My worlds experience (grinders, worlds, top 16) Toxi/Scizor

Discussion in 'World Championships' started by bonslypwns, Aug 16, 2008.

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  1. bonslypwns

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    Arrival (Thursday)
    So, I woke up in Colorado, at 4:00 am., head to the airport, and catch our flight. Catch some z's, and then land in Houston I believe. Then get a connecting flight, and catch more z's. I land, get our bags. And head to our hotel. (The flights and hotel were all free; my dad used almost all of his points because he travels so much for business.) So, we go there and our rooms not ready. So (we're staying at the Marriott), we head over to the Hilton, find the open gaming section, and get some play testing in. I played this awesome Singapore guy. He played an awesome rogue, alakazam*, Gallade, Empoleon X, Unown G, and more. Cess, beach. It was amazing. He had to go into the grinders. He didn't make it...... sorry dude. A long trip and you couldn't make it =[. So I go 0-2 lol, good to know I’m in good shape haha, and then head back, get dinner after some complications, then get sleep after a few testing.

    Grinders (Friday)
    I went with Sausages. Garret hooked me up with a list, I tweaked a couple things, and then I went into worlds with it. I tested for a month, I knew this deck in and out. I never misplayed once all grinders. I knew everything, I think that helped me. Anyways, I don't remember any of my opponent’s names. :/ I played 6 PLOX, 1 Empoleon, 1 Random deck. 6 Americans, and 1 CA, and 1 England person I believe. Enjoy!

    My Sausages list
    Pokemon: 15
    4-4 Banette
    3-3 Blissey
    1 Mew*

    Trainers: 31
    4 Cessation Crystal
    4 TV Reporter
    4 Celios Network
    3 Roseanne’s
    3 Warp Point
    3 Stevens Advice
    3 Crystal Beach
    3 Castaway
    2 Night Maintenance
    1 Scott
    1 Lake Boundary

    Energies: 14
    10 Psychic
    2 Water
    2 Holon WP

    USA PLOX 1-0
    Not a very good PLOX player. I got cess, beach out T2. Quick Banette and charged up Blissey. Easy game. He got nothing. No windstorms, Got a gallade but it was just to stall. GG dude.

    USA Random Water Deck 2-0
    He had some Walrein, Quaqsire, deck thing. Anyways he turned out to have a problem with his deck, game loss for him. Sorry dude, I hate to win like that. :(

    USA PLOX 3-0
    Ran through him. Got cess beach out by T3, he did get one cosmic power, but that was it. He got fairly set-up, and windstorm out fast. It started to get close, then I just rolled through with bannete, and got blissey with 100 damage going ready, it wasn't much of a game from then. It was close, GG.

    USA Justin B. PLOX 3-1
    Another one? It's my easiest match-up, (or at least best) so yea. But I started with Shuppet, holon wp, got nothing much. Had sleeve problems. Fixed that, Then he just steam rolled after a TGW. I probably would have had game would I had won that, but oh well. This was Kevin’s friend, we became friends. He grinded in too. Good deck. GJ dude, and GL next season!

    CA (I think) PLOX 4-1
    I started with Mew*, it was HORRIBLE. Kevin watched this, and left in the middle, I was behind 3 prizes, I still had six. A judge came to my dad after asking, he said the guy in the hat (me) is gunna lose this game. He can't pull it out, but I outplayed him in strategy. I had the mental game for sure, It went from 6-2 prize count, to 5-2, 4-2, 3-2, 2-2, 1-2, 1-1, and then I won. I got A Banette up and went through him, I had 2 Banettes in my discard pile almost all the time, so it was 110, then 110, and it kept going. He KOed it, another Banette. It got a KO, then he tries to go with Dusknoir, no energy. I go, retreat, Blissey 110-30 80 damage. I won form there. Everyone was shocked I won, definitely my best game of the season from this point, but I have a better one. =]

    USA PLOX 4-2
    OMG, another shuppet holon. I never got a shuppet with psychic energy opening hand. :/ I can't get like anything going, no cess or beach. Ewwww.... but oh well. GG dude. Now I have to win the next two, or I’m out. I know I can't do it, but it's been fun. I just wanted to have fun.

