my poison deck

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by john8101983, Feb 24, 2008.

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  1. john8101983

    john8101983 New Member

    4x Zubat
    2x Golbat
    1x Crobat
    3x Croagunk
    1x Toxicroak
    2x Skorupi
    1x Drapion
    4x Koffing
    3x Weezing

    1x Amulet Coin
    3x Bebe's Search
    1x Dusk Ball
    3x Felicity's Drawing
    3x PlusPower
    1x Professor Cozmo's Discovery
    2x Professor Elm's Training Method
    2x Professor Oak's Research
    1x Professor Oak's Visit
    1x Rare Candy
    1x Team Galactic's Mars

    20 :psychic: Energy

    i have been thinking of dropping the drapion line but im not sure what to put in for the third card
    -1 Skorupi +1 Golbat
    -1 Skorupi +1 Crobat
    -1 Drapion +1 ??????
    what do you think
  2. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Oh wow... where do I start?

    Pokemon: 17
    2x Zubat
    1x Golbat
    2x Crobat
    3x Croagunk
    3x Toxicroak
    3x Koffing
    3x Weezing

    Trainers: 30
    4x Celios
    3x POV
    3x PlusPower
    2x Windstorm
    1x Lake Boundary
    2x Strength Charm
    1x Scott
    2x Rare Candy
    3x Team Galactic's Mars
    3x ER2
    2x Warp Point
    1x Switch
    2x Castaway
    1x Crystal Beach

    Energies: 13
    13x Psychic

    I dunno, I just know you'll do better with that. ;)
  3. john8101983

    john8101983 New Member

    now all i need to do is get most of the trainers i need for the deck
  4. puff5

    puff5 New Member

    -3bebes +3 celios
  5. john8101983

    john8101983 New Member

    ill have to see if i have them
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