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    this is my report for the br's

    day bfore-no practice at all.only spoke 2 yee wei at night only
    i was planning on empoleon but......

    Br's day

    woke up @ 8:30
    showerd and then me n my friend went to the touney centere
    playtested at mcd i with my empoleon

    when i got there jun jek sayed that for masters will be 4 swiss top n so on

    I chickened out and played GG/plox n cut
    on to round 1

    round 1 vs a kid-instant win 1-0

    round 2 Zi Kang 2-0 leafeon/sceppy
    started with a screwy hand
    But i got a T3 Plox.did not knowing that i actually topdecked a i celios for ralts candy into gardevoit attach dre n pass. bfore the plox.cyloning n locking a evee.then in mid game gallade took the rest with cut.then finally garde bring don on evee ftw!!!

    lunch break I ate burger king.

    round 3 with jason 2-1
    this one is a total screw off with me having not much hope

    round 4 with Yi Ming 2-2

    got a ok hand.he was with duskull which he retreated for sentret to grope.then he baton passed and killed my furret.i kill his furret later on.he sonic blades my gallade.and then bring downed it.i manage to turn tables on his face from 4-2 to 2-2 .then i regret wasting time.I would have gave him my claydoll.then i can bring down 2 of his pokemons.ahhh
    i got 2-2.if not 3-1.
    anyway onto my played list
    4 ralts sw
    3 kirlia sw
    3 gallade sw
    3 gardevoir sw
    1 gardevoir lv x sw
    3 sentret sw
    3 furret sw
    1 baltoy ge
    1 claydoll ge
    1 duskull dp
    1 dusknoir dp

    4 rare candy
    4 celios
    2 roseaness
    2 boundary
    2 night main
    2 warp point
    1 pluspoer
    1 strength charm
    1 TGW
    1 windstorm

    5 psychic
    3 cyclone
    4 dre
    2 scram
    2 fighting

    now i will once reveal my stratergy of this deck
    since nowadays the meta's have revovled around us players
    its now have been empo's torterra's leafeons n our ol gg/plox dexz
    there are also so called sd's which are not
    like BanBliss swarming with 4 cess n 4 beach in thier deck.
    my decks main purpose is to destroy this kind of pokemon eg locking powers,sonic blading,psychic cut.
    to counter BANBLISS is Very very easy with my R-plox.
    1 more thing is 3 gallade is needed to sonic blade n lock mainly empoleon by leaving them to the bench.then use cut to smash the leafeons.and blade onto torterra's n other decks
    and beating random decks

    here is some + n -about this report
    less players
    Wei jin Crybaby Monkey!1st------>Last FTL!!!!
    for not having nightmain n warp point the lat round of swiss
    T2 Cut

    dominic 4 doing great withhis plox
    Yee wei 4 winning
    sean being our little Champ(SO OBVOIUS)
    Ben 4 A Good Game.Screw you guys that were saying heart pumping situation
    Zi Kang 4 doing good
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