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Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by johnny1243, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. johnny1243

    johnny1243 New Member

    Alright, first allow me to introduce myself. I'm John (in my area, better known as Johnny). I receiently started playing Pokemon again after quitting for like 8 years. Up until a few months ago, I was a loyal Yu-Gi-Oh! player, but that game became so repetitive (12/16 decks in top level tournaments being the same deck running $150 cards) that I quit. I couldn't keep away from card games though (I workat a hobby shop). I built this deck using cards I pulled out of packs and bought at card shows ($9 for a Pachirisu, 2 Rare Candys, Mars, Felicitys, Claydol, and a foil Roseanne's seemed pretty good lol). I'm not sure if this is how the Magmortar decks in the metagame are played (Mostly because I haven't yet found a Pokemon equivalent of Yu-Gi-Oh!'s

    3x Magmortar [SW]
    1x Magmortar Lv X [MT]
    3x Magmar [MT]
    3x Typhilosion [MT]
    3x Cyndaquil [MT]
    2x Claydol [GE]
    2x Baltoy [GE]
    2x Pachirisu [GE]
    1x Quilava

    4x Filicitys Drawing
    4x Rare Candy
    3x Buck's Training
    3x Bebe's Search
    3x Roseannes Research
    2x Night Maintenance
    2x Warp Point
    2x Starks Mountain
    1x Cynthia's Training

    16x Fire Energy


    The basic strategy is pretty simple: power up Magmortars as fast as possible. The core is, of course the 3 Magmortars and the one Lv X. The Typhilosions are included because I can usually crank out at least 2 copies by turn four. Two copys on the bench basically turns Felicity's Drawing into "Draw 4 cards and equip 2 Fire Energys to your benched Magmortar". I can continually power up my next Magmortar as my active one is knocked out. The 2 Pachirisu's seemed excessive at first, but playtesting has proved how amazing it is as an opening active pokemon (I've won every game I opened with it). The Claydols are so important because of how fast i can burn through my hand. The last card that I feel needs explaining are the pair of Night Maintenance. Originally, I didn't include Magmortar Lv X so i could focus on getting out 4 Magmortars. I was going to include a pair of Time-Space Distortion, but it was inconsistant at best so it was cut. After that I discovered the actual effect of Night Maintenance (I thought you could only take basic pokemon and energys). The thought of recycleing a Magmar, Magmortar, and Lv X consistantly with one card while simultaneously preventing me from decking out (a problem I encounter often) seemed amazing, I almost want to include another. The deck is somewhere in the area of 25-0 in best-two-out-of-three matches. I would appreciate possible changes and comments on the deck. Thank you in advance.
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  2. mrdraz07

    mrdraz07 New Member

    -1 Cyndaquil
    -1 Typhlosion
    +2 Quilava
    -4 Fire
    +2 Warp Point
    +1 Roseanne's
    +1 Bebe's
    -3 Mars
    +3 Buck's Training (from new set)

    Not a bad list for someone just starting though. My big concern is that there are too many Typhlosions. Most of the old Fire Truk decks only ran a 2-1-2 line. Dropping down to that would give you more space for draw like Cynthia's Feelings (also from new set) or Team Galactic's Wager.
  3. dragonspy900

    dragonspy900 New Member

    Also you could subtract a couple of energy for Stark Mountain from Legends Awaken. It allows you to transfer a Fire energy you got back from the discard by Fire Starter then transfer that to your active Magmortar
  4. johnny1243

    johnny1243 New Member

    Thanks for the complement =D

    I can see why I should take out the fourth Typhilosion, I've been thinking about it for awhile, but didn't know what to replace it with =P . I really don't want to put Quilavas into the deck. I have not yet had a situation where I actually needed one. What does Warp Point do? And I'm on the fence about Buck's over Mars because I really like the disruption mars provides. And what does Cynthia's do again?
  5. dragonspy900

    dragonspy900 New Member

    Warp Point allows you to switch your Active with one of your bench and your Opponent does the same.
    Cynthia's allows you to shuffle your hand into your deck then draw 4 cards. if your pokemon was Ko'd during your opponent's last turn, draw 8 cards instead
  6. Shiny Delbird

    Shiny Delbird New Member

    cut magmar and a fire energy add 2 MD Rontom its cool i ran a deck like yours put in two rontom it was so fast because for no energy you can take two from your discard and put two energy on any of your bech in any way you want
  7. johnny1243

    johnny1243 New Member

    Yea, Warp Point and Cynthia's seem pretty busted...

    Rotom, on the other hand, seems like a waste of space since what it does is done better by Typhilosion =^/
  8. butlerforhire

    butlerforhire New Member

    Mars really doesn't do much in terms of disruption anymore that Claydol has arrived. Your opponent losing one random card from their hand means nothing when they can just put one more on the bottom and get back to 6. Buck's, on the other hand, aids in KOs and of course that makes it valuable. In this deck, I'm sure situations will arise when that extra +10 will actually make a difference, especially with the abundance of 130 HP Pokemon that Magmortar struggles to bring down in one hit since it deals damage strictly in even numbers.

    The reason you should run at least one Quilava is simply as insurance and to increase your options as well as let you get around cards that devolve (such as the new TM TS2, Omastar, etc.) or that deny you the ability to play trainers (such as Kabutops). Being able to search Quilava out via Bebe's, unlike Rare Candy, allows you to get Typhlosion into play at times when you aren't drawing into Rare Candy. It's also recyclable with Night Maintenance whereas Rare Candy obviously is very much not.

    In addition to the changes suggested by mrdraz07, I also agree with dragonspy900 that you could drop a couple energy or the Pachirisu for 2 Stark Mountain because it and Fire Starter really are a perfect combo. The problem with that Power has always been that it doesn't let you bring the energy to your active, and this stadium lets you get around that. I know in your strategy you listed Pachirisu as being a clincher for you whenever you opened with it, and it is indeed still one of the best starters out there, especially in decks like this that don't run Call energy. However, when you're only running 2, the odds of you opening with it are slim, and if you don't, then it basically is not going to be seeing play at all. If you want to run it, I suggest you run 4, possibly dropping a Magmar and another energy. The reason you can afford to keep slashing energy is Firestarter lets you recycle endlessly, so a little goes a long way (and if you're running 14-16, that's not even really "a little"-- it's actually above average). The reason you could afford to drop a Magmar, even though Magmortar is the main focus here, is because you're only going to be able to get 3 Magmortar into play at any one time anyway (not that you would even need to do that), and with an increase in Pachirisu you increase your ability to get all of them out to begin with.
  9. johnny1243

    johnny1243 New Member

    Updated the deck:
    -1 Magmar
    -1 Cyndaquil
    -1 Typhilosion
    -3 Mars
    -4 Fire Energy

    +3 Bucks
    +2 Starks Mountain
    +2 Warp Point
    +1 Quilava
    +1 Cynthia's
    +1 Roseanne's
  10. weatie21

    weatie21 New Member

    good luck with Kingdra play + 1 Quilava
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