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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by Rando_9009, Aug 5, 2006.

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  1. Rando_9009

    Rando_9009 New Member

    This deck came to mind due to my obsession over vampires and bats. I had to do something about it.
    Im in deserate need of help tho. My deck is 3-4 and it should definately be undefeatable since you know.. it is a VAMPIRE related deck. :) So if you have any comments or tips, please post them. good or bad, anything is acceptable, and i will take everything into consideration.


    Holon Lass-1
    Prof. Cozmo's Discovery-1
    Mr. Stone's Project-1
    Copycat -1
    Rocket's Admin.-1
    Wally's Training-2
    Celio's Network-3
    Rockets Mission -4
    VS Seeker-1
    Great Ball-1
    Super Scoop Up -2
    Rocket's Pokeball-2
    Rare Candy-3

    Zubat-4 (1 from Deoxys/HL/Rockets/DS)
    Golbat-3 (1 from Deoxys/DS/HL)
    Dark Golbat-1 (rockets)
    Crobat EX-2 (Deoxys)
    Crobat-2 (DS)
    Dark Crobat-2 (rockets)
    Rattata-3 (2 from rockets, 1 from FRLG)
    Raticate-1 (FRLG)
    Dark Raticate-1 (rockets)
    Corphish-2 (deoxys)
    Crawdaunt-1 (deoxys)
    Dark Celebi-1 (HL)

    my statagy for this deck is to hit them hard and fast. But i havent been really able to do that for some reason. I try to get my Dark Crobats out first if possible, to have a pokemon that will injure their bench and make them easier to knock out when active. But also to have a pokemon that is hard to knock out to set myself up for bigger things. if possible another Dark Crobat is set up, and then a Crobat EX, and my Crawdaunt. I set it up with 2 dark energies, to prevent 40 damage, and to add 20 to his attacks.
    This gives me more time to set up more crobats, and if i can my zapdosEX. Celebi is really only in there to buy time, or if need be poison and hurt them.
    Once i use some supports, and dark or metal energies, i use my raticate to get out the supports that have been used, and use them again to get more cards out of my deck. Also i use him to get my energies back to place on my dark or metal pokemon. If that doesnt work, then i must conserve my energies and trainers.
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  2. stalkerex

    stalkerex New Member

    Ok, it may just be me, but it is risky running those energys together and zapdos. But it can work. Every deck has its differences. Maybe take out all or 2 energy searches rando. Add 2 more drawing cards at the least. Also if you take out all three u may even want to throw in another mr stones project. Energy search could help if u need to play a supporter like celio and nab an enrgy same turn, but i no u have energys alot. yOU could even think about your bat line to be 4-3-4, you have rare candies after all. That extra card could be a scott, that way you can get 3 supporters to your hand. At the same time theres a better chance of u drawing what u need with 4 cards out of the way. Wally should help seeing you have no way to search your deck and grab crobat ex... You may get him with those extra drawing cards. If u really want to run that crobat d (delta) go for it. Maybe even slip a dark-metal energy or 2 in there. Even multi-energy could help, id recomend the dark-metal tho. But the deck to me looks good in all. Just u need ways to draw more so you pull more out faster... Prof. elms training method would help pull out crobat ex by the way... You could add 2 of those, or 1 at least. Kill 1 celio and add 1 at least. And u only like vampires so much cuz TACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Rando_9009

    Rando_9009 New Member

    Hey, thanks for the suggestions, i'll probably change that. But theres just one small problem. i dont have any prof. elms training methods, or dark metal energies. The Zapdos is most likely gonna go too. That would give me 5 open spaces. id get rid of the zapdos and replace 2 of the electric energies, with dark metal energies. so still i have 3 spaces open there. Getting rid of a golbat seems like a good idea as well. but should it be a dark golbat or a normal one? or one of each?? that would put me up to at least 4 open spaces. in which i would put in a prof. elms training, and then a scott. Get rid of a Celio? i use them a lot to get out my raticate, and then get the celios used back with energies and a pokemon. but, maybe getting rid of one might do me good.
    Thanks alot bradley! (its not all tacos fault... :p)
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  4. Skarmbliss

    Skarmbliss New Member

    id suggestion taking out the dark raticate line for a weezing DX line 2-2 at least.
  5. Rando_9009

    Rando_9009 New Member

    ok i'll keep that in mind. any other suggestions keep them coming. i really really need help.

    Back to back posts merged. The following information has been added:

    41 views and only 2 suggestions, im guessing my deck is pretty good in everyones eyes???

    anymore suggestions tho, i'll really consider everything.

    by the way, all of those who have made a suggestion so far, thanks a lot. :)
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  6. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    u should try focusing more on crobat ex and dark crobat.
    4 zubat(DS)
    1dark golbat
    2crobat ex
    2 dark crobat


    (put another stage 1 line)3-2

    3 rare candy
    2prof.elm training metheod
    2celio's network
    3holon tranciver
    2 holon mentor
    2holon scientist
    2pokemon reitriver
    2rocket's admin/copycat
    2low pressure system

    16 energies
    8 grass
    4 dark
    2 cyclone energy

    this was a quick help hope it helped!
  7. Rando_9009

    Rando_9009 New Member

    o yea, thanks a lot. i definately like the zubat-goldbat-crobat idea. i just need to get another crobat ex. i think i can get if for my zapdos ex from someone. or if not... then maybe, not likely, my mew ex. (which i think is stolen) As for the Weezings and Koffings. youre the second person to say something about them, but i dont see how they would help my deck. I guess i can always try it tho. And i like most of your trainer set up, i just lack the nessecities. But i havent thought of it.

    So yea, thanks a lot for your help, as soon as i get the nessecary cards, i'll fix it using some of your ideas. :D b'bye

    Any more comments or tips, i'll be extremely happy to hear them. so please post.
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  8. The Phenom1993

    The Phenom1993 New Member

    weezing would help because
    1. it could poison your opponent
    2. u could use dark crobat poke power and kill a pokemon.
  9. stalkerex

    stalkerex New Member

    Rando, 3 great combos for our Double bat decks (Transylvania)
    1 of us have dark crobat out, and poisen them, the other uses crobat ex attack ^^
    Another one is have crowbat ex use his power and injure any1, then have the delta crowbat attack it for 60.
    One other fun one would be to do 10 to everyone w/ dark crobat, then use Crobat d and do 60 to anyone on the bench.
  10. Rando_9009

    Rando_9009 New Member

    yea, i thought about the first combo you mentioned. but if i cant get ahole of any dark metal energies, im gonna take it out. i want another crobat ex in there too. so it wouldnt be hard for me to switch them. but the other two combos are awesome as hell. gotta love em. hopefully i can gather up 2 dark metal energies from mike. i know he has 2. i'll try and trade him some stuff. dark steelix back. :D. lol.

    and to the phenom, i see now, and i like the idea. thanks.
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