Muk from Secret Wonders (214z)

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  1. ok so i have another quick question about MUK from SW

    whenever you knockout an opponent's pokemon and he plays another pokemon active and the active pokemon has grass enegry, is that pokemon poisoned?

    im pretty sure it isnt poisoned where as the Pokebody reads at the end of each players turn and the new active pokemon is brought up after the attack is finished

    just some clarification thanks in advance

    Poke-Body Toxic Sludge: At the end of each player's turn, each of your opponent's Active Pokemon that has any G Energy attached to it is now Poisoned. If that Pokemon is already Poisoned, Toxic Sludge Poke-Body does nothing to that Pokemon.
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    Check the rule book.
    Yes, attacks are at the end of a turn, but they are still within the turn. All attack effects must be resolved and Knocked Out Pokemon replaced before the turn ends.
    So, since the Active is replaced before the turn ends, it would be Poisoned.

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