My 1st report, Baton red face paint Cities

Discussion in 'City Championships' started by Pinsir52, Dec 30, 2007.

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  1. Pinsir52

    Pinsir52 New Member

    Keep in mind this is my first report. Bear with me!

    My friends and I competed in our 1st city championship today, and everyone but me did really good. Matt placed either 3rd or 4th, Chris barely missed top cut (cuz I beat him:tongue:), Bryce finished 2nd in juniors. Well, I went with Empoleon/Lucario. So, on to the matches (4 rounds of swiss w/top 4)!

    R1: Chris H. with Absol/Gallade/Gardevoir

    OMG! Chris beats me like every single time we battle! I'm gonna lose for sure! But this time, he starts with ralts(DF) and I peck him. he puts me to sleep, I evolve, attach, Brine, GG.


    R2: Jeff S. with Dark Wing Duck

    I draw a great hand, but how long does that last against Absol? T1, he discards 2 Celio's Network, and it goes downhill from there. A few turns later, it's my turn with a lone Riolu; he reveals a strength charm from his hand, I pick up my cards. Jeff goes on to take second.


    R3: Matt P. with Amphros/Weavile(SW)

    I could've won on T2 if i would've had a water or multi, but I don't have a water or multi or castaway. I had a steven's advice, but he only has one pokémon. So, i make a kinda foolish move: I TGW in a desperate attempt to get a Water (throwing a great hand away). I lose RPS and I don't get a water. We duke it out for a while, but Matt comes out on top. I probably would've won if I wouldn't have played the wager.


    R3: Rebekkah S. with Typhlosionδ/Arbokδ

    Poison is so aggravating! Any way, the match goes smoothly in my favor and I win. Lucario finally pulls through for the 1st time today:nonono:

    Final Record: 2-2

    Bryce (my little bro) taking 2nd
    Matt making top cut
    James winning his last tournet
    Bryce pulling a Garde LV. X

    James' last tournament before he goes off to college
    Losing to Matt
    They didn't put cheese on my sandwich at Wendy's
    Bryce pulling a Garde LV. X the day after I bought one on eBay

    I just hope I do better at states:biggrin:
  2. Rashad

    Rashad New Member

    Good Job dude on your first Cities keep practicing long enough you'll get better results

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