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Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Mr. Gorilla, Oct 19, 2003.

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  1. Mr. Gorilla

    Mr. Gorilla New Member

    Here's what I need:
    1 Solrock(sandstorm)
    1 Hitmonlee(fossil)
    EX fighting pokemon( any number )

    Here's what I have to offer:


    R Neo Revelations RAIKOU
    H base MAGNETON
    R legendary Magneton
    H base GYARADOS
    H Neo Discovery Houndour
    R Neo Discovery Houndour
    H Neo Destiny DARK HOUNDOOM
    H base CHARIZARD
    H base NIDOKING
    H Neo Genesis BELLOSSOM
    H jungle SYCTHER
    H base Venusaur
    R jungle Pinser
    R base Beedrill
    R Neo Discovery Poliwrath
    R Brock's Onix(21)
    R base Dugtrio
    H base 2 Nidoqueen
    R fossil Aerodactyl(foriegn)
    H Shining Noctowl
    H Crystal Lugia
    Neo Discovery Wobbuffet
    Neo Revelations Lugia
    H base Mewtwo

    I have loads-Just ask :thumb:
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  2. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    What do you have to offer? Are you buying or trading? Any specific trainer cards that you're looking for? Lord knows I have plenty Bills and potions......
  3. johnznothere

    johnznothere New Member

    Does the Hitmonlee have to be holo? Cuz i have a non holo one...
  4. Mr. Gorilla

    Mr. Gorilla New Member

    No.It doesn't have to be holo.
  5. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    I have
    1 Hitmonlee Fossil holo
    2 Hitmonchan Ex

    What are your Haves?
  6. Mr. Gorilla

    Mr. Gorilla New Member

    I Am Trading Need More Pokemon Cards
  7. penguin_master

    penguin_master New Member

    I have solrock.
  8. Fawkes0126

    Fawkes0126 New Member

    Oh, gosh, I want Crystal Lugia!!!!! I can trade:

    Bill (base) x3
    Killer Man Hole (***., Gym) x1
    Super Rod (Neo Genesis) x1
    Energy Removal (base) x3
    Berry (Neo Genesis) x4
    Potion (base) x3 American, x1 Japanese(Gym)
    Switch (base) x3
    Pool (Gym, Japanese) x1
    Mysterious Fossil (Fossil) x4
    Moo-Moo Milk (Neo Genesis) x2
    Gambler (Fossil) x3
    Energy Search (Fossil) x1
    Potion (EX: Ru/Sa) x3

    And if you act now through this special internet offer, you'll get 3 EX: Ru/Sa Treecko, FREE! LMK
  9. Krayzie

    Krayzie New Member

    Mr.Gorilla do you have any skyridge Oracles?or Blaziken Holo from R/S
  10. Mr. Gorilla

    Mr. Gorilla New Member

    What do you want?
  11. Mr. Gorilla

    Mr. Gorilla New Member

    what do you whant
  12. Mr. Gorilla

    Mr. Gorilla New Member

    I will sell crystal Lugia

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