    USA PLOX 5-2
    This game was amazing, he drew like 1 prize. Perfect set-up going for me. I just steam-rolled him. GG dude.

    USA Empoleon 6-2
    No. I avoided Empoleon all day, now they save it for my last match. The hardest match-up, ugh. So here it goes. He gets Empoleons going fast. He was a smart player and didn't surf together when if he did I woulda won. REALLY smart Empoleon player. It was tough, I had to get quick cess and stuff, but it wasn't enough. He windstormed. It was under 10 minutes, me 6 prizes, him 2 prizes. I knew this wouldn't be easy. My dad, Kevin and them were ready to say you did well, like my friend Matt. They knew I couldn't pull it. But this player did make 1 CRUCIAL mistake. He NEVER sniped my mew*. It'd been there since T2, oh well. His bad. I go up with A Blissey, hit an Emp for like 80. He hits me for 100. I hit him KO, he comes up with something else, KO's me, I come up, Banette, 80 KO. He sends up Chatot I think. I go, switch, Mew*, dual splash, Absol EX kill, and bronzor. 2-1 Prize count, 1 1/2 minutes left, I got a judge to watch earlier for stalling to make sure, so he didn't have much. He passed. I got a blissey with like 60 damage ready, but then I was able to dual splash his claydol, and chatot, KO. I just got 6 prizes, in 4 turns, under around 5 minutes. My best game of the year, I did it. I grinded in in the biggest LCQ! And my first time to! That was close, all my friends and dad were shocked, they'd never seen anything like it. That game was so crazy.

    So I grinded in, I talked with "Poke"Montoya, (Adrian) Anders, Ian B. and Breton B., and they hooked m up with the CO SD, Toxicroak Scizor, electrode baby! We went to my place, tested for a couple hours, they headed back, I had a whole reverse holo deck ready to go into worlds. Got my items and such, and headed to bed. I did. I'm satisfied, I don't care what happens now.

    Worlds (Main Event - Saturday)
    I get up, almost get there late, lol. o_O Got our deck, 2 Masters, 2 Seniors, and 2 Juniors from CO. 5 of them are playing toxicroack/scizor including me. 1 junior doesn't play it. So, I’m ready. Lets do this!

    CA Christa E. - PLOX 0-1
    My first actual game basically with blubbering intimidation! Blblblblblbl!!! lol We all did the blubbering sound, at the countdown from 3. It was hilarious. She looked at me like I was high or something. I wanted her to think I was a n00b. It worked haha. Basically, short and sweet, I lose because I didn't shuffle enough.... :~; ewww. For 5 turns in a row, I drew evolutions. With nothing else. It was HORRIBLE. Not even fair, GG.

    FI Piete L. - Eevees/Absol 1-1
    Uhm. Absol SW, that was new. So he called first turn. Then I got a Scyther, 10 damage. Then he goes, eeves, that stuff. Then Baleful Wind. He used a Wager because he had nothing. And he lost that. And baleful winded not much. I go, evolve, bench croagunk. Attach, bench another scyther, attach a cessation, play crystal beach. Then use celios I believe. I go, 80 KO. He sends up Eevee, CFF's. I go, 30. I evolve to Toxicroack, attach earlier though. He goes, lunge, miss. I go, evolve to scizor, attach, bench a croagunk, then 30 KO. He sacrifices 1 more eevee then gets a Leafeon X doing Bind down or whatever. The second attack, haha. It had a scramble, and call though, so 80. Then 80 KO. My 2 scizors basically stuck the whole game, and got through everything. And he was having dead draws like me first game. Soooo sorry. He stalls with Jirachi, I go for X-Scissor, he has game. Didn't et to draw a prize, sorry dude. lol

