My West Palm Beach Gym Challenge Report

Discussion in 'Regional Championships' started by eauxmar, May 15, 2004.

  1. eauxmar

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    Well i got up at 9:30 (registraton started at 10:00). I got there at like 10:10. I am happy i live like 2 minutes away. I did a little tradin to get some of the cards i needed. We were suppose to start at 12:00 sharp. But SOMEBODY had to come late so the first round was delayed 1 hour. When they came the tounament began.I am playin gardevoir.

    Round 1
    Me Vs. Newb(random stuff)

    He had a lone Pikachu i had wynaut(active) , ralts skitty. He attached. then i tv reporter. got declatty and wobbuffet. evolve into delcatty. get gardevoir. attach boost to wobbuffet 2nd turn KO.

    Round 2
    Me Vs. Somekid(Walrein suicune ex)

    i forgot what i did.

    Round 3
    Me Vs. Ivan (gardy)

    He had a wobbuffet. i had same as 1st roud. 2nd turn KO.

    Round 4
    Me Vs. Anthony(gardy)

    IT was a mirror. but i had an advantage,i play delcatty in my deck. which make me set up faster than him. eventually i won.

    Round 5
    Me Vs. Aaron (BTMR)

    He was begging me to ID. i said no. But he ended up winning. but doesn't matter i am still in the top cut.

    Top 4 (not many player in 11-14)

    Round 1
    Me Vs. Miranda(BTMR)

    Match 1
    Ok like she had the perfect set up ray, blaz, manectric. i lost.

    Match 2
    i had an ok hand. she had an ok hand. we ended up to 1 prize each i had gardevoir she had blaz. i have no more nrg in my deck no more boost. I only had 2 nrg on gardy. i lost again. I would have probaly won if she didn't have a switch in her hand.

    Well i didn't win but i got 4th place. Me and Aaron arm wrestled for 3rd but i lost. :mad: don't matter we got the same prizes.

    1st place: Steven(BR)
    2nd place: Miranda(BTMR)
    3rd: Aaron(BTMR)
    4th:me (gardy)

    Patrick where are you, you are not in top 4.:eek:. I am a woser player than u.

    Patrick(Dark Sneasel) For loaning me Gardevoir Ex and Numerous cards.
    Heidi for having an okay event
    Chris(Krayzie) For loaning me spiffy psychic nrgs.

    the card switch
    i mysteriously got grease on two of my sleeves during deck check.
    BAR, BTMR, anything that have Blaziken
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    And i'll just move this to the Gym Challenge forum....
  3. EnjoiPandaPoo

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    wow GJ i was supposed to go but my mom said hell naw cause i live 3 hours away. im glad stevie won, he deserves it, but im ****** 3/4 t4 was blaze. are you going to orlando gc? ill definitely be there. btw did chris win? cya
  4. godevoir

    godevoir New Member

    Thanks for the congrats , and no Chris did not win, He went undeafeted in the swiss and lost in the finals to Eric Craig.

  5. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    I didnt get to go. Can someone post the top 3 from each division?
  6. Hagrid23

    Hagrid23 New Member

    Here's the top 4 for each (not sure about the decks):

    1) Orion C
    2) Kevin C
    3) Raja W

    1) Steve S
    2) Miranda C
    3) Omar I
    3) Aaron C

    1) Eric Craig
    2) Chris Bianchi
    3) John Silvestro
    3) Tyler Fischesser
  7. sneaselsrevenge

    sneaselsrevenge New Member

    Thanks, that's what I was looking for
  8. GymLeaderPhil

    GymLeaderPhil New Member

    Not uncommon, people are messy at tournaments during lunch. :)

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