My Pokemon Fall/Winter 07 Summary and Report =)

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    Well this season started off with me thinking I was just going to use Grass decks. It never ever wins =( So I wanted to try and make the type viable. Fire wasn’t too big so that was also a good factor going for grass. When Celebi was released, I thought grass could do it. So I put it with the best Grass Pokemon out, Torterra, and I made a pretty successful deck. I only played in 3 Battle Roads. I used Torterra twice and got first at one and Top 4 at the other. The 3rd Battleroad, I played a bad Meganium deck and bombed. Soooo I was pretty happy with Torterra.

    Then Secret Wonders came out and uhhh Magmortar was released. Obviously, its one of the best cards out right now. So I was hesitant about still playing grass, but during the first week or so of Cities, Magmortar wasn’t too heavily played. So the second weekend I played Torterra at a not tooo difficult City and won. A few weeks later I played Torterra again and lost to fire. So I knew it was time to change for two reasons.

    The first reason is obviously the increasing popularity of Magmortar/fire. The format has changed as well, in St. Louis area especially, to match the one a few years ago with Turn 2 decks dominating. However we don’t have Jirachi/Swoop, we have Absol instead, as well as other disruptive cards. The only viable stage 2 deck right now, in my opinion, is Gallade/Gardevoir because of the consistency Gardevoir adds to the deck. So, Torterra is not playable due to the whole stage 2 thing.

    I really like the shift back to the format a few years ago. I like the idea of faster games and more consistent draws with turn 2 decks. So I was fine with switching from Torterra to a T2 deck. And the one I picked was Magsol because of its versatility: it has big damage, damage spread, heal, status and can use Holon FF easily. So I played a bad list a week ago and went 4-1 losing to a Weaville/Blissey and ended up not making the cut getting 5th. So I fixed it up and played it at the 2 St. Louis cities this weekend. And heres my report of the 2 events.

    Saturday’s metagame was a lot of T2 decks, Blissey/Magmortar/Lucario/Honchkrow, several Gallades, some Empoleons and the rest is just an assortment or randomness.

    Day 1:
    Round 1: Theresia with Garchomp
    I opened with Absol and she with Chingling. She started getting supporters and then evod to Chimecho and confused me but she wasn’t getting any of her evolutions out. I flipped 2 tails on confusion and then she charmed the Chimecho to KO my Absol. I brought up my Magmortar and started spreading damage and then got the LV X out and she couldn’t get anything set up and I took 6 straight prizes.


    Round 2: Guy with Theme Deck.
    I was nooot happy cause I was playing down, but it happens. Anyway, you know how it goes with Theme decks. I start with Absol and discard bad cards from his hand and then I got Magmortar up turn 3 and just went through his entire deck.


    Round 3: Matt? with Gallade
    I open with Magmar and he opens with Ralts. I do 20 and he RC to Gallade attaches psychic and passes. I play Mars, lay Beach, and evo to Magmortar and do 40 after laying some basics. He plays some draw supporter and lays down a DRE but no counter gym so he passes. I Mars again attach an FF and do 40. He doesn’t get anymore basics or a counter gym, so he passes and I KO the lone Gallade.


    Round 4: Eric with Straight Magmortar
    He is 2-1, so I’m playing down again =\ Anyway I don’t remember this match at all, but I get the win.


    Round 5: Jack with Gallade
    This match is pretty fuzzy, all the long games are lol. Anyway I open with Absol and he opens with Chimecho I think. I go first and discard a DRE. He confuses me, I attach to a benched Magmar and flip to attack I get heads and discard another DRE, baaaaaaad discards. I get through another Absol and discard an energy =\ and after that fail 2 times So anyway during this time he got out a Gardevoir turn 2-3 and start to Mars me, getting me down to 1-2 cards in hand. I don’t draw into anything for a while and he kills my Absol turn 6/7. I’m not sure what I promoted..but within the next few turns he took 2-3 prizes and I eventually got some draw and got up a Magmortar with 7 energy and smacked his Gallade for 140. He brought up a Gardevoir and hit me for 60 I attach a Fire to my benched Magmar which already had 1 Fire on it and smacked him for 140. He brought up the PK Gardevoir and koed my Magmortar. Anyway I don’t draw into a Magmortar for the rest of the game and I am stuck with Absols and Magmars. So I lose.


    So we cut to a top 4:

    1. Jack- Gallade
    2. Jake- Blissey/Delcatty
    3. Me- Magsol
    4. Matt?- Gallade

    Top 4: Jake with Blissey/Delcatty
    Game 1: I get amazing discards with Absol turn 2-3 and with 1-2 Mars I get him down to a 0 card hand. I bring up Magmortar turn 4 or so and start spreading the damage. He draws nothing for the next several turns. Once he does get set I had already taken 4-5 prizes so its too late. I continue to KO 2 more things.
    Game 2: I open with Absol and him with Chansey. I get good discards again and ER2 flips and pretty much leave him with nothing for the first several turns. I bring up Magmortar turn 3-4 and start spreading the damage. And it’s a repeat from game one. Sorry love =(

    Top 2: Jack with Gardevoir/Gallade
    These matches are extremely fuzzy..don’t remember much at all.
    Game 1: I think I open with Magmar and him with Chingling. I pass/draw for several turns while he gets all set up I finally get started but he had already gotten such an advantage in setup and prizes. I lose in less than 15 minutes.
    Game 2: Lol I think I open with Absol and him with something that’s not Chingling/Chimecho. Anyway I get some good discards I think and lock in the Crystal Beach. He gets an early KO on my Magmortar with a Gallade, I bring up another Magmortar land some ER2s maybe and then take out the Gallade. I have the advantage for the rest of the game and win with about 15-20 minutes left for the last game.
    Game 3: He opts for me to go first and I open with Absol and him with Chingling and a Ralts on the bench. I think I discard 2 good cards with Absol and he gets a Roseanne’s. Next turn I lay 2 Magmar and attach then discard some bad card with Absol. Anyway, I start getting set up and with my discarding he gets very slowly set up. With some good ER2’s/Wagers I have advantage for the entire game. I think time is called and I’m up 2-3 prize cards so I win.