    USA Bill P. - Eevees 2-1
    Yessssssssssssssssssssss! Another eeves. Such an easy match-up. This guy grinded in too. :thumb: Anyways, he gets an eevee, CFF's for 2 eevee. I go, attach to croagunk, bench scizor, go for poison, tails. Of course.... lol. He goes, attaches grass to bench. Then lunge, hit. I evolve to toxicorack, attach to scizor, bench croagunk, use Roseanne’s, and castaways early on, get T2 Cess Beach lock, so he couldn't get his T2 Claydol to use. :/ I poison, heads paralyze, he goes. Attaches to bench, evolve to leafeon. Pass. I go, bench scizor, attach metal, do some fancy stuff, and then toxicroack KO. He sends up Leafeon, lvs up, attaches scramble, gets a night maintenance, etc. going. But no powers still so I’m in good shape. He uses Roseanne’s I think for eevees. Then leaf guard. KO on toxicroack. I send up scizor, 60 damage. He goes, hits me for 60. I go KO. He sends up Claydol, pass. I hit for 30, after having 1 Scizor with 1 metal, 1 scizor, with 2 metal, 1 toxicroack with one psychic, and croagunk one psychic. With a voltorb electric. I was SET. He couldn't get anything. I OHKO after OHKO on glaceons. Easy win, GG dude.

    USA Samuel L. (I'm pretty sure) - PLOX 3-1
    So this was a HUGE game. It was really tense. PLOX, not to bad. But after first round against PLOX, I was worried. We both get decent set-ups, but windstorm kill my beach and cess early. I get more goin, but not until later which didn't really matter. It was trading KO's basically, until I managed a heads on paralyze. That got me going ahead. It got down to 1 prize him, 3 prizes me. Under 5 minutes, I called a judge for stalling. I have game if I can get more time. So he goes, night maintenance, MISPLAYS and only gets one psychic. That was his only one he has. So his Gardy X is useless. He had 2 Gallades, each 80 on them, no energy. Claydol with 0 energy, and gardy x on bench, no energy. So he has nothing left. He concedes, because he was a good sport, and didn't want to be a jerk and stall out. Thanks a bunch bro, I owe that to you.

    USA Dylan B. - Scizor/Electrode 3-2
    Uhm. AUTO-LOSS. lol But this was the funniest quote he said "What? Scizor again? I thought I made this up. Was their an article on The TOP CUT or something?" I just laughed soooooo hard. Seriously? :O Anyways..... haha I get Scizors and toxicroack. But he had 2 electrodes up and loaded, and 2 scizors ready. Each had no special metal. I couldn't hit him at all. It was pathetic. Again, AUTO-LOSS. lol Seriously? GG, and GJ on top 8!

    USA Andrew C. - PLOX 4-2
    I saw this guy on ranking or something, one day. It was a while ago. At first, I kept thinking he was japanese, but it said he was american. He never talked really so it was hard to tell. lol But another PLOX, alright! So early wagers, and I believe I won 1, and he won 1. With early cess lock that helped. But he makes a MISPLAY that costs him the game. Instead of attaching a DRE to his Gardy. to KO me, he attaches it to benched Gallade. He quickly sees his mistake and asks if he can take it back....... all year I’ve let people take back everything, even in top cut at cities and stuff, I don't like being a jerk.... I thought for a minute, and said no. I almost wanted to cry myself I hated myself so much. He was about to cry. He started shuffling furiously, and made his turns super-fast not caring. I was soooo sad, and angry at myself. He couldn't get enough to recover, it was close however. As soon as I drew my last prize, he scooped quickly, took his dice, and ran off. The judges didn't get his signature, and from the way they saw him stomp off, thought that he lost. I'm sorry dude. :( Next year.

