Nationals Deck. Please Help!!

Discussion in 'Deck Help and Strategy' started by ShayminPower, Apr 27, 2009.

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  1. ShayminPower

    ShayminPower New Member

    The list:

    Pokemon =15
    2-2 Shaymin Lv X
    2-2-2 Beautifly Pt
    2 Turtwig GL
    3 Budew SF

    Trainer =28
    3 Looker's
    1 Cynthia's
    2 TM-1
    2 Pokemon Rescue
    2 Candys
    2 Marley's
    1 Energy Gain
    2 Buck's
    4 Bebe's
    2 Rosseane's
    2 Warpoint
    1 Dawn Stadium
    1 SnowPoint

    Energy =15
    12 Grass
    3 Call

    To use the budews as starters to draw any one card, Uxie to set up, and when I get shaymin in bench and beautifly as my active, use "colorfull powder", free retreat and use "damage aid" to doa 70 damage for 2 energy. The turwig I used because of his super 130 HP when shaymin is in bench, but may be I will replace it for leafeon RR or something (as with energy gain because I can only use it with turtwig)

    Any other suggestions or ideas...
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  2. vegitalian

    vegitalian New Member

    You can't use a 3-2 Shaymin line - I would recommend cutting it to 3-1. Also, which Shaymin is it?

    The trainer line seems too clunky. It needs more speed.

    -3 Looker's
    -1 Shaymin X
    -2 Pokemon Rescue
    -2 Marley's
    -2 Buck's
    -2 TM-1

    +1 Night Maintenance
    +4 Poke Drawer+
    +2 Volkner's Philosophy
    +4 Pokedex
    +1 Roseanne's Research
  3. ShayminPower

    ShayminPower New Member

    sorry I write it wrong I want to write 2-2. Updated*
    So, the changes... I'm agree with the:
    -2 buck
    -2 marley
    +4 drawer
    - rescue
    But I prefer to keep TM-1 and quit candys and, can you explain me why to have only 2-1 shaymin?
  4. vegitalian

    vegitalian New Member

    I said 3-1 Shaymin. You can throw a Premier Ball in if you're worried about him being KO'd. Though Night Maintenance will solve that problem and more. Every deck should have a way of getting cards from the discard pile; whether that's Night Maintenance or TSD (Pokemon Rescue is bad in comparison to both).

    For consistency, I would recommend Pokedex over Poke Drawer; though you really should have 4 of each in this deck to get everything out IMO.

    Also, Volkner's gives you good recovery; whereas Looker's in this deck is quite random.

    When you get the trainer line settled, I would recommend testing different options with different Pokemon. There is better setup than Budew, and Turtwig doesn't really have synergy with the deck.
  5. ShayminPower

    ShayminPower New Member

    But I don't want to have X to prevent of KO I want it for my grass pokemon and what setup do you want?
  6. Mamoswine42

    Mamoswine42 New Member

    here's what i'd do

    -2 turtwig gl
    -3 budew
    -2 marley's
    -1 energy gain
    -2 tm-1
    -2 pokemon rescue
    -2 buck's
    -3 looker's

    +2-1-2 sceptile ge
    +1 call energy
    +2 roseanne's
    +4 poke drawer +
    +2 night maintenence
    +1 cynthia's
    + 2 Rare Candy

    this will help you a lot more with consistency and speed
  7. konopacz

    konopacz New Member

    You need GE sceptile. And Marly's??? I'm not really sure of what your idea is here.
  8. calisupra2nr

    calisupra2nr New Member

    First thing to solve in this is the drawing engine and power. If this is for nats, it is a must for uxie or claydol.
  9. Red Haired Shanks

    Red Haired Shanks New Member

    Your trainer line is pretty messy. Also the Pokemon line.

    4 Rare Candy, 3-1-3 or 4-2-4 Beautifly. Poke-Drawer+ can help.
  10. make it 4-2-4 Fly with 1 Dustox. also, maybe 2 Level Maxs would be a good idea.
  11. ShayminPower

    ShayminPower New Member

    Okay, thanks a lot for this ;)
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