National GBA tourney, a semifinalists' story

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    Pokemon 10th Anniversary National Video Game Championship:
    Journey Across America; a semi-finalists’ story.

    By Clint, Portland, Oregon qualifier, 12 & under.

    Day 1: My parents and I get in the town car that Pokemon USA sent to the airport to pick us up and take us to the Millenium Hotel. I didn’t quite have my team ready so I put the finishing touches on that once we arrived. We walked around town and I bought my first of several hot dogs from the street vendor. I register, turn in my game pack, get my photo taken and get a nice goodie bag of snacks and a yellow t-shirt. All participants went to dinner at 7pm followed by the showing of the movie Lucario and the Mystery of Mew. I got to see some friends who also qualified; Austin and Kayhon. After the movie we got another goodie bag with plush Pokemon, a poster, backpack, etc.

    My team: Regirock, Zapdos, Groudon, Mewtwo, Ho-oh, Rayquaza.

    Tournament Day Tues. Aug. 8: Anyone that wanted to be on TV had to meet in the lobby at 7:15. So there I was with some fellow contestants. We walked to Bryant Park where the tournament was held. We watched the large Pikachu float balloon inflated. At 8:00 we were shown on NY1 TV and they interviewed some of us. Walked back to hotel to meet up with the rest of the contestants to then walk back to the park. The tournament started late because the projector screen had some glitches. Finally got underway. Hulk Hogan presented a proclamation from the mayor of NYC making this “Pokemon Day.” We contestants ran off stage to get back to the tent for battling. In the meantime dancers, singers and folks in costume performed on stage. Battle stations were set up like the mall tours except there were a few large screen TVs that projected some battles out to the crowd. Round 1: I battled a kid from Idaho, the Salt Lake City winner. I won. Round 2, I won but close battle. Round 3 I won again, this time easily. Now I’m top 4 and “in the prizes”. Between rounds NY1 TV interviewed lots of the contestants. Round 4, semi-finals and finals was up on the large stage. They round us up and make us hang out behind stage for a while. Then I battle on stage with the battle projected on the huge screen. I lost, but before I left they handed me a trophy weighing about 30 pounds! The guy I lost to came in second. I got a prize package with a watch, jacket, a light, 5 future DS games. I met Hulk Hogan back stage and chatted with the other players. The crowd cheered on the players. What a blast!

    The park was decorated with lots of Pokemon characters (blow-ups, ceramic figures and people in costume). They had free downloads like the mall tours plus a flying Pikachu. Other events included TCG demo, video game demo with gameboys, Pokemon store, spin the wheel to win a prize, etc. The park was filled with Pokemon fans.

    So as a semi-finalist I tied for 3rd:clap: . What a day!

    My family walked around Manhattan. The Pokemon Center is now the Nintendo World store. I was disappointed as there were very few items for purchase (I expected lots of Pokemon merchandise) and there were no downloads.

    Thanks to all who helped me prepare for the tournament: Travis & Team Rocket, Kayhon, Marvin, Christian, William and Reid.
  2. Not even any details on the matches. =( Oh well, it was nice seeing you there, maybe we could have battled in semifinals if I hadn't unluckily Explosioned into double protect. @_@
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    haha, you suck at life apt. ross is going to smite you. but it sounds like everyone who went had a good time. that's great. sounds opposite of nats this year.
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    I probably saw you there or took a picture of you then, I was taking a lot of pictures there at the event lol.

    Anyways, about the Pokemon Center at Nintendo World Store. This is also my first time there, so dunno if that's always the case. But they probably sold out a lot of stuff since there were so many people there. I actually saw some products that were available at the Pokemon Center tent at Bryant Park that wasn't at the Nintendo World Store. Which I thought was wierd, I thought the store itself would have more. And the Pokemon downloads are scheduled events. Plus, if they really offered Pokemon downloads there, it would have been crazy. I'm sure you saw that line at Bryant Park, no way a line like that can form there.
  5. Well there was probably millions more pokemon merchandise when Nintendo Worlds was still Pokemon Center.
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    Sounds like you had fun. Good job getting 3rd.
  7. Shiloh Phoenix

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  8. The Philly winner I think??? IDK, he's on NB but IDK his name. I have his email though. =O
  9. Kenshin's Garde

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    so you have his email but not his name. :/ ummmmm . . . no. is he the one that went double protect on you?
  10. Adam Garcia

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    hey clint.i would have gone if i didnt lose to a stupid quick claw..........i made top 4 though.Congrats clint
  11. no The double protevt person was a short black kid. =O
  12. Nightmare

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    Yeah, it was the Philly winner

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    Hey, I just watched the video clips that has. It's pretty long but does show the semi-finalists and finals battle on stage, along with some interviews. Everyone who competed came away a winner. Good job everyone!

    I'll post more on my battles once I re-look at our home video. What a crazy day!

    Yep, the kid who won (12 and under), qualified in Philly but he's really from Long Island. Second place winner was from NYC and only lives 4 blocks from Bryant Park. He qualified at Nintendo World.

    About the Pokemon Center, now Nintendo World--they used to have tons of Pokemon merchandise and daily downloads but when Nintendo bought it out most stuff went away. For example. they used to have all little characters for sale, large plush toys, clothing, etc. No more.
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    way to go clint, glad that we of team rocket could help you out!
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    Man, that was quite a day to remember. Watching Clint's Semifinal battlle on stage was awesome. If only I got back onstage too, but I ended up in the top 16 in the 13+ age group. Those Self Destructing Mewtwos that both Clint and I lost to were annoying.
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    Can you add some detail to your thread like say what the first person had and what they used so can you?
  17. ilikegengar

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  18. dtrain

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    Yeah with the merchandise at the Nintendo Store, what you saw is what they had. Nothing really special. They aren't really that dedicated to pokemon. Oh, and for your review, were there any matches that you had a hard time with? Or were they all a breeze?

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