    USA Daniel C. (I believe, correct me if I’m wrong) - PLOX 5-2
    So this guy, is friends with Eric (Lugiamaster), my homie. So this would be fun. It was hard, because he has 2 windstorm, 2 warp, and 2 boundary. :O Jolteon*, and absol ex. So this would be interesting. He was so nervous. He would hold a card, and it'd be having a seizure he was so shaky. The judge came over, and he was really doing his hand thing, he was so nervous. The judge told him to calm down, take a deep breathe, etc. The whole game I tried to talk, make jokes and stuff, he didn't pay attention. I just wanted some funnnnnn! lol Anyways, it gets down to the wire. I got some scizors, early game because he was Gallade, after Gallade. My 2 cess, and beach were knocked out like T3. I never really got the cess lock that game. :( He kept boundary, my beach. It was soooo close. I ended up getting key paralyze flips. And he had a special on every gardy or gallade he played. So scizor plowed through. And it took him once, a 3 shot to get my scizor gone cuz of my resistance. Oh yea! So it gets like 2-1 prizes, he Roseanne’s for absol ex, and could get a KO, and me be in big trouble, and be tied on prizes. But my last cessation, was up front. So, he had Gardy, and would hit me for 30, 10 short of KO. I just sat there and prayed he didn't have a strength charm/plus power. He... DOESN'T! Oh yea! So, I go, hit him for 80. He goes, KO's me. I toxicroack, KO, GG. I shake his hand, and he walks off. GREAT game dude. Thanks!

    So I made it!!! No way. Rogue FTW! Kevin got 33rd and Breton 36th =[. But me, Ian, and Tristan made it, we can still sweep!

    Top 32 (Sunday)

    DK Stephen N. - (IDK his deck) 6-2
    No show. lol Sorry dude. There were reasons behind this. Stinks, but T16 baby! Ian lost though :( But Tristan won to! Wooo hooo!

    USA Curran H. - PLOX 6-3

    Round 1:
    Bad set-up sort of on my part, he knows my deck so the surprise factor is out. :( I get gunk as start, and scyther bench. He wagers me T1, and I lose the PERFECT hand. I never had one so good. If I had had that, I easily would have won. Then I lose the wager. Great ._. lol. So then, this gets crazy. He gets claydols, and all this stuff going. I get toxicroack, scizors, all this junk. Cess and beach were knocked out quick which was bad. It was getting soooo close. I would had it, but I made a misplay later in the game, and lost the cess lock. From there, he gets set-up crazy fast. I see that he's gunna win, it's 1-1 prizes. So I.... ION BLAST! SD time! lol

    Round 1, Sudden Death:
    This may be one of the first time worlds top 16 has had sudden death! lol IDK, anyways. He gets T2 Gallade, DRE. Stack maybe? Who knows, it's to late now. Oh well.

    Round 2:
    I get NOTHING. Just have like 1 card the whole game, can't draw into anything really to save my life. He sweeps. Oh well. I had a good run. GG dude. But then he trash talks bout me alter, uncool...

    So I had a good time. Especially grinding in, then top 16, that's amazing for me! lol I'm so happy. And a rogue took me this far too. Tristan goes on to win the Juniors with it! So we got a 36th, 33rd, top 32, top 16, and world champion. Not bad :thumb: I got great stuff. Gunna sell my DS, good money. Pulled a Rhyperior X and Gliscor. But I already had a JP Rhyperior X so that was bad. But oh well. Next season baby!

    -Ian B., Breton B. - The whole season you guys dominated. WTG guys! And Ian for T32, so sorry you couldn't get farther. You had to play anti-intimidation basically haha. I can't wait to see you guys again! And thanks for the testing, friday night. And for hooking me up with the list.
    -First worlds, grinding in with banbliss, then t16 with intimidation
    -Adrian - For the whole year, and getting me into the hot tie. And for the ballin reverse holo intimidation deck to use for worlds. For everything bro, thanks!
    -Kevin - For the competition all year long, and for the support you've been. You rock my socks dude, can't wait till next year bro.
    -Tristan - WORLD CHAMPION!!!! You did it! You definately rock my socks dude. WTG! Now your again up, can't wait dude. GL, and gratz!
    - Forest - Pink baseball cap FTW!
    - Ryan - For being, ryan. lol
    - Worlds Staff, great job on the event, it was a blast. And I love the schwag! lol
    - Melina, making it into worlds, then using skittles. Oh yea!
    - Clint, for reverse holo spanish Croagunk! And just for being himself, you rock bro!
    - Cullan, 4th, and making for a great T16 match!
    - My opponents, it was a blast, and I had fun. Hope I can see you all again!
    - Pablo, for great matches too. You've been a great opponent, see you next season!
    - Eric, your my hero! lol
    - Jason, 2 time champ FTW!
    - Dylan, fuzzy head wins it.
    - PLOX, for only winning 1 division, yessssss.
    - Intimidation, ILU!
    - Croagunk doll, with hot tie on it. That was amazing!
    - Seeing the looks on peoples faces after blubbering, haha.
    - Seeing the looks on people faces when you turn over Croagunk, lol
    - Pokemon, for the great year. I had fun, next season guys!
    - Anything else I missed... LMK if I did! haha

