My Pokemon - your Magic?

Discussion in 'Trading Post' started by bristol, Sep 20, 2007.

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  1. bristol

    bristol New Member

    I have a bunch of Pokemon cards that I am looking to get rid of for MTG. I'm using for prices, but I'm probably not gonna hold you to the full trade price. I'll listen to any offers, but if you've got a list, send it to me. Also, I know I don't have any refs here, but I've got about 50 between and, so you can trust me. I'll trade uncommons @ 5 for your $1 value and commons @ 12 for your $1 value. For example: If you have something worth $5 I'll trade 25 uncommons, 60 commons, or a combination of the two; I've got a huge list of those, PM me to see it.

    Base Set
    1x Chancey (foil)
    1x Charizard (foil)
    1x Gyarados (foil)
    1x Hitmonchan (foil)
    1x Zapdos (foil)
    1x Dugtrio
    1x Electabuzz
    1x Pidgeotto
    2x Imposter Professor Oak

    1x Mr. Mime (foil)
    1x Vaporeon (foil)

    1x Ditto (foil)
    1x Hypno (foil)
    1x Kabutops (foil)
    2x Aerodactyl
    1x Gengar
    1x Hitmonlee
    1x Lapras
    2x Magneton
    1x Moltres

    Second Base Set
    1x Victreebel
    1x Scoop Up

    Team Rocket
    1x Dark Gyarados (prerelease foil)
    1x Dark Blastoise

    Neo Genesis
    1x Arcade Game
    2x Energy Charge
    2x Focus Band
    1x PokeGear
    1x Super Energy Retrieval

    EX Ruby & Sapphire
    1x Seaking

    1x Pikachu #1
    1x Mewtwo #3
    1x Arcanine #6
    1x Mew #8
    1x Meowth (gold border)
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  2. P_A

    P_A Active Member

    You're new here, so we can probably understand that you aren't used to the gym just yet. First of all Welcome to the gym, and specifically to the trade forum. Be that as it may, the trade forum is for just that - Trading. Not selling. I'd like to ask that you remove all mention of selling on your thread here. Also, now that we're on the subject, we have a verified sellers group here. No one is allowed to sell or auction items (pokemon themed only by the way) unless they are part of that group. Since you are so new, I have to tell you there are requirements to be met to do so - one of which you have to be a member of the gym for a year. Sorry, but them's the rules here. Otherwise, by all means if you would like to buy items, you can request that in the sub forum devoted to that. That being said, please enjoy yourself here on the gym, but within the rules. Thanks for your understanding.
  3. taylor2007

    taylor2007 New Member

    cml for
    1x Charizard (foil)
    1x Gyarados (foil)
    1x Zapdos (foil
    1x Pidgeotto
  4. LilBandit

    LilBandit New Member

    I have 6 magic cards I picked up somewhere but dont want. Are you interested in them?
    Dauthi Embrace
    Vine TRellis
    Horned Troll
    Darkling Stalker
    Silverglade Elemental
    Apidersilk Armor
  5. bristol

    bristol New Member

    @ taylor2007: Sorry, all I'm looking for is Magic if possible, not more Pokemon.

    @ LilBandit: Also sorry, I don't really need any of that stuff, and they're all commons so a trade probably wouldn't be worth the effort. Thanks anyway for the offer!

    I realize all this stuff is old and probably not great anymore, but aren't there any collectors or completists out there who have any MTG they don't want?
  6. bristol

    bristol New Member

    Bump. (I'm guessing this is going nowhere for me.)
  7. bristol

    bristol New Member

    Bump. Last time probably...
  8. bristol

    bristol New Member

    One last time! Comeon - I'll trade these at probably half their value.
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