    After I win, my friends and I go playtest for a few hours. Then we go home and sleep.

    So it’s the next day, I get all ready and head out to the event. I play the same thing and the metagame is very similar, with several more T2 decks.

    Round 1: Bye
    So ya, there goes my resistance =D


    Round 2: Tim with Infernape
    I draw/20/Baleful Wind with Magmars/Absols for I think 12-15 turns. I was able to lock in some Beaches, discard fires with Absols and get some good flips on ER2’s. However, disruption and basics can only go so far against all his evolutions. So he takes I think 3 prizes, I finally get up a Magmortar and kill his active Delcatty ex. He has no energy on the field, a locked Crystal Beach, and I have 2 ER2’s in my hand, so I’m pretty confident. However, he gets 3 heads on his Meteor Punch with a Charm to do 100 to my Magmortar with 10 already on it. So..I am left with nothing and lose.


    Round 3: Ryan with R-Gon
    I open with Magmar and him with Trapinch. I go first do 20, he plays Adventurer gets no more basics, Rare Candys to Vibrava and does 20. On my turn I Celio’s for Magmortar, evo remove the 20 with a Fire and do 40. He plays Castaway gets a Mentor, Psychic and Strength Charm. He evos to Flygon ex attaches and passes. I lay some basics attach Fire and do 60. He plays a Mentor gets some Pokemon and passes. I attach to a benched Magmar, Bazooka for the KO and damage spread. Anyway he draws nothing after this, I get out the LV X. and it ends within the next 4 turns.


    Round 4: Joe with Absol/Lucario/Crobat
    He opens with Riolu and I open with Absol. I get some good discard and he rare Candys to Lucario first turn, plays a Mars and gets rid of my Magmortar, then attaches a DRE and does 50 and 10 to my benched Magmar. I attach to Magmar, play a Wager and win, then Baleful wind getting rid of 2 things. He plays some draw card and KO’s my Absol and 10 to Magmar. I Celios for a Magmortar, evolve, attach, remove 20 and do 40 to Lucario. He plays Mentor and attaches to something and does 30/10 to me. I Mars him, hes down to like 2 cards now, attach Fire and do 60 for the KO. He gets some more draw cards but I get out the LV X. and just damage spread/snipe for the win.


    Round 5: Jack with Gallade
    So ya, 5 games in 2 days =\ Hes the only undefeated right now, so I get to play up, which is always good hehe. Anyway my opening hand is Absol/RR/Night Maintence/4 energy, so I’m like uuuuhhhhhh. With the first Roseanne’s, I find that I have prized 2 Magmortar…whoooops. I’m not sure who goes first, but I get bad discards with Baleful find, and he gets up a T2 Gallade with a DRE. I attach to my Magmars and Baleful wind again. He KO’s my Absol. I draw a Magmar and play it down. Anyway he then kills 2 Magmars/1 Absol, I play a Wager and get a Magmortar and do 60 to him, leaving him with 30 HP( I had done Flare twice already). He retreats and does 60 with Gardevoir. I level up remove 20 and do 80 I think. Anyway he does 60 again, after Leveling up. I lay Absol and Magmar and attach to Magmar. I do 80 again for the KO..don’t draw Magmortar from the prizes, he brings up Gardevoir PK and KO’s my Mag X. So after that I try to get my Maintenance with some draw cards..but I can’t and he KO’s my Absol/Magmar for the last 2 prizes.

    So I whiff on the cut with bad resistance and Jack goes on to win against some Blissey decks in Top 4 and Top 2.

    So ya T2 decks/Gallade are pretty much dominating St. Louis, and from the look of the Cities What Won thread, it’s a pattern that’s occurring in other metagames. I really do like the format right now and as this tournament series is ending, an overall metagame has developed..something that didn’t happen last year with all its randomness. I hope this year continues to be this interesting.

    -T2 Dominance
    -More good people joining the St. Louis player group.
    -TO/judging staff
    -Eric, Jake, Bela, Rachel..making the events more fun =D

    -The fact that T2 Gallades happened a lot more in my games than T2 Magmortars.

    Thanks for reading =)

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    Good report of your season. It is also good to see that you used Grass earlier this season as well. It's a good type, and I love status. Nice job using Torterra, Celebi makes big Grass decks so viable, it's great.
    Also, nice choice on Mags. I too like that card, especially since it's a big tank that can also take advantage of status and Holon FF to eliminate weakness.

    Congratulations on your successes - you're a good player and I wish other players would be like you and try more decks instead of being sellouts to the "Deck of the Month." I am so sick of Galladevoir decks.

    Have a Happy New Year and wonderful 2008.

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    Nice report and you pretty much summarized the metagame near us too. With such a short time in between the next set and the 1st States on March 1st I dont see that much of a change in Meta. In fact I believe G&G will still be huge at least for the 1st States.

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