    - Pablo - Not grinding in, after going 5-1 with skittles ending with 5-3.
    - Ian/Kevin - Missing T32 by such a little amount, sorry guys. I would've rather you gone in than me.
    - Not much more, a great even. And glad I could be in it!

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  2. rroaryh

    rroaryh New Member

    GL dude! And gratz on grinder winningness
  3. bugsbite

    bugsbite New Member

    Good luck!, but Curran will not be an easy win in the second round.
  4. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Report done! I'll put list up if I can remember it!
  5. rroaryh

    rroaryh New Member

    there was a DQ in t32 seniors that morning, that might have been ur no show, i knwo the kid was from denmark
  6. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    I know. I know it was a deck problem. I don't know if the judge wanted me to spread the word bout it though soooo... :/ lol. Both my sausages, and the blubbering intimidation list up!
  7. yoyofsho16

    yoyofsho16 New Member

    BAHAHAHAHAHA your last match was against my best friend, if he won he would have made it... (no hard feelings, I would have been lonely during Worlds).

    He is from USA, not England.
  8. BloodDraek

    BloodDraek New Member

    nice job on Top 16 dude, congratz. But don't say that Curran might have stacked in sudden death dude, Curran is totally cool as far as I know. If he could win worlds and nats in the same year, with that skill why would he have to stack.

    congratz nonetheless
  9. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    I'm not accusing of anything. It was just something that happened, and were all good now. (Me and Curran that is)
  10. Psyco Pedestrian

    Psyco Pedestrian New Member

    GJ dude! If you saw me in the first round, playing next to Clint. I had a green shirt with the irish hat.
  11. EeveeLover

    EeveeLover Member Services Administrator

    Good report! Great weekend for the CO players.
  12. FriedBlaziken

    FriedBlaziken New Member

    sorry for acting like a jerk. i couldnt think straight after that misplay. you shouldnt have let me take it back anyways because I think i wagered and it would change game state.
    wasnt gna cry just really hated myself for the misplay as ive played perfectly all throughout the season and to error at that crucial stage was just dissapointing.
    meh always next year.
    i was so dissapointed after that and i just lost the will to play and ended up 3-4 after starting out 3-1.

    gj on t16 tho that deck is so good. my names aaron btw ;P and im NOT JAPANESE, NOT AMERICAN. (you don;t know how many japanese chicks came up to me talking in japanese lol) im from australia
  13. malikhisyam

    malikhisyam New Member

    So true lol.

    By the way, GJ on T16. I think you should read my report, it is VERY similar. Especially the fact that you went through the Grinders and you got a freeT16. (I did too)

    Though I hate Scizor so much now. :p

    By the way, you can always check who you played against on the official website. :p
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2008
  14. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Not in the grinders though. :/
    fried: Oh, ok. It said US on the paper thing. lol It just made me sad you were so upset. haha Yea dude, next year. Go for it!
    Thanks everyone!
  15. Raichu2063

    Raichu2063 New Member

    Congratz on the year bro.
  16. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    Thanks dude. You too, gratz on T8! :thumb:
  17. malikhisyam

    malikhisyam New Member

    Naah. I meant the fact that you wrote down Aaron's brother Andrew in your report. :tongue:
  18. Blazing_Monkey

    Blazing_Monkey New Member

    Get a haircut, stop dying your hair and you will look like a Malaysian again. XD
  19. Lil_Magma

    Lil_Magma Member

    Great job on the T 16 man

    but srsly don't say that curran stacked the sudden death just because he got a donk gallade

    It happens

    GJ anyway
  20. bonslypwns

    bonslypwns New Member

    malik: Oh ye, sorry. ._. lol
    Lil_Magma: Yea, well. lol Thanks!

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