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    Suppoter Rule (blah blah blah)
    Choose one of the attacks on one of your opponent's pokemon. That pokemon may not use that attack for the rest of the game. (Removing it from play, devolving, evolving, or Leveling up will end this effect)

    Ever wanted to get rid of an annoying attack? Well the Move Deleter has finally came to pokemon and helping you out. :thumb:
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    whoa no no no no no. Broken to all ****. I can see this working as a trainer that prevents it for 1 turn, but not for the whole game.
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    Defiently an interesting mechanic to add to the game, to be honest, I would not mind Deleting PLOX. At any rate, a few suggestions.

    Add "[Supportor Rule]" under the name and before the text. It formats a bit better.
    Next, I would SLIGHTLY alter the wording, to make is easiar to keep track of.

    Choose 1 of the defending Pokemon's Attacks. Your opponent cannot use that Attack during his or her next turn. Benching does not remove this effect.

    It's a 1 turn deal, that makes it a little less broken. Not total deletion, but a trainer that is a free Amnesia is still good IMO.
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    Absoltrainer wins this thread. Again.

    Go with Absoltrainer's idea.

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