My Palka Empolian And Blissy Need Help Constructive Critersisum Welcome

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by ashley15196, Jun 22, 2008.

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  1. ashley15196

    ashley15196 New Member

    my list need help
    1 miltank
    2-2-2 line blissey
    2-2 line palkia lvx (ge palkia)
    1 smeargle
    2-1-2-1line empolian (dp1)
    1-1 line furret

    2 celios
    1 premier ball
    2 glacias stadium
    2 felicitys
    1 pokedex
    2 energy switch
    1 energy restore
    2 bebes search
    1 master ball 2 team galactics wager
    3 switch
    1 double full heal
    1 prof rowan
    1 pluspower
    1 speed stadium
    4 steavans
    2 holon energy wp
    18 water energy
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  2. Too much energy , not enough draw cards.
  3. ashley15196

    ashley15196 New Member

    what so 18 energy 4 stevans 1 felisitys2 celios
  4. That should make it a little faster.
  5. ashley15196

    ashley15196 New Member

    k chears do u think it will do well or not
  6. I run mine with more empoleon and more blissey. I'll try to find my deck and post the list.
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