My Memphis Gym Challenge Report

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by ColdCoates90, May 15, 2004.

  1. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 New Member

    I got back from the tournament a few hours ago and I ended up taking first place in the 11-14! :D It was a blast and I had alot of fun.

    My Mom drives me up to Triple Play and signs me up and I go talk to my friends and trade for the final card I needed for my deck.I also battled Furious Zangoose from these boards and end up beating him. I fill out my deck list and wait for the tournament to begin.

    Round 1 Me Vs. ??? Gardevoir/Grumpig deck
    Hes able to get a turn 3 Kirlia and on my turn I end up killing it with Rayquaza with the help of Blaziken and Multi energy. He has no basics so I win!
    1W OT OL

    Round 2 Me Vs Mew AKA Nick Masrden(Sorry if I got you last name wrong.) Swampert/Suicune deck
    I get setup with Dunsparce early on and kill his SuicuneEx and SwampetEx he can't get anything setup after that and I win. This game would have been alot closer if Nick had energy flipped my Lightning on Rayquaza rather than a fire. This is the same guy who traded me the final card I needed for my deck before the tournament .
    2W 0T 0L

    We have a 45 minute lunch break and my Mom takes me to Chick fillet and I eat at Triple Play and wait for the next round to begin.

    Round 3 Vs ???Weird Aqua deck
    I get setup and alternate between attacking with Rayquaza and BlazikenEx and take apart his deck.He couldn't build anything powerful enough to stand up against my deck
    3W 0T 0L

    Round 4 Vs Furious_Zangoose AKA Ben RAMBO
    I get a horrible start with Mareep and Rayquaza and I can't get Dunsparce out quick enough.He gets everything setup and I try to save myself with Dunsparce but can't get any heads.He beats me very easily.
    3W 0T 1L

    I have to win my next round to get a guaranteed spot in the top 4 because so many people have the same record as me. I get paired with the same opponent I faced in round 3 so Mr.Vince switches my opponent to someone else.

    Round 5 Vs Alan Schell(Sorry if I misspelled your last name.)Swampet/SuicuneEx(Winner of Nashville Gym Challenge.)
    I ask him if he would fofeit because hes already won a trip and I wanted a guaranteed spot in the top 4 but he says he wants to try and win some booster prizes in the top 4. :rolleyes: I get an excellent setup with Dunsparce and kill him with Rayquaza and BlazikenEx. If he had flipped heads on a Reversal, this match probably would have been different.
    4W 0T 1L

    It turns out theres alot of people tied for spots in the top 4 so before we begin the top 4 everyone plays for the spots and I see what kind of competiton I'm up against.After thats over the top 4 begins.

    Top 4- Semi- Finals Vs ???
    I don't remember how these games went but I remember him getting unlucky and not drawing into energy. I win first game,he wins second, I beat him in final match.

    Top 4 Finals Vs Furious Zangoose AKA Ben
    Match 1-
    I start poorly with a Rayquaza and a Mareep (I think) but I Oracle for Dunsparce. I get Dunsprace active and get setup. Next turn I stupidly screw up an Oracle by striking and running.(Wasn't thinking about Striking would shuffle my deck up.) I get Rayquaza out and later get out BlazikenEx for the win.
    Match 2- Dunsparce first turn!! I have an excellent hand and get setup very fast. Ben has terrible draw and can't strike for 3 turns because of no energy and I paralized it with flash. I kill everything early with BlazikenEx and kill his Blaziken which was his only hope of winning. He can't get anything else and I win. I'm going to Orlando!

    All my friends shake my hand and pat me on the back and my Mom is so happy with me.I get my cerificate and booster box(Which I'll be trading in for a Hidden legends one later.) and several people take pictures of me. I am so excited about going to Orlando!

    Mr Fuji and SuperWooper for helping me with my deck
    Getting to go to Orlando
    Getting good hands in the top 4
    Getting the final card for my deck
    Mr Vince for shuffling my deck and giving me some lucky draws (Hey I'm not good at shuffling..)
    J.T. for not showing up
    Getting to meet alot of people i know form PokeGym
    For having back up sleeves
    For getting to sit at the back table for Vips
    For Taylor Mitchell Winning first in her age divison

    My lousy sleeves which tore a dozen times during the tournament
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  2. Prof Clay

    Prof Clay New Member

    Congratulations today David. :thumb: You played great. I wish I had been able to watch you and Taylor both play more but I had to make myself busy or go nuts from nervousness. I know your mom and dad are incredibly proud of you. :clap:

    Hey man...we're goin to Disney World.... can't think of a nicer buch of kids to go with.
  3. Professor_Chris

    Professor_Chris New Member

    Don't worry, you got his last name right...however you misspelled his first name =P It's Alan. Congrats.
  4. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    Yea david im very proud of you. Its good to know thats your goin to go to Worlds and your taken over my #1 spot in the state. Really proud of you, you earned it.
  5. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 New Member

    Professor Chris- edited
    Ultimate Healer- Last time I checked I'm not #1 in the State..
  6. SuperWooper

    SuperWooper New Member

    Meh, don't give us the credit, you played the deck! Great job, man! Will you make the East Coast Stadium Challenge on July 17th? Hope to play ya there!

  7. ColdCoates90

    ColdCoates90 New Member

    Nah thats way too far for me to go.Good luck to you though.
  8. ultimate_healer

    ultimate_healer New Member

    nah what im sayin is that when memphis gets updated all those wins you have to me not playin will boost your rank up high. Thus putting you above me and becoming the new #1

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