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Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Muskeet, Dec 4, 2007.

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    So 2 of my friends stayed the night before and we played way to much Guitar Hero 3 and ddin't get to bed till about 3am then woke up at 8am. We had some issues with the direction once we got closer to the middle school and couldn't find the parking lot. When we finally found it it turns out we had about another hour of waiting outside due to a late janitor.

    We finally get inside I had my decklist handy and get my deck checked since i have some sleeves that can at time become ripped and didn't want that happening.

    The Deck:

    4 Ralts d
    2 Kirlia d
    2 Gardevoir SW
    2 Gallade
    1 Gardevoir EX
    1 Gardevoir Lv X
    3 Cyndaquil d
    2 Quilava d
    3 Typhlosion MT
    2 Skitty
    2 Delcatty
    1 Squirtle SW
    1 Wartortle SW
    1 Blastoise d
    4 Holon Castform

    4 Celio's
    4 Rare Candy
    4 TVR
    3 Windstorm
    2 Night Maintenance
    1 Copycat
    1 Wager
    1 Holon Mentor

    9 Fire

    Everything went pretty smoothly setting up and we get on to the first round

    Round 1: Morgan Gardy/Smeargle

    I get a really good set up with Gallade vs her Smeargle and am hoping for that quick win but i can't get the energy needed and when i finally do i KO the smeargle and she retaliates with a Gardy PK for the KO.
    I get the Gardy out of there quickly after that and start getting some KOs when she finally gets a Gardy EX set up and is able to start with the knock outs while it takes me 3 turns to KO that but she made the vital mistake of not Imprisoning my Typho or Delcatty which allows me to re set up and win it from there easily.


    Round 2: Aacen Magmortar/Sharpedo

    I get a fairly quick set up and he gets a Magmortar set up quickly but can't get the Lv X to top it off and really ruin me. With this i am able to grab and early lead when he finally gets one set up he starts to make a come back but some careful planning with Gallade i'm able to KO any threat he throws then Typho discard his DRE or Scrambles near the end to clinch it at time which i can safely say i woulda won off time next turn anyway.


    Round 3: Jared Gardy/Gallade/Lucario

    I start with 2 castforms vs his Rioulu leaving me extremely worried and i have a right to be he knocks out the first one with a heads and i'm still struglling to setup while he gets a quick Gardy. I finally get a Gardy set up and start locking him but i make the big mis-play of letting him knock out my Lv X instead of saving it so i can keep telepassing and this will hurt me in the end. We exchange some blows but after the misplay i know it's pretty much over with the set up he has and he sets me up for a bring down to win in the end. Well played Jared


    After this we have lunch where we all had the pleasure of getting a whole Pizza Hut pizza for 6 bucks a piece what a great deal.

    Round 4: Josheph Speed Ban

    This game has me extremely worried as i'm highly weak and alot slower. We get it going he has t2 Ban of course with 3 benched Shuppet. All i can do is throw fodder at him while i set up I finally get my Blastoise up with a Gardy ready to go and am able to start getting some KOs while he now has to 2 shot me for knock outs. He takes out my Gardy just as i get my EX set up which can OHKO the Banettes and without weakness and him running no Cess Crystals i'm able to bench him fairly quickly and take the win.


    Right now i'm looking good and have a really good shot at the t4 based on the decks at the top tables only one of them really posing a threat and that being the other Gardy/Lade.

    Round 5: Chris A Darkwing Duck

    Chris is a good friend of mine and i've played against his DWD numerous time and my deck is extremely consistant again him so i'm happy at my chances at T4. So we shuffle up and i draw my 7 and to my surprise i MULLIGAN with 14 BASICS in the deck. This gives me an ill feeling so i'm thinking ok 1 extra card i should be ok. Next draw i pull 1 Castform, 1 NRG and 5 trainers (2 TVR, rest non draw). Again i'm thinking if i can keep my TVR i might be ok. I go first attach and pass. He attaches and Baleful Winds BOTH MY TVR now i'm royally screwed. I go i draw into a Ralts play it with 1 nrg and Delta draw for 1. He goes Dusk Stones a Krow attaches and Balefuls again getting 2 more trainers. I know now i have very few options left other than my RC i still luckily have but of course i draw nothing but another energy and delta draw for 1 for yet another useless trainer. He retreats absol sends up murkrow and DWF Castform for the KO. Now only top decking Gardy EX will save me and of course i don't get it pass and he 1 shots my Ralts for game. WTG Horrible Luck as usual.


    Have a horrible resistance i know i have no shot at t4 and as the people i drove didn't make it either 1 also to horrible luck we decide to just bail out early.

    Adrian for doing well with a Gastrodon Deck built in 20 mins (to bad u had to leave)
    Dwayne, Paul and Steve for running a smooth tourny
    Dwayne for getting us the sweet deal on Pizza
    Energy Accelaration Firestarter :D
    Guitar Hero 3
    Ian for doing well with an insane rogue
    Kevin for winning yet another Cities

    Absol ><
    Absol ><
    Absol ><
    1 Basic out of 14
    Having to wait outside for 1 and 1/2 hours
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  2. ChicoBlanco

    ChicoBlanco New Member

    that sux about the Baleful wind Both TV Reporters deal.
    GJ anyway tho ryan..specially for beating a speed ban with a gardy deck..hardcore

    o yea and thnks for the props.. (even tho my deck was kinda.. lame-o)

  3. ChubbyChilupa135

    ChubbyChilupa135 New Member

    dude awsome job sorry u had to lose to chris anyway gj u should put me on ur props like josh did last time and was he upset

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