My Haves and Wants

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by Mew35, Sep 27, 2003.

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  1. Mew35

    Mew35 Member

    [B]My policy is
    I live in holland so if you can´t send overseas don´t respond
    I also have done a lot of trades here and on Pojo so
    Or we send at the same time or you send first

    My wants are

    Half deck
    Team Aqua Japanese
    Half deck
    team Magma Japanese

    Boosters or cards from the new series

    Non Holo 7 - 11 promo Pikachu
    non Holo 7 - 11 promo Ludicolo
    EX Ryaquazaa japanese ADV 3

    Best winner promo´s


    Groudon EX Holo

    good play cards

    and for the other cards jmust make me an offer okay

    Now for my haves

    I will begin with the Newest series

    Desert Sandstorm

    4 x Jolteon Holo
    1 x Sableye
    2 x Lunatone
    1 x Zangoose
    1 x Ludicolo
    1 x Mawile
    1 x Seviper

    3 x Aggron Ex
    2 x Raichu Ex
    1 x Waillord Ex
    1 x Aerodactyl Ex
    1 x Kabutops Ex

    a lot just ask

    DSo many reversed will typ them later

    Ruby and Saphire


    1 x Manetric
    1 x Electabuzz EX
    1 x Chansey Ex
    2 x Mewtwo EX

    Reversed Holo´s

    1 x Sceptile (Lizard Poison)
    1 x Sceptile (energy trans )
    1 x Weezing
    1 x Beautifkly
    1 x Darkness energy
    1 x Metal energy
    1 x Donphan
    1 x Camerupt
    1 x Swampert (water call)
    1 x Swampert (natural remedy)
    1 x Peliper
    1 x Blaziken (clutch

    2 x Blaziken
    6 x Swampert
    2 x rainbow energy
    3 x Darknes energy
    2 x metal energy
    4 x Sceptile
    3 x Peliper
    4 x Weezing
    8 x Breloom
    4 x Donphan

    Skyridge Holo´s

    1 x Dewgong
    1 x Piloswine
    1 x Rhydon
    1 x Steelix

    1 x Crystal Golem
    2 x crystal Kabutops
    1 x crystal Charizard reversed holo

    1 x Ho-oh
    2 x Kabutops

    rares (later )

    Aquapolis Holo´s

    1 x Ariados
    1 x Arcanine
    1 x Houndoom
    1 x Lanturn
    1 x Suddowoodo
    1 x Tyranitar

    2 x Crystal Nidoking
    1 x Crystal Kingdra

    Boxtopper Espeon

    rares (allot to come )

    Neo Destiny


    2 x Dark Ampharos
    1 x Dark Donphan
    2 x Light Arcanine
    1 x Light Togetic

    Neo Revelation holo´s

    2 x Ampharos
    1 x Delibird
    2 x Ho-oh
    1 x Jumpluff

    Neo II

    1 x Magnemite
    1 x Unown A
    1 x Wobbuffet

    Neo Genesis

    1 x Azumarril
    1 x Bellosom
    2 x Kingdra

    Gym series Holo´s

    LT Surge Magneton
    Giovanni´s Nidoking
    Sabrina+s Alakazam
    Rocket´s Scyther
    Koga´s Beedrill
    Giovanni´s Persian
    Erika´s Vileplume 1 ed


    5 x Persian
    1 x Cool Porygon
    2 x Birthday Pikachu
    1 x Bumble Bee Pikachu nr 27
    1 x Telikineses Mewtwo nr 12
    2 x Venusaur GB nr 13

    Best winner promo´s

    18 x Electabuzz winner
    18 x Rocket´s Scizor winner
    18 x Rocket´s Sneasel winner
    18 x Hitmonchan winner
    18 x Dark Ivysaur winner
    18 x Electabuzz non winner
    18 x Rocket´s Scizor non winner
    18 x Rocket´s Sneasel non winner
    18 x Hitmonchan non winner
    18 x Dark Ivysaur winner
    18 x Dark Venusaur winner
    18 x Rocket´s Mewtwo winner

    Japnese Cards
    ANA Togepi
    Game Boy Mewtwo
    Web Gengar
    Fossil Mew
    Imakuni´s Doduo
    Koga´s Ninja Trick
    Gardevoir EX
    Electabuzz Ex
    Torchic promo 7 - 11
    Neo I series all the holo´s
    Gym II set all the holo´s

    Wigglytuff jungle
    aerodactyl fossil
    Haunter Fossil
    Dark Dugtrio rocket
    Brocks Ninetales
    Erika´s Dragonair
    Giovanni´s Persian
    Koga´s Ditto
    Koga´s Beedrill
    LT Surge Raichu
    LT Surge Electabuzz
    Rocket´s Scyther
    Ampharos Neo I
    Houndour Neo II
    Yanma Neo II
    Wobbuffet Neo II
    Ampharos Ecards 2
    Suddowoodo Ecards 2
    Tentacruel Ecards 2
    Promo Meganium
    Promo Typhlosion
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  2. sjmp

    sjmp New Member

    I Need a Rocket's Hitmonchan Winner. Please Take a Look At My Haves.

  3. jamesccg

    jamesccg New Member

    Are they usa?

    Will the USA ereader work with yours?
  4. Mew35

    Mew35 Member


    James - What do you mean ??

    what about the Snap+ Pikachu ***änese
    Last edited: Sep 27, 2003
  5. RainbowRichards

    RainbowRichards Active Member

    Hi Frans!

    I can use your Crystal Ho-oh and Crystal Lugia, if we find something you need from me! (I am still awaiting the shipment of my Sandstorm boxes :() Just wanted to LYK that I am interested! BTW, do you get your new boosters from Lia? Just curious :)!

  6. Mew35

    Mew35 Member

    Okay Brian

    I will hold the Lugia and Ho-oh for you too

    the other thing I will answer by email
  7. sjmp

    sjmp New Member

    The Snap Pikachu Has Just Been Traded. Even If I Still Had It, I Don't Think Thats A Good Trade.

    Is There Anything Else You Want?

  8. Mew35

    Mew35 Member


    no nothing else needed
  9. Mew35

    Mew35 Member

    Made an update

    Now There are Sandstorm haves
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