my poli deck...^_^

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by pikachu88, Aug 16, 2003.

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  1. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member's another deck...i hope that someone might give their thoughts to it...

    9x water
    15x fire
    1x bounce

    2x switch
    2x fisherman
    1x gold berry
    1x berry
    1x hyper potion
    1x bill
    1x oracle
    1x focus band
    1x copycat
    1x town volunteers

    3x torchic
    2x combusken
    1x blaziken holo
    1x blaziken rare
    2x poliwag(skyridge)
    1x poliwag(discovery)
    1x poliwhirl(skyridge)
    1x poliwhirl(expedition)
    1x poliwhirl(discovery)
    2x politoed(skyridge)
    1x poliwrath(expedition)
    1x cleffa(genesis)
    1x shining garydos
    2x slugma(skyridge)
    1x slugma(revelation)
    2x magcargo(skyridge)

    i know shining garydos is rarely used...but with energy splash +'ll be powered up quickly...^_^...thanks again in advance
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  2. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member

    can someone actually help me out here??thanks in advance...^_^
  3. BJJ763

    BJJ763 Trading Mod Supervisor Staff Member Trader Feedback Mod

    This is a message board not a chat room - you have to give people time to read and reply.
    Please do not post back-to-back as that is considered spam.
    Rating of decks is not allowed.
  4. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member

    sorry...i'm new apology...very sorry...
  5. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Two types ... very few Trainers ... two Stage 2's ... high Energy count ... This one just won't do. Focus! Choose one Stage 2 line, and work around it.
  6. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member

    ic...which should i choose?thanks...^_^
  7. Pokekid

    Pokekid New Member

    Here what I would do if I was building the deck

    3 Poliwag
    2 Poliwhirl
    3 Politoad
    4 Slugma
    3 Macargo
    2 clefa
    2 tyroge

    3 bill
    3 prof elm
    3 breeders
    3 focus band
    2 copy cat
    2 fisherman
    2 oracle
    3 switch


    10 fire
  8. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Pokekid's idea works, although I might even drop 1-2 each of the Basic Energies from that, probably for Gold Berries and/or Double Gusts.
  9. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member

    thanks for the reply..^_^
  10. Carrington388

    Carrington388 New Member

    -3 Poliwag
    -3 Poliwhirl
    -2 Politoed
    -1 Shining Gyarados (just not practical)
    -1 Cleffa
    -1 Gold Berry
    -1 Berry
    -1 Hyper Potion
    -1 Bill
    -1 Oracle
    -5 Fire Energy
    -4 Water Energy

    +3 Carvahna
    +2 Sharpedo
    +3 Moo-Moo Milk
    +3 Energy Stadium
    +2 Town Volunteers
    +2 Copycat
    +2 Town Volunteers
    +4 Darkness Energy
    +3 Energy Charge

    Gold Berry's unreliable at best, Berry has cards better than it, and Hyper Potion appears to be a poor substitute for Super Potion (though it does find itself handy in Modified Electrike or Mewtwo EX decks). The Bill-Oracle combo doesn't work with just one of each. Having two Stage 2 lines, while good in some decks, isn't in others. Also, too much Energy.

    Sharpedo can do up to 70 damage for {W}{D}{C} (the {D} is the optional discard, and is written as {C} in the Energy cost, meaning you don't need it to attack), and hurts the opponent whenever he or she attacks. Moo-Moo Milk is the reliable Modified healing card. Energy Stadium returns your basic Energy easily, and I added more of both Copycat and Town Volunteers for efficiency. The Energy Charge can return Darkness Energy into the deck for Sharpedo to use again.
  11. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Not this again, Carrington. Gold Berry is far better than Moo-Moo Milk! Other than that and Cleffa, though, your suggestions do make a good deal of sense.
  12. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member

    well this strategy is interesting though
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  13. NatorUltimater

    NatorUltimater New Member

    replay to pikachu99
    Yo you need a full-proof way to draw cards.
    How about 4 Bills?
    4 Professer Oak

    BTW: your creatures/pokemon don't look to powerful...
    What do you do about decks with 4 Energy Removals?
    Or Dragonair with Hyperbeam?
    Or even Golduck with Hyperbeam?
    to a Koga's Muk

    What if your opponent plays Gooping Gas?(to kill off all the babys)
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2003
  14. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Dragonair, Golduck, and Koga's Muk are all rogue decks -- not to mention, illegal in Modified. This is a Modified deck.
  15. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member

    and goop gas doesn NOT turn off baby powers...~_~"
    1 more's 88 not 99...~_~"
  16. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member

    well i've tweaked the deck a i hope to get some comments again...thanks for the help...^_^

    8 water energy
    7 fire energy
    1 recycle energy
    1 bounce energy

    3x fisherman
    2x pokemon fan club
    2x prof. elm
    3x bill
    2x oracle
    2x town volunteers
    2x copycat
    2x pokemon breeder fields
    2x switch
    1x hyper potion
    1x gold berry
    1x berry
    1x healing field
    1x underground expedition
    1x time shard
    1x focusband

    2x poliwag(skyridge)
    1x poliwag (destiny)
    1x poliwhirl(skyridge)
    1x poliwhirl(discovery)
    1x poliwhirl(expedition)
    2x politoed(skyridge)
    1x poliwrath(expedition)
    2x cleffa(genesis)
    2x slugma(skyridge)
    1x slugma(revelation)
    2x magcargo(skyridge)
  17. dkates

    dkates New Member

    Other than the singles in the Trainer engine (which I think should become something like 3 Gold Berries, 2 Focus Bands and 2 Double Gusts), it's looking a lot better.
  18. pikachu88

    pikachu88 New Member

  19. KingOfDemons

    KingOfDemons New Member

    Take out the fire. If your so scared of Electric Pokemon, keep the Destiny 'Wag line. But if you want splashy-splashy, you have to play with the Skyridge 'Wag line. Skyridge 'Whirl very splashy.

    Take out Breeder Fields, and Bounce Energy. Throw in some Traders, Breeder, and some Warp Energy. Here's my 'Toed Deck. It's WOTC Modified though:

    19 Water
    2 Warp Energy

    3 Double Gust
    3 Professor Elm (Reverse Holo Promo)
    3 Oracle
    2 Pokemon Breeder
    2 Pokemon Trader
    2 Fisherman
    2 Town Volunteers
    2 Gold Berry

    2 Neo Genesis Cleffa
    2 Promo Cleffa
    2 Neo Destiny Tyrogue
    2 Neo Genesis Pichu
    3 Skyridge Poliwag
    3 Skyridge Poliwhirl
    3 Skyridge Politoed
    3 Fossil Articuno

    Maybe this'll help.
  20. TrueGamerX

    TrueGamerX New Member

    Hmm, lets see. SK Politoed is a very good Stage 2 Pokemon. I should know my NR Kabutops lost to it at Skyridge SBZ :( .
    Oh well try this version....

    4 Poliwag (SR)
    3 Poliwhirl (SR)
    3 Politoed (SR)
    3 Cleffa (Promo, NG)
    2 Tyrogue
    2 Suicine (NR)
    1 Pichu

    4 Professor Elm
    4 Copycat
    4 Pokemon Trader
    3 Double Gust
    3 Gold Berry
    3 Breeder
    2 Fisherman
    1 Towns Volunteers

    16 Water
    2 Warp
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