my BR weekend- Am i legit comation??

Discussion in 'Battle Roads' started by Chromecatz, Sep 23, 2007.

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  1. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    Ill get right to it, none of that extra fluff.
    Tates Fall BR- Septemember 22nd
    So i get there and meet with therage and borrow a card and go on my merry way.
    Im playing blissey <3
    Round 1- Tom Ivolei(sp?)
    He is playing ape, i get my usual great setup and just plow through a bunch of basics and like one monferno.
    Record 1-0

    Round 2- Tomas something
    He was playing R-gon. I open with chansey with t2 blissey in hand and just run through basics and flygon's and finish with a ohko on a flygon ex d.
    Record 2-0

    Round 3- Jim Roll
    He was playing Megs d/Gardy EX d. I think he just decided to forget about gardevoir and go turbo megs, but that didnt go as planned. I wasnt afraid of megs much either because of my holon's energy.All he was able to get was some chikoritas and put me to sleep. When i woke up after one turn (and i attached a holon wp/water afterwards to prevent more sleepage)i just ran through his basics.
    Record 3-0

    Round 4- Dave Christian
    He played mismagius/Rampardos. I get t2 with my uberconsistant list and run through fossils and then have a wee bit of trouble with misdrevious and confusion( 2 tails in a row and no wp in sight) so i just retreat for my next blissey and attach some pps for the Ko or somethin.

    Round 5- Chris Meahl!:O
    He was playing some crazy kingdra deck. I get my t2 blissey but couldnt get a Holon FF so i was a bit worried. Plus he got t2 kingdra. John S sees this and is like ouch. Then i finally get my Holon FF's and stuff after he ko'es my firs blissey. After i Ko'ed his first kingdra he got energy problems and couldnt attack much so i was just basically smacking him around. Then John S comes back and takes our slip and see's i won and is like "i thought you were done" lol.
    Record 5-0

    Top 4
    Carson Roll with Gatr(HURRICANE haha)
    Game 1
    t2 his lone Totodile
    Game 2
    This was a real game. I dont remember much but i do remember he got to a point where he was just Ohko'ing my blisseys and i just couldnt recover.
    Game 3
    We both get good sets and get my usual Blissey, i win because i am able to return his OHko's after his OHko's. He concedes after he doesnt draw a gatr on his turn.
    Top 2
    Steve Silvestro-Blissey ran kriket style
    Game 1
    I just plain lost.I knew i was getting 2nd when i went into this battle. Especially since he plays Cess's and i dont play storms.
    Game 2
    I get down to 2 prizes and we are matching plays for plays. But he overcomes me and by the end of it, it is my lone catty ex vs his blissey.
    good games steve.
    So i get 2nd yadayada.

    Day 2- BRADS. Sep 23
    i meet up with therage and loan him my blissey because his empoleon is UGH. I am playing electivire, no magneton because it is bad. and castform start is just crap.(the list on the gym is also crap =/ )

    Round 1- Peter something
    He is playing garchomp with like tech infernape or something. I get a crappy chimecho mt start and have to draw one. So basically the game goes alot slower than it should have. I finally win by ohko'ing garchomp with electivire and a PP.
    Record 1-0

    Round 2- Dylnn Roll
    She is playing Kriketune. She opens with kriketot obv. I get good electivire setup with chingling and next turn chimecho. long story short i just power up flygon ex d and take most of my prizes before she concedes.
    Record 2-0

    Round 3- Kim F
    She is playing Gardi ex d/Flygon d. She gets a fast flygon d and forces me to go on the offense with my flygons earlier. Eventually I just Weakness and dmg spreading with rayray are too much and i win.
    Record 3-0

    Round 4- Richard
    He is playing Lucario/Rampardos. I get elekid start and he flips heads with riolu, MAJOR SLOPS lawl.
    Record 3-1/B]

    Round 5- Gabe
    He is playing empoleon/lucario. He opens with riolu and me with the usual chingling. He flips heads. I get my setup on and he misses a flip with riolu. Then i setup some more and he gets a lucario up. After he ko's my chingling with his lucario i send up flygon d. Then Ko it. To shorten things, he annoys me some with crystal beach but didnt matter much after my flygon ko'ed his lucario. Then he brings up his lone empoleon and i just ohko it with my electivire.
    Record 4-1

    I made topcut
    Topcut vs Bobster with Blissyvire
    Game one. i make the right plays with rayray so i can work my scrambles effectivily.I get SCREWED over because i keep losing friggen TGW. But i eventually concede with prizes 2 to one, because i didnt topdeck a lightning yadayadayada.
    We found out our one game took around 40 minutes haha. While the other t4 match ended in like 15.
    Game 2
    I start with chimecho mt and go ugh. He screws me over with TGW and i lose like i did all of them.This game i just get man handled and just start screwing around.
    So i lost in t4

    Bobby goes on to win it by beating richard yadayadayada

    Me making topcut in my 1st masters tournys on both days.
    Michelle and richard for rides.
    Legit Comation
    Therage for getting 3rd both days in t2 cuts
    Not playing duskqueen at brads, i wish i played it lol.
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  2. Hatter™

    Hatter™ Active Member

    gj on getting top cut both days!!!
  3. JokerBoi

    JokerBoi New Member

    Omg greg! Most improved player, dont let your head get too big! Next time you should play, steve irwin, stingray, crocodile it is much easier to win than rock, paper, scizors.
    Last edited: Sep 23, 2007
  4. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    pft. Ive been nothin but humble at these events robby.and thanks hatter.
    Last edited: Sep 24, 2007
  5. SHNAGINS!!!

    GJ Greg
  6. galonso

    galonso New Member

    Great job Greg. You are a great player!
  7. Chromecatz

    Chromecatz New Member

    galonso=Gabe right?
    Thanks. You definitely are a good player too.
    Shagins on you anthoy, youre so screwed for next weeks Battle road lol
  8. Bobby

    Bobby New Member

    Greg is legit comation

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