My collection of rares and Japanese rares.

Discussion in 'Collecting and Card Price Discussion' started by Makeshift Patriot, Nov 25, 2007.

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  1. Makeshift Patriot

    Makeshift Patriot New Member

    Hey guys, Ive got my old collection from when I was a kid. Most of these cards were bought when Pokemon hit America, and most of them are Japanese. Anyone know what this kind of collection is worth? (sorry if some of the names are wrong, I forgot them)

    NEO 9 card Binder Page

    Japanese Mew
    First Edition Machamp
    Japanese Rhydon
    Japanese Rocket Gym Scyther
    Japanese fossil kabutops
    Japanese trainer magnetron
    Japanese Picachu the move card
    Japanese pigeoto
    Japanese gym vileplume
    Japanese Rocket weezing
    Japanese venonat
    Japanese Hitmonlee
    Japanese Gym Alakazam
    Japanese Rocket Slowbro
    Japanese Gym Fearo
    Japanese Riachu
    Japanes gym Riachu
    First Edition Clefable
    Japanese willypuff
    Japanese gym Gyrados
    Japanese gym tetacruel
    Japanese vaporean
    Japanese Rocket hypno
    Japanese gym ditto
    First Edition Haunter
    Japanese Rocket Golbat
    Japanese Rocket Dugtrio
    Japanese energy
    Japanese Rocket Trainer Girl Pointing
    Series 2 Zapados

    Non Foil
    X6 Omanyte, one is First Edition
    X8 Tentacool, 3 First Edition one Japanese
    Magmar First Edition
    X3 Fossil Trainer, One Japanese
    X5 Horsea, One Japanese
    X4 Grimer One First Edition One Japanese
    X3 Energy Seach Trainer
    X5 Ekans, one first Edition, two Japanese
    X4 Psyduck
    X2 Tentacruel One first Edition one Japanese
    X4 Zubat, Two First Edition
    X3 krabby, One first edition one Japanese
    First Edition Dragonite
    First Edition Kabutops
    X2 Arbok
    X2 Graveler, one Japanese
    X2 omastar
    First Edition Gastly
    First Edition Horsea
    X4 Kabuto, One Japanese
    X3 Shellder, One First Edition One Japanese
    First Edition Slowpoke
    X3 Geodude, One first edition
    Japanese Gym
    Japanese Gym Koffing
    Japanese Gym Muk
    Japanese gym charmander
    Japanese Gym Weezing
    Japanese gym
    Japanese Gym Psyduck
    Japanese gym haunter
    Japanese gym jynx
    Japanese Gym Arbok
    Japanese Gym Slowpoke
    Japanese Gym trainer Golbat
    Japanese Gym
    Japanese Gym
    Japanese Gym Ekans
    Japanese gym
    Japanese gym drowsy
    Japanese gym
    Japanese Gym
    Japanese gym Jynx
    Japanese gym
    Japanese Gym jigglypuff
    Japanese gym porygon
    Japanese gym
    Japanese gym staru
    Japanese gym abra
    Japanese gym Onyx
    Japanese gym shell
    Japanese gym
    Japanese gym pollywog
    Japanese gym
    Japanese Gym drowsy
    Japanese gym manky
    Japanese gym gastly
    Japanese Gym sandlsash
    Japanese gym magicarp
    Japanese gym tentacool
    Japanese gym staru
    Japanese Rocket drowsy
    Japanese Rocket Muk
    Japanese Rocket
    Rocket Dark Charizard
    Japanese Rocket
    Rocket Porygon
    Japanese rocket Ekans
    Japanese Rocket Kadabra
    Japanese rocket Grimer
    Japanese Rocket energy syringe
    Japanese Rocket Diglet
    Japanese rocket
    Japanese rocket
    Japanese Rocket Psyduck
    Japanese Rocket energy
    Version 2 Goldeen
    version 2 dodrio
    X4 Paras, One first edition, one version two and one Japanese
    Version 2 Kadabra
    Version 2 butterfree
    X2 venonat, One version 2
    X3 persian, one Japanese
    X6 bellsprout, One Japanese, one version 2
    X2 Goldeen, One Japanese
    X2 Gloom, One Japanese
    X3 Exeggcute, one Japanese
    X2 nidoran
    X4 spearow
    X2 jugglypuff, one Japanese
    Trainer Pokeball
    X2 eevee, one Japanese
    First Edition Marowak
    X3 oddish
    X2 Mankey
    X2 cubone
    X3 meowth, One Japanese
    First edition victreebel
    X2 Rhyhorn, One fist edition
    Japanese rhyhorn
    X3 Pikachu, One Japanese
    Japanese gym trainer oddish
    Japanese trainer
    Japanese Trainer
    Mr.Fuji Trainer
    Japanese Trainer
    X2 Trainer gambler
    X4 Trainer recycle
    Japanese Trainer
    Trainer Super potion
    Japanese Misty gym leader Trainer
    Japanese Trainer
    Japanese defender trainer
    Japanese trainer
    Japanese trainer
    Japainese trainer
    Japanese gym leader trainer
    Japanese trainer
    Japanese gym leader trainer
    Japanese Rocket trainer
    Japanese rocket trainer
    Japanese Naked misty trainer
    Japanese misty trainer
    Japanese trainer
    Japanese trainer
    Japanese trainer
    Japanese trainer
    Japanese trainer
    Japanese Rocket trainer
    Japanese Rocket trainer
    Japanese rocket trainer
    A lot of energys

    PICTURES, In order with list.
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  2. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    Well, there are only three cards of note in there.
    The Fossil Mew has some value since it wasn't printed with the US set, although they did print it as a promo. That's worth $5 to $10

    There are two trainers that weren't printed in the US with the same art.
    There is the trainer that has the Golbat on it.
    Note the symbol that looks similar to a swastika. It's not one, thouugh, it's reversed and it's a buddist symbol. Anyway, they changed it before printing in the US and also in later print runs in Japan to avoid confusing the easily confused US market. That's about $5
    Then there is the "naked Misty". That is $5 to $10.
    Otherwise, holos are $1-3, rares are $0.75 to $1 and commons and uncommons are less than that, down to a quarter or even a dime.
  3. Destinii Haruya

    Destinii Haruya New Member

    I've even seen commons go for a cent. Yes, one cent. On Ebay.
  4. PokePop

    PokePop Administrator

    You're not factoring in the shipping and handling charges on that.
    Anyway, this is an old topic.
    Please don't bring back topics that are no longer being discussed.
    30 days is a good rule of thumb.
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