi Jaeger! Interested in your Terrakion FA. I have:

    Groudon EX regular and 3x Junipers DE

    LMK thanks
  16. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Zegia: I would really prefer to be dealing or a FA Groudon EX if i"m parting with a Terrakion FA...I do have FA Zekroms from BW I would be willing to part with in a deal for a Regular Groudon EX lmk.
  17. Zegia

    Zegia New Member

    Aww. I can add a Klinklang BW if you want. But if you do not approve, I am interested in N FAs and Zekroms.
  18. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    Would you do your Uxie Lv.x for my Klingklang BLW? That is all I have from your wants, you can CML for more, I am also interested in your Wailord ex, Garchomp Lv.x (as long as MD), 2 Luxray GL Lv.x and the other 2 Uxie Lv.x.
  19. Jaeger

    Jaeger New Member

    Vablakes: Don't waste both of our times with a stupid offer like that...why would anyone trade $1-$2 for a LV X worth thats still selling for $8+ on ebay?

    Zegia: Shoot me an offer and lets get something worked out.
  20. Vablakes

    Vablakes New Member

    I was kind of saying that that is all I have from you wants, CML for more